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I've been so distracted, I haven't actually finished anything well enough to upload, and have had issues with my scanner and tablet.
I will be opening up commissions.

due to my scanner beeing in a sad sad state I will not be offering digital works unless specialy requested. otherwise all comissions will be in traditional methods on paper and maild.

I can offer progress photos, but my cells camera is not all that great.

one person portrait sketch (this includs black and white shading) 10$
one person portrait inked (no shading)10$
one person portrait inked colour or shading (pencil or pen. ) 15$
full body sketch (no shading) $10
full body inked colord or anthing else $15

groups of people or anything else I may deem 'hard' is under negociation. back ground and items are under negotiation as well.

due to my scanner beeing out of comission any digital colourings will be under special request only, and will be more expensive then traditional (since I will have to go commute to a kinkos to scan.) if one wants a colouring of another line art that can be done for 5$

please e-mail me your requests, this is the best way to make sure I got it, and with a detaild description of what you want, this includes what the person lookes like, some personality, colours to use, and refrence pictures if you have any. please take into consideration the types of things I draw.

e-mail is wataru_agi at

please title an e-mails with COMMISSION even if just to ask questions.

remember, I will be mailing these peices to you. no peice will be sent untill payment.
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Wed Nov 9, 2005, 1:03 AM
I need to put something here soon....

ok, so I got earthian vol 1 in the mail today. and I was really happy, first I was confused by the cover and then the inside picture. but then I saw it was a translation of the special adition. I remember seeing that a few years ago, I never got a chance to get it it was gone when I whent back to look. so any way I'm looking and thinking this is a bit thick so I whent and compared it with my earthian books in japanese, though not special edition. well, I just confirmd, the special edition is vol 1, not including the short story at the end involving micheal and raphiel. and its half of vol 2, and part of volume 3. whats with what? will they be publishing the other stuff in the next book? I mean unless the rumors a few years ago about there beeing a mysterious vol 5 wich concluds the series theres only 4 volumes. and my japanese is too pour to read them. yes, I can only read books for little kids! and even then only understand less then half. but I thought some of that stuff would be important. what I can tell what they cut out of 2 was still part of it. not just short stories involving the characters.

Im so confused!!!!! what are you doing to me? I have wanted to read this properly for a long time now!!!

also looking at it I realized that she did loveless! I was suprised. her art changed in what 10 years 20? earthian is from the 80s. but I realized I think I recognized it. and thats why I liked loveless' art. so, now I have decided who cares if yaoi fan girls have made me iffy about loveless. I love yuns art! and I love earthian so I shall get loveless too.  

but if anyone can tell me whats going on? I mean, why are they chopping it up? I asume this is what they did to the special edition in japan...... but...... will they publish the stories they cut out sepretly? or will they just asume you have the others? I know they do that sometimes.

oh sigh.... I feal like watching the earthian ovas now..... heh I have such a skill at getting shounen ai stuff without knowing it ^^ I had randomly picked up earthian because I had enough for a dvd and wanted one a long time ago. looked at the cover and said "this is pretty" I wasn't sure if chihaya was a girl or a boy based off the cover art and screen caps! XD brought it home and was like "oh, there guys. cool." and then was like "oooooo gay sex sweet!" XD

:icongalaxy-of-cinders: will totaly vouch for my shounen ai yaoi finding gift!!

oooo I want to make a ren ai game or an rpg that has shounen ai or even yaoi~ but I can't make sprites for an rpg and I need to have a script for a renai game ;_; anyone want to help?


maize trade for :iconvega-chyan: 25% doen. need to outline it, and colour it.... don't worry, it will be doen............... it will.........

kiriban for :iconsessu1: 15% need to sketch a virsion I like. working on photograph part and then will do the main part. I lnow its taking a long time! but, I will finishing it! I promis!


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Cafepress is funny

Thu Nov 3, 2005, 10:15 PM
I need to put something here soon....

for some reason I whent to see my cafepress acount. I honestly had forggoten about it and not even looked at it in about a year and a half or 2. but low and behold I find I've made 23$ XD though they won't send me anything till its 25. I'm honestly debating if I should buy stuff on there with it, or wait and see if someone buys something in another year or two?

its funny the the things that sold. a t-shirt thats not even up anymore (I don't know why) with remus fan art on it. and then a tote bag. but half of the money was from refurals. I was like "eh? who did I refure?" I wish they had a link to the people who you somehow refured. to see there stuff. I added some stuff, but I don't see much comming from it. but its still funny. mabye one day like 5 years from now I'll get some check and wonder "where the hell did this come from?" but hey! its fun to get unexpected money.

