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Mega Mousepad Christmas Sale!

This is the LAST mousepad sale I'll have it's now very difficult to get them printed so once they're sold we won't be printing any more.
ALL mousepads are now $8 each or even cheaper in sets. The mousepads that appear here, eg. 4 kuribohs, are all that we have left in stock

To Pay
I accept payment via paypal to and if possible please add what you are
ordering + your deviantart name :)
US/Germany/UK = $8.25 for one, $14.50 for two
Australia = $4 for each

Mousepad Images:
Applejack Mousepad- available by Dark-MerchantTwilight mousepad- available by Dark-MerchantRarity Mousepad - available by Dark-MerchantRainbowdash Mousepad by Dark-MerchantKuriboh posters NOW AVAILABLE by Dark-MerchantChocobos munching by Dark-Merchant
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Image size
2000x8000px 12.77 MB
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are you still selling these? i would like to get a pinkie pie one, i live in australia aswell :D so 4 dollars then
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Sorry. There's supposed to be a last hurrah pony con happening next year so we might get in some for that, but at the moment we're all sold out!
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What about Gamer Luna?
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luna, celestia and fluttershy were going to finish the set but the company's made it too difficult to get these printed (if THEY print them wrong with not enough ink they'll no longer refund or reprint the mousepads) so I won't be selling mousepads anymore once this stock is sold :)
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I have a twilight one I bought from you from Sydney Supanova last year. It's really awesome

Seeing that pinkie pie though, omg. I want one.

Do I just send you a note? 
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thanks for buying one from us at a convention! :D and if you'd like something, we accept payment via paypal at and add to the payment note your DA (so we have an extra way to contact you) and what you'd like :)
Narxinba222's avatar
Okay, so a pinkie pie mouse pad is $8 plus $4 shipping within Australia, which makes it $12? 

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thankyou payment was received! I'll send monday :)
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why no fluttershy :'(
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I started this set last year and unfortunately this year it was very difficult for me to find time to draw a sketch, much less finish off the set. Now that the company I get these mousepads printed from has made it very difficult to get them so even if I make fluttershy she'd be more expensive than these are now
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 THAT MUCH?!? for a mouse pad i can buy and use an image one myself for less than 5. anyways. nice art and nice pics.
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these are of great quality, a lot of people who use them are very happy with how smooth they make their mouse work :)
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