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To save your world... You must fight your friends. by KuraiJinx To save your world... You must fight your friends. by KuraiJinx

A concept for my fic. This was inspired by a Tusk X Ange scene in Cross Ange(an anime I'm gonna watch soon) and the beautiful musical piece "Don't Speak Her Name", from Fire Emblem: Awakening. WARNING: This contains strong language. Read at your risk. You. Have. Been. Warned.

 KJ and Hikari begin a battle that shatters their surroundings. Buildings break apart, earthquakes make the Earth shake, tsunamis emerge from the deep sea, people are injured or even killed. But they do not care, they just want to destroy each other. This leaves both Keito and Maya very worried, since they can not only lose their own bodies, but the world will be destroyed if no one stops the two combatants. It's an all-out war. As the battle rages on, with neither side having the upper hand, the two humans are fed up with the fighting and worried about their own feelings. Keito and Maya love each other, but the beings they share bodies with are enemies... They manage to contact each other, leading them to a blank, white area, with nothing inside, but both teens.


 They stare at each other. They do not speak for about 20 seconds, when Keito broke the silence.

-You're worried about all of this too, aren't you?

 No response.

-Maya... I know that what you did wasn't your fault. True, you led me and KJ to a trap, which should be unforgivable... But you were being manipulated by Hikari. It wasn't you. You don't have to blame yourself.
-. . . What do you know...?
-My whole life has been hell. Everyone around me spitted on my face and treated me worse than a dog... Bet your whole life has been sunshines and rainbows... I regret nothing...- She said, tearing up.
-. . . You're wrong. That's exactly how I lived before all of this happened. I was bullied all my life, and if I tried to fight back, I'd be thrown to the dirt...
-You're jus-
-No, I am not! I could be saying this just to make you feel better, but this is the truth! I've always been rejected! The only friends I had were friends I could never meet in person! Then I met KJ and you... Everything changed. I had someone who was there for me and someone who accepted me the way I was, regardless of what I did! I felt... Loved. Don't you see it?! I love you, Maya!- He shouted, covering his mouth once he was finished.
-You heard me...
-How could you love someone like me? I did all those horrible things to you...
-I don't give a shit about that!
-I don't care what you did, it wasn't you! It was Hikari's fault!
-Stop. Just stop. Stop and think. You wouldn't do something like that. You're too kind. Yes, you have a dirty mind, but you are not someone who'd torture others. Dirty-minded or not, you're still innocent, kind and lovely. That's the way I've always seen you. You don't have to be sorry for something you didn't do. Well, you did it, but you weren't yourself. Please, Maya, open your eyes.
-Look at what's happening. KJ and Hikari are destroying our home. It's our fault and we're the only ones who can stop them. Maya... I want to fight by your side... Be together with you.
-. . .
-Please... You've given me so much... It's my turn to return the favor.

 Maya looked down and ran towards Keito, hugging him and beginning to cry.

-. . . I'm sorry...
-You don't have to be sorry. What you've done should be unforgivable, but someone who knows you well enough can tell you weren't being you. And besides, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, remember? I went through a lot physical pain back then... But I'm OK now...
-Thank you...
-You're welcome. What you've given me is enough for me to forget all that happened. And I can assure you, I'll return that favor.

 Maya looked up to Keito, with tears coming out of her eyes, as she began to smile slightly.

-Now, shall we g- Keito was interrupted by a sudden kiss in the lips from Maya.
-You've always wanted this, didn't you...? A kiss in the lips... For the first time, I was corresponded... I love you too, Keito...- She said. Keito was blushing, smiling and then returned the kiss, Maya kissing back.
-OK... We should probably get going. We'll get back to this after we're done with those two.
-Yeah... It's the best to do.

 As KJ and Hikari were fighting, a bright light began to shine underneath them. Keito and Maya emerge from said light, holding hands.

-Keito?!- KJ was surprised. Keito was in front of him, outside of his body.
-And Maya?!- Hikari couldn't believe what she was seeing. Maya in bone and flesh, was in front of her. Yet Hikari looked down and began laughing like the Joker. - You are gonna try your luck against me, bitch? You can't even hurt a fly! Get lost. I'm in the middle of something.
-Keito... What are you doing?
-KJ, this has gone too far. Your war is causing a lot of destruction on this planet... On our home. We can't let you continue with this.
-Ha! Come on, "KJ", don't tell me you're gonna listen to this brat! Why don't you mind your own business?!
-Keito, this is between me and Hikari, stay out of this. I don't want to hurt you.
-It's not about me, it's about millions of people.
-You both are hurting so many people with your fight. I bet some of them are dead... And their families... I don't even want to think about their pain...
-But if you refuse to listen to us, then...


-Sorry, KJ, I'm afraid I'm against you this time.
-Hikari... All this time, I thought you were someone good... I was wrong... You made me do awful things... Now you're destroying my home, my world... I won't forgive you!
-Even if you're my best friend...
-Even if what I did was unforgivable...
-This is our home. We won't let you DESTROY IT.- Keito and Maya said, at the same time.

-Dialogues from the picture end here-

-We may be weak against you guys...
-...But we won't give up until you open your eyes and you realize what you're doing to our planet.
-Why should I care about those tiny little ants?! That's it, you're both dead!
-. . . You're right. -sigh- I should've thought about it sooner. We are hurting people who have nothing to do with our own personal war...
-What?! Don't tell you've gotten softer! You weren't like that when we were dating! You didn't give 2 shits about other people!
-Yes, I have gotten softer. Blame Keito for that. He's thought me a lot.- KJ said flying to Keito's side. - I should've listened to you, Keito. I should've put my past behind...
-It's OK, KJ. At the very least, you've realized what you were doing.
-Y-YOU...! I had enough of your bullshit, EVERYONE DIES NOW!!- Hikari said, raising her hands to the air, forming an energy blast very similiar to a sun.- SAYONARA, BRATS!- Hikari threw the blast against Keito, Maya standing in the way and holding the blast.
-Run! I can take this!
-No, you'll die!
-Just go!
-No...!- Keito went to Maya's side and held the blast with her. -If you're gonna die, then I'll die with you.
-No, you won't die so soon!
-C'mon, let's blast this bitch to oblivion. Hopefully, she'll learn her lesson.
-'Kay. Let's see if we can make you transform. Come to the middle.- Keito asked, with KJ nodding, standing between Maya and Keito, who are holding the blast with one of their hands, and holding KJ's hands with the other. A blue aura surrounded them, KJ's hair turned blue, and he pushed the blast back to Hikari.
-Sayonara.- KJ said, whispering "bitch" soon after.
-NOOOOOO!- Hikari was hit, a huge explosion ocurred and she fell to the ground, unconcious.

 KJ reverted back and the trio went to Hikari's side.
-Should we leave her?- KJ asked.
-No... Let's give her a second chance... Who knows? She was a bitch to us all, but she might change her ways. - Maya said. - If anything happens, KJ can put her under control.
-I see what you're saying. Can we do it, KJ?
-Just don't make me regret this...

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