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Please, fav the background at the link below, and as this is not my typical style of work, feel free to browse my gallery.

Looks way better in fullview.

NOTE: this requires a DesktopX client to use, this can be downloaded at [link]

I spent the last four hours getting to know DesktopX. Using
Pat Lee's [link] and Theme elements from AerosRevenge16, this is my semi-finished product.
Personally I don't think it's that bad for being my first shell EVER, and not having anything but Picasa and MS paint to work with.

All versions to date are considered to be in a beta state, and have not been properly tested.
This is a custom design made to work on my computer and my computer only, I haven't had a chance to do any component packaging or testing, so Images and/or links may be broken at this time.
You can help me with this by posting feedback, and I will try to address any problems.

07:07:07 Changed sidebar rollovers to menus, customized taskbar and start button, and changed the time/date and status display.

07:08:07 Totally custom start menu (search, sites, and media shown), Removed sidebar.

07:08:07 Version 1.01 now available for download (currently only usable for 1024x768)

07:08:07 4:19PM Version 1.02 now available for download. New top dock, and rollover effects. Still only available for 1024x768.

05:25:08 Project closed due to time restriction.
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