I finaly have a working story for tokyo pops contest. I just need to draw it. wich.... kinda sucks since it needs backgrounds and I can't do that.

beat ToS. I may replay it again but not right away. it made me feel sad when I finished it. since I had no other game to drive me after it. its a bit annoing you don't get to keep you HP when you start over... oh well.

I lost a nintendo DS on e-bay it pissed me off. I bid 60 and it sold for 61 >.< *shakes fist*

I have decided I am in need of a laptop asap. but I refuse to spend more then 500 tops! its hard to find a good laptop that cheap. I will never find one. I wish I could get credit. if only I had credit!!!!

this place sucks creativity dry. thge people are boring. and..... where is my corps bride! where!!? its past halloween and you do not have it yet! you bastard hick town yokals! I need freedom! I need out! where is my prince to save me?

*edit* ok I got to see corps bride. its gone tomorrow. the theater didn't even have stereo and it was smaller then the smallest theater I have ever been in.

but.... the movie rocked!


maize trade for :iconvega-chyan: 25% doen. need to outline it, and colour it.... don't worry, it will be doen............... it will.........

kiriban for :iconsessu1: 15% need to sketch a virsion I like. working on photograph part and then will do the main part. I lnow its taking a long time! but, I will finishing it! I promis!


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Wed Nov 2, 2005, 1:10 AM
I need to put something here soon....

Character list, with story title (or lack there of)  there from.
the story order or character order isn't anything in particular, I tried to keep it oldest to newest but it didn't work, its sad how many of them I can't remember right now… oh well.
don't I have way to many characters?

titles in "" mean its not really the name its just what I call it for lack of a name x.x;;

added some new names. 11/2/05

Ali (main character)
ship boy… o.o;; (can't remember his name… hes her ship…. have it somewhere in a stack of old old notes…)
boy.. o.o; (main character, can't remember his name…)
boys sister. (uh.. yeah can't remember the name x.x;)
bad guy….
bad girl….
goddess of light
goddess of death
school bitch….

(this is so old… I can't remember half the names and I don't have the notes for this with me….)

maris brother
himikos dad
watarus dad
segawas sister
rinas mom
rinas dad

Dione Sidhe


warior guy >.>;;

fuukus optional
ryuus borother…
think kai had a sister….
ryuu might have a sister too… o.o;;
rest belong to connie >.>;;

(there are other characters but they have not been particularly worked out as of yet so I won't list them)

"mage adventures"

sachikos older sister
akureikos boddy guard…
bad guy… o.o;;

Black opal (will list all characters reguardless of whos in charge of that character)
mr connery
inspector white
(some more but un important…)

(many minor characters)


story with no name
(I have no real names for them. I shall replace how I identify them with names when I have names.)
sleeping beauty
little boy
black angel
white angel

admiral hakubi (AU ryoko character but might as well include her since shes so COMPLETELY difrent… <.<;;)
mitsumoto Hotaru
souma Hotaru
Miyao Hotaru
siobhan patrack ogrady

I think that's about all of them, just for fun I'll update this list periodicly ^^

wow.... about 100... and thats not including half the micolanous characters... or the ones I can't remember off hand...


maize trade for :iconvega-chyan: 25% doen. need to outline it, and colour it....

kiriban for :iconsessu1: 15% need to sketch a virsion I like. working on photograph part and then will do the main part.


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so much to do, and next to no time.

Tue Oct 4, 2005, 11:10 PM
I need to put something here soon....

oh man. though I usualy say I'm bored all the time as if I have no free time, Ive actualy been rather bussy.

my job takes up so much time, and when I'm home I'm tired and want to vege out. recently evorything I tried to draw came out like utter crap, or came not at all, eccept for a few doodles that turnd into more.

