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Over the years... by KuraiJinx Over the years... by KuraiJinx
Y'know... Looking back, it's almost hard to believe how dumb I was... And how much of a douchebag I was. I was unoriginal, I recolored, I acted like a spoiled child and all that stuff. Looking at this drawing, I'd say it represents me changing and growing up as a person. And the people I've met along the way. Betcha didn't expect such a thing to get so deep, eh?

Time for the introductions!

On the left(3 Years ago...), Bottom to top, left to right:
-Jinx The Hedgehog, the one who started it all;
-Nightmare The Fox, the troll among trolls, belongs to Marcus Smith and Patrick McGraw;
-Fade The Foxbot, one of Jinx's best friends, doesn't belong to me;
-Silver Sonic MK II, a playful, yet determined robot, created by SEGA, admined on FB by Marcus Smith;
-Metal Saphira, an insane and deadly female android, doesn't belong to me.

On the right(NOW), Bottom to top, left to right:
-Johnny "Jinx" Tiger, the persona of Jinx after his own redemption and growth;
-Juvi Luna, leader of Juvi Team and Director of Juvi Adventure 2;
-KuraiJinx, yours truly;
-Felix "Charm" Gill, the wisest of Unicorns and leaders of the Musketeers;
-Christopher Knopps, founder of The Sonic Sanctuary page on Facebook, a place where all Sonic fans are welcome!;
-Juvi's own fancharacter.
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March 8, 2015
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