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Failed Genocide!Undertale Part 1
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Published: January 10, 2016
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As you can choose whether to spare Papyrus and befriend him despite starting on a Genocide route, I thought it would be interesting to have a Genocidal Frisk spending the rest of her days (hence why s/he's older) in Snowdin begrudgingly befriending Undyne and knowing Asgore is too cowardly to come find him/her himself. I also think, given the generally nice nature of monsters, a Genocidal!Frisk is probably a good ally to have, if you're brave enough to have them around.

In the next episode (part 2/2) we'll see how Sans and Frisk get along in this timeline.

If anyone wants to make a comic dub of this, I think I'd love you
Part 1 - HERE Part 2 Part 3

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Comments (71)
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Alpha-Maia|Hobbyist Filmographer
I though MK liked Papyrus, though 
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Welp, you're dead, kid XD.
Better luck next timeline!
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I like how Frisk cares about papyrus, but I don't think that Mk can say something like or maybe is not MK, but I keep reading it
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ArstyAddict|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Goremagalaisdaboss|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
*megalovania intensifies*
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Wolfsummoner295|Hobbyist General Artist
but on the end of the pacifist route doesn't mk become papy's biggest fan?
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roflmao Frisk is busted~....
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FearEevee|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Frisk is gonna have a BAAAAAADDDDDD timeBendy dab emote FRISK ICON 3 - NOPE |UNDERTALE Bendy Dab 
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NokotaSilver|Hobbyist General Artist

Frisky said a bad word in front of Pappy HAHAHAHAHA

Sansy no happy noooow LOLOLOLOL

Ah finally, an UT comic that knows how to keep everyone in character and throw some laughs in with the angst aside from inappropriate puns. Sans doesn't pun when he's pissed as hell, why does everyone seem to forget that? urgh.
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NingNing2005|Hobbyist General Artist
Lol 😂 
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Sans gunna kill u Sans Rage Intensifies Chat Emoticon 

I must say, nice work and nice story already!
Most comics start off a little shaky, but this is niiiicccee and smoooth!
Well done! Clap Clap 
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ponpon-Starglory|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Currently working on a dub and realizing I don't know how to:
*make a video
*layer audio in windows movie maker
*get audio for bleeping out swears, the crash, etc.
Solutions? Paint, lots of screenshots, media files from the internet, and YouTube tutorials. Geez! XD
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TheGoldenMember123|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
They're so protective of Papyrus and I love it! XD
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Leetel-Cat-Bug's avatar
prepare to get dunked on Cool Glasses 
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Texanna7|Professional Photographer
Welp Frisk be dead.
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BMoraes13|Student Filmographer
OMFG! LOL :D Pikachu-lol Laugh LOL 
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LightningKing123|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Fairydust07's avatar

Also, I'm really interested in seeing whether Papyrus will keep saying !@#$ or not. I doubt it, but it's funny to think about it.
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ponpon-Starglory's avatar
ponpon-Starglory|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I and my friend would love to make a dub. Not sure how good it would be, and it might take a good month or so, but if you still want one then we'll try our best! Nyeh-heh-heh!
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dubs are always welcome, I love seeing how people interpret the lines
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Moonrose95|Hobbyist General Artist
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DestinyGirl16|Hobbyist General Artist
This is a very promising first part xD *reads on*
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13-Lenne-13|Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is awesome!
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