Ive alsow found that the little free time I have has been abducted by city of heroes, though I havn't been playing it much recently, and my trail will be over soon. actualy city of heroes just made me want to play ffIX more, I haddn't playd that in months, wich is sad since I pay for it x.x; been playing ragnorok online as well, and watching anime. manny things to distact me from the things I ought to be doing, yet at the same time, help me with insperation. damn you you double edged sword!

I went out and bought some paper and a bunch of pens and a set of colourd pens wich were not worth the money ;_;

so I'm trying to get that nice drawing groove back, wich seems to only stay for one or two pictures and goes away for months at a time ;_; oh well I promis all I owe pictures to I shall finish them! it may be a while, other things my pop up here before I'm doen with them but.... I will get them doen! how ever slowly that may be.....

I really need to start thinking of what sorts of stories would be good for tokyo pops rising stars of manga contest too. if anyone has sugestions for themes please tell me, unless you want them for your self. ^^; because at least in the previous 4, theres beena  bit of all sorts, though not much shounen ai type stories. but I don't know how that would be over all. thwere so cruel with there 20 or so page minimum. it should be 30......

oh well, I shall continue working working working. but right now I shall add my doodles and crapaly accedentaly finished peices.


maize trade for :iconvega-chyan: 25% doen. need to outline it, and colour it.... don't worry, it will be doen............... it will.........

kiriban for :iconsessu1: 15% need to sketch a virsion I like. working on photograph part and then will do the main part. I lnow its taking a long time! but, I will finishing it! I promis!


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borders sucks!!!!

Sun Jul 17, 2005, 6:25 PM
I need to put something here soon....

ok... so I'm sure manny of you know (like how can't you with all the news and such and the hype and all) that harry potter and the half blood prince came out the other day?

well, I like manny other fans (like milions or bilions? O.o;) was awaiting to go get my book, I like a good little book otaku and such, made a pre order of the book. (like manny HP fans probly did) especialy since it would give me 40% off, the poor anime fan artist in me HAD to save money.

so, I pre orderd the book, but found I would not be able to go pick it up this weekend. borders had given me a confermation call the other day, informing me if I could not pick it up by the end of sunday I would loose my resurve, now, don't get hasty, this is not why borders sucks ass. well, I find out that if I call on saterday I can pay through phone and they will mail it.

I call, they look me up.


no where. not my name, phone number, no one even from the place I live at! town, area NONE!

there all "well, we can give you 30% off if you want to do it now." but at this point I'm just mad. I resurved that book ~months~ ago. mabye not 6 months like the book before... (I actualy was the first person to pre order harry potter 5 at the downtown main branch of borders in sanfrancisco ^^;; they hadn't even put there sighn out yet! XD) but still a few months. so in my anger and annoience I just ran down to town to the local book store here and bought it flat out right. I mean, I would have waited for 40% off. I would have waited for the fact I resurved it.... but I will ~not~ wait for 30% off because they lost my resurvation.

I want to beleive that its just because this area sucks, and thus the borders here must suck but who knows... I never did much like chains anyway......

and my all this has doen is make me like washington state a little less.... u.u;


maize trade for :iconvega-chyan: 25% doen. need to outline it, and colour it....

kiriban for :iconsessu1: 15% need to sketch a virsion I like. working on photograph part and then will do the main part.


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meh x.x

Tue Jun 21, 2005, 10:35 PM
I need to put something here soon....

bleh... I've been so tired recently.... and really, really hating my job. even if they FINALY gave me days..... though I had to screw up imensly to get it.... funny, they tell me "we might have to put you on days from now on" as a sort of punishment for messing up, yet thats what I've wanted from the begining. mess up, yet end up in a better position over all. doesn't matter though I shouldn't be here for toooo much longer.

been playing okage shadow king. I really like it. its a simple game, but really cute. the idea of the main character beeing this quiet push over is funny. hes not even the "hero"!

I've had a lot of ideas for things... but no ambision to do anything about it it seems. I really need to get my dictaphone out, (if its even here and not in cali...)  and start talking them out, and drawing some of it.... I really want to try an animation... but for what I want to do I need help, or, a lot and lot of time. though I'm impasient x.x;

I found this site, its like netflix but just anime... all anime.... I sighnd up for a trial, about a week ago, still havn't receaved anything... probly doing something wrong... but it seems like an intresting idea. its cheep too.

