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Heroes Unite by KuraiJinx Heroes Unite by KuraiJinx
Aaaaaand this is supossedly my 200th Deviantion, sooo... PARTEH TIEM!!! -cough cough!- 'Scuse me. -COUGH- Man! Spring and Summer really take the tar outta me... Anyway. -ahem- This is a promo picture for KJ & Juvi, with each character showcasing their type and element. KJ is showcasing wind(ence the "random" black lines to give the idea of blowing wind) and power(showing he can hold his own in a windy environment and resist dust, which is right behind him), Juvi is showcasing lighting(ence the thunderstorm) and speed(shown by having Juvi dodge lightning. The badassery is strong with this one), and Felix showing light(ence the white aura), but not speed, because... Can't tell if I was lazy or it's because Juvi was already showcasing speed. Probably the former. Anyways, why did I choose Felix to be the third representative? Because 1. his creator/owner, -iconnintendogamer1985- suggested it to me, since he's technically a Juvi Team character too and 2. I remembered Felix's importance to the plot. Second, why does Felix look different? That's because, this being a JT game, we MIGHT wanna profit from it(quick reminder that our current game, Juvi Adventure 2 is NON-PROFIT, only original games will be profited games) and the fact that he's a Sonic Fan Character would stop us from profiting from it. We do not want to profit from things owned by people outside of Juvi Team, unless given permission and since we're an indie development team... Yeah.  So, I took a similiar approach to Team KJ's Techie, Jinx, who was inspired by the awesome Freedom Planet game's characters(Mainly Lilac and Spades). Also, NintendoGamer1985 is an otaku(like myself), so an anime-ish style for his character just feels right. And come on, this style fits him better, no? Probably not, but whatevs. With that said, this is one sketch I'm very proud of.

KJ belongs to Take Another Motherf(Bloop!)ing Guess.
Juvi belongs to -iconjuviluna- (But you probably already knew that)
Felix belongs to -iconnintendogamer1985- AKA SegaNintendoGamer(Go check him out on YouTube, he's awesome).
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