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Blazblue - Taokaka - Death's Invitation

Taokaka - Death's Invitation

I actually started this cosplay a couple months back but never got around to finishing until crunch time for the convention in guelph this past weekend. Finished it in 2 and a half day with =Yume-ka's help! Yay for teamwork and sweatshopping in my basement! We spent 50% of the time looking for scissors, fabric, pens, etc because it was so chaotic =___=.

The paws are double layered with stuffings from the inside of a pillow between it. One pillow of stuffing on each hand! Then there is an inverted/invisible zipper on it so that I'm not completely handicapped for the con and can unzip myself. ^^; My arms were so tired from carrying the 2 pillows all day, I was surprised at how sore they made me even though they were so light.

The braids were made out of yarn (which I thought looked better than a wig because it was fuller) and I handpainted the zipper parts and buttons. I had to handpaint the orange zipper thingy like 5 times because I couldn't get it to match that weird shade of orange on the hair ties OTL. It still doesn't match *facepalms*
I need to remake the mask so that it looks rounder one day and hopefully put some ventilation in it so I don't die of heat =___=... but I love this costume since it's so easy to put on and I don't have to worry about how I'm smiling or how to do my make up! Also love the paws and my tail that looks like a giant Q-tip. :giggle:

Thank you to all who helped me get around at the con, feeding me food and for helping me walk/see/do stuff! Without you guys... I probably would have fallen down the stairs OTL... so lots of love! :love:

:iconkurai-hisaki: as Taokaka

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Stephen Clement
This photo is so awesomely creepy - thank you so much!

Cosplay: BlazBlue Series:

BlazBlue Calamity Trigger © Arc System Works
Con-G 2012
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No idea why but, when I first saw the picture I, immediately smiled, and then I wanted to hug it. :blush: no idea why though because, I know nothing of this cosplay. 
Kurai-Hisaki's avatar
It's supposed to be scary... >_>
Ghost9er2's avatar
Well, I find it adorable! :giggle: :huggle: I want's ta cuddle with it! :)
Scary to me, would be basically everyone's hell, like people strung up by their intestines like string puppets, corpses being mechanized to kill people... the usual nightmarish stuff. :giggle: 
wolkii's avatar
haha, thats sweet xD love it <3
FoamFusion's avatar
great costume!Very nice work love the detail. IF you get a chance check out my new armor i am currently working on, it can be found here [link]
Kurai-Hisaki's avatar

Hey, that's pretty cool. I've always wanted to work with wonderflex but I never got around to it. It's expensive :(
Did you just order your wonderflex online?
FoamFusion's avatar
You can order it directly from the makers here [link] . I was contacted from them to make a original suit of armor for them, so they are sending me the wonderflex part of the supplies for it.
Kurai-Hisaki's avatar
Ohh that's pretty cool! Thanks!
FoamFusion's avatar
you are most welcome
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I saw you at Con-G and I never got the chance to tell you how awesome your costume is, so I'll say it now- it's awesome! :3
Kurai-Hisaki's avatar
Awwww, thank you!! :D
ravenlael's avatar
the clothing looks awesome and... comfy.. =w=
Kurai-Hisaki's avatar
Haha, I would probably say it's one of the more comfy ones, but most of my costumes aren't too bad to begin with xD

This one is just hot and the mask isn't the best but other than that, it's not too bad at all xD
ravenlael's avatar
of course it's not bad o-o i still like this after your stocking cosplay ;) oh and the soul eater looks great too :la:
Kurai-Hisaki's avatar
Bahaha, thank you!! :D
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