I need more RP... RP thats actualy doing something and going somewhere >.<

and I am still doing my trade and kiriban, its just... taking a while ... *sighs* I need to hit my head a few times and get it working.


maize trade for :iconvega-chyan: 25% doen. need to outline it, and colour it....

kiriban for :iconsessu1: 10% need to sketch a virsion I like.


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Back from Fanime 2005!!!

Fri Jun 3, 2005, 12:26 PM
I need to put something here soon....

wai! fanime was sooooo cooooool! it was nice beeing back home again ^^ I want to go back! and I shall! I figure by november I can be living back home! wai! though I will not make it for yaoi con....

man I spent way to much..... *cry* but thats the point of cons ^^ I want to get a table next year.... ah so manny things to work on I will get them doen!


maize trade for :iconvega-chyan: 1% doen. learning how to draw him o.o;;

kiriban for :iconsessu1: 0% need to sit down and start


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Wed May 25, 2005, 2:22 AM
I need to put something here soon....

after right now I shall be gone for a week at fanime! I get to hang out with my friends who I havn't seen in over 8 months! *cries* stupid washington state.... oh well. my kantarou costume is pretty much compleat, and though I'm sad there are things I was unable to do I'm still happy I finished something for change!

I may chek up during the week, who knows o.o;;


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I'm thinking about doing a kiriban for
2,500. I think I will actualy.

on other news I'm rather proud with where my site is going. even through its slow and hard with dail up. *curses this evil island* curently (meaning literaly right now as I'm typing this) I'm cuttin and sweing up my costume for fanime. I was going to try and do two. sugino and kantaro from tactics. (its a good anime and manga go get it!!!) but it looks like with how much time I have left, and the fact I'm missing some importaint things for sugino (basicly the fabric for his obi and obijime and I may not have enough for his basic kimono!! >.<) I will probly only do kantarou. though because of this stupid area I could not even find the beeds I need for his prayer beeds. *cries* I would order them but I can't find any simple cheep beed places. *sighs* and I rather liked the wings and wig I had for sugino better then the wig I have for kantarou.

oh well. always next year ^^

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I'm so pleased! I finaly got my self a domain! its I originaly thought to use it for the web comic I'm despretly trying to get doen, but I thought it would be usefule for other things as well, like protfolios and other sites and things. the expence really isn't that much at all.

what really brought it hope was when someone asked me to give them some links to examples of websites I had made, but none were curently working due to crappy free servicess.

well, its still majorly in the works. the only thing that will have anything on it (and still kinda out of date) is silver-moon.blackopalproductio…

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I'm really getting annoied here. the only good thing in this place is the people I met, and there a small amount and even some things they do are slightly getting on my nervs. mabye its the fact I'm feeling like crap right now and having sevear home sickness. this place is psychotic. they do nothing normal and logic and reason is lost on them. its sad and annoing.

I'm hopeing to go to fanime but I need to get a hold of vince... but I can't figure out how since I lost evoryobnes numbers or tghere more likely then not still in sf in boxess in storage x.x;;

the lack of suplies and beeing able to do simple things makes me want to screem. I can';t even get a walkman! or shop at a normal store or get fast food! if I could find a way to get a job from far away and it was decent enough I would so move back. find a room mate and a job at the same time, fly down there and start up, but I doubt I could find a job that paid enough, or a nice enough room mate.....

suplies suck here too. I have to order all my stuff.... so no browsing. how am I to find new stuff? and I can't find my brand of pencils.... mabye I could save up a bit and get all the neopikos instead of atempting to get the right amount of copic to make them worth while....

I havn't been home in a while so I havn';t been able to work on mearim. though hes nearly doen. just need to cleen him up and add the shading. I'm rather pleased. I think spending so much time with other people is finaly getting to me. its a bit overwelming and I despretly need some isolation or something. but I can't get that for a week...... *sigh* even moving to seatle would be better then this exsistence.

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Yay! I got my light box thismorning! ^^ or, yesterday morning I supose now.... I'm so happy. I had to get a smaller one then I wanted since I wasn't willing to pay 50 some odd dollors for one. but I figure when I'm ready I can sell this one and upgrade! but its wonderful. its really best for 8x10 and animation. but I think I can use it for my curent project I really wanted it for. the sketch of mearim in my scraps needs to be cleand up and I just couldn't do it on the computer. I needed to outline it on new peice of paper. I just like the sketch to much to mess with it. its nice to finaly really have a traditional project. I beleive that if I do this my block shall slowly disipate as well. yay for toys! next I need some brushes since half my brushes or mabye all of them are still in SF x.x *cries* oh well, they were old... but they were lovely and they arn't made anymore!!!!!! oh well. I'm going to get some pens too sakura micron I thinkt here called. and mabye the store here has some nibs... probly not. though I can order them or have someone mail them to me ^^ now... to just catch up on the manga..... heh.... 2 titles on the way. if only I could get my hands on my other books I know where I need to presead from. oh well. least I found a nice site that has about 17% off all titles and free shipping for 40$ or more! ^^

I saw HP 3 the other day... it was... disapointing...... it made me want to re read the books again. and only scream at my self for the fact ALL my books are still in SF. well, eccept like 2 I brought to read on the way over. and one was for my mom wich she had been reading anne rice's lasher and redwall for me. I packed moest my manga and broat it but not the books.... bleh. oh well.

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moved recently. the furthest I've ever been more or less. not to count a time when I was 10 and visited famaly in kansas.

washington isn't so bad. the island I moved to is verry pretty, and I got to pass through seatle and prtland ont he drive up here. portland is a bueatiful city. though the town I moved too kinda sucks. but, just because I moved here doesn't mean I have to stay forever, wich I don't tend to at all!

I'm on a rather good amount of property, though no house. am in the middle of building it. the town is about 5 miles away, or 30 or so minutes by bicycle.... wich I have to use. my mom insist I learn how to drive, was thinking of mabye getting a moped or something... don't know.

just my luck to be in the one place here that doesn't have dsl yet, though I'm working on seeing if I can get WiFi or something. accelorated dailup just sounds like it doesn't work how they say it does....

found a site wich cheep light boreds. definatly getting one, when I do I can finish a peace I've been slowly working on for a while. and then get working on an atempted animation I'm trying to do in flash. I tried to draw it in the program but its just not cutting it. I really need to do it on paper and a light bored is nessesarry for that.

nothing much else to say. to boring to really ever put anything here.

clubs I'm in.
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Clubs I moderate
:iconapocripha0: I gues sI moderate this >.>:; :iconmale-akito-club:
don't remember where I got these... I've seen them more then once though.

1] Your pen name?
Nica, Kurai-chyan, Kurai-kun, variations of, sometimes wataru.

2] How did you get the name?
my actual nick name is nica, kurai is the name of a character I rather like that I created, and so is wataru.

3] Do you use PC or Mac?

4] Do you use mouse or tablet?
tablet. sometimes a mouse but hardly ever.

5] What software do you use often?
opencanvas, comicworks, photoshop, painter 7.

6] The color you use most often is?
black, blue and purple.

7] What area do you put most effort into?
usualy hands, if I feel like it. eyes I guess, though I don't really try that hard at them....

8] How long does it take you to draw a picture?
pencil - depends, 10-an hour.
ink - depends what Im doing, just to ink something simple a few minutes, something complex more. also if I'm using a well or a multi liner.
colors CG- sometimes an hour, mabye two, if its really detaild up to 5.
color ink - copic, an hour or so, water colour pencils an hour or so.

9] Do you keep your rough drafts?
yes, the ones I didn't ink over.

10] What kind of font do you use most often?
Book antiquita or comic sans.

11. What's the DPI when you scan?

12] Do you do anything else when you're drawing pictures?
listen to music, sometimes watch tv, mabye talk to people.

13] How many pictures do you draw in a month?
varries on how creative I feel. I have more doodles then drawings.....

14] What kind of paper do you draw your pictures on?
scetch paper 11x14 or printer paper or comic b4 paper.

15] What kind of paper do you use for sketches and drafts?
same paper half the time. usualy sketch paper.

16] How long does it take to ink something?
10 or more depending on complexity or how much efort I feel like putting into it. tend to cg ink more recently wich takes up to an hour....

17] Do you do doujinshi or original manga?
I have goals of original manga, have I oficialy doen it? not really x.x;;

18] Do you like doujinshi? Is it fun making it?
always wanted to do a doujinshi, I like buying them though.

19] Ever submitted anything to a magazine?
does school paper count? and, I submitted stuff to animerica and newtype before.

20] Did it get published?
stuff in my middle school paper did. so did two submissions of fan art to animerica and one to newtype

21] Who are your favorite artists?
so manny. kaori yuki, I like all of CLAMP, even the 3 you hardly see. arina tanemura, koge-donbo, mineko ohkami, more more more that I can't go find there names right now because all my books are in boxess x.x;;

22] What's your favourite Anime/Manga?
Anime - kyou kara maou, Xtv the movie sucked! though it was verry pretty. pita ten, FMA, mantantei loki ragnarok, spiral, and right now I think sensei no ojikan is hilarious. and mahou shoujotai alice is cool too.
Manga - to manny.... dragon knights, yami no matsuei, pita ten, host club, vampire game, X, tsubasa, xxxholic, angel sanctuary, cout cain, ludwig kakumei, spiral, mantantei loki, and rangnarok virstion, 'ghost' or eerie queerie in the us, lumen lunae, sequence, manny manny more.

23] Favourite Character?
rune from dragon knights, and duzel from vampire game, and kouraro from pita ten, and more.... its so hard to like some over others.. there so difrent.

24] Any artists that you'd like to draw like?
karoi yuki, mokona apapa about 4 years ago though shes still cool now (shes the main artist in CLAMP if you didn't know) arina tanemura on some things, though I don't want to draw exactly like any of them.

25] Do you buy books a lot?
books are my kriptonite.

26] Did you ever buy a book to inspire you to draw?
I've bought books for research material.

27] Any video games you enjoy?
FF, Xenogears, saga frontier. and others.

28] Any favourite characters from video games?
Yuffie, bart, and the silence from saga frontier 1.

29] Do you have a favourite writer?
Charles De Lint

30] Any books you really enjoy?
all of charles de lint short story collections. I really like newford and all the things they do, and how all the stories can work with each other to build a whole workd with daily avents.

31] Do you write fanfics?
I try sometimes. I've only ever compleated one...

32] Any music that you often listen to while drawing?
radio, anime music, clasical. anything that might come up.

33] Any recommended songs?
depends on your mood... I used to be verry inspired by poe songs and this one song that used to play a bunch in 99.

34] Any websites that you totally admire?
yeah, but I can't think of the url.

35] Do you have any sites you want to go everyday?
DA, Animesuki sometimes, and some other randome ones.

36] What is your dream site like?
really really pretty with java and all the cool stuff people do **

37] Do you like your own art?
sometimes. I like where I have come, and evoryonce in a while I'll produce something I truly love and wonder "how did I do that?"

38] What do you enjoy watching on TV?
depends. I like G4techtv and scifi. and history and biography. moestly discovery channels and pbbs. though I love british comedies! BBCA ruels.

39] Favourite celebrity?
none really.

40] Favourite color?
purple and blue, and pastel colours.

41] Favourite food?
lots, okinomiyaki right now because I havn't had it in a while and want some again.

42] Favourite drink?
melon soda.

43] Any places you like to shop at?
kinokuniya book store.

44] Can you cook?

45] Any programs you use often for email? Any electronic pets?
outlook, have some neglected neopets and once ownd a tamagatchi

46] Are you a computer expert?
no but I'm literit, and more literit then a lot of people.

47] Want to become a professional artist?
it would be nice.

48] Any other jobs you're interested in, besides an illustrator?
writer, or historian, or... something.

49] Any other specialities besides drawing?
I'm good at ceramics, and building things. can kinda write and I can swim and play soccer.

50] Do you like to watch movies?

51] What's your favourite movie?
I keep saying legend, I think this stays true still. I like tim burten films though.

52] Have you ever entered art contests?

53] When did you start drawing seriously?
grade school. pretty early, though didn't do anime style till middle school.

54] Anything that you often use as a reference when you draw?
my hands.... sometimes pictures from illustration books or manga, if I can't do something just right. I alsow use the pictures I've saved over time on the computer.

55] Have you met any of your fans online?
I did, once. he... scared me greatly.

56] You have a lot of pen pals?

57] You have a lot of friends that draws?
yeah. seems I'm suronded by people who draw.

58] What time do you usually go online?
whenever I feel like, usualy when I get home or wake up, I leave it on for the radio or music, sometimes because I'm d/l.

59] Do you like to go to chat rooms?

60] Do you have your own computer?
its basicly mine, its good as mine. its filled with my stuff so I asume its mine.

61] What would you say to the person you admire?
I havn't a clue. mabye "I really love your work. its inspired me so much, would you please sighn this?" I'll never meat anyone I admire.

62] Do you think of things when you draw?
sometimes. usualy, "how shoudl this work?" or "this character is looking cute I should draw them more" or, some totaly unrelated things.

63] Have you drawn bad because you think too much?
no, only if I don't really feel the urge, or forcing my self, or, in a slump. always annoing you have a wonderful idea dn you can't for the life of you draw it right.

64] Do you have any friends who are professionals?
yes. a famaly friend. actualy, more then one. and parents.

65] Where do you often hang out?
no where really....

66] Do you have any artists that you don't like too much?

67] Situations in which you really don't like being online?
people iming me when I don't want to talk to them.

68] Situations in which you hate when it comes to having websites?
when the free placess delete the becaus eyou didn't update enough <.<; or, updating. am really bad with that.

69] Something that makes you really glad that the internet exists?
people from all over the world. the information you can get. images, and the OED oxford english dictionary! yes I'm a nerd!

70] What about things that make you NOT glad that the internet exists?
the govorment trying to controle it like they own it. its an internationt hing that can't be controled.

71]What's the first picture you've ever shown to the public online?
I think it was a nuriko fan art.

72] Do you still have that?
yes. though not the original scan.

73] Has your drawing style changed a lot?
yes, some improvments, some I miss.

74] How does it usually change?
not sure. its slow.... sometimes by new art, or new ideas.started drawing more boys then girls and then how I did girls changed.... aspects you see that you think look good so you implement them...

75] Have you experienced artists block before?
yes.... seems to much recently

76] How did you escape from it?
not sure. I tried working with old sketches I never finished, or finaly god a good idea and could really impement it. recently it was the need to create character desighns.

77] What happens when you have artists block?
I can't do anything decent, or intresting and I don't feel any desire to draw though I do. does that make sence? its like, theres no will no matter how hard I try. its forced and thus evorything is crap.

78] Any artists that have influenced you a lot?
so manny. mokona apapa ( CLAMP ) kaori yuki, arina tanemura, hitoshi okuda, mainly clamp though.

79] What made you start drawing?
always drew..... my father used to draw with me when I was really little, though my first anime drawings were of sailor moon. then magic knight rayearth

80] What made you want to get a website?
not sure. it just struck me as something cool. recently it was the want for a protfolio site.

81] Where did your site name come from?
I have this epic I wish to write about dione sidhe, or 'elvs' from celtic mythology, its all about fae and humans and magic in modern day SF and some other choice placess. in some things Arn is considerd the main big goddess in celtic religion (could be wrong) I think I first read arn as the moon goddess in a de lint book, it might not be acurate. but I do know that the moon was verry importaint so, silver moon. I like the moon anyway.

82] What do you think about net manners?
don't know half of them but I'm sure I havn't broekn any. moest people are idiots x.x;

83] Have you ever been spammed?
no... don't think so.

84] Ever thought about quitting your webpage?
no.. though I have forgotten websites before x.x;

85] If so, why?
forgot it, lost intrest. usualy have half created sites anyway.

86] About how much KB is each picture?
150-300 sometimes. fthumbnails 5-30 o.o;;

87] When creating your site, do you use a program or pure html?
I would be nothing without dreamweaver. just enough tools with the ability to play witht he raw code at the same time.

88] Do you have good eyesite?
I have horrible eyesight. verry nearsighted x.x;;;

89] If you can get any person's autograph, who's would you get?
CLAMP I think. though I did was seki tomokazu to autograph a picture of saphirius from apocripha/0

90] What would you say to that artist when he/she autographs for you?
thank you, really polightly, in the best japanese I could muster. x.x;

91] Do you have fans of your art?

92] Do you like to draw on oekaki bbs?
sometimes. I usualy have a hate hate relationship with it. it hates me, I hate it, but shii-painter is pretty good.

93] Are you good at art in school?
I faild my hgih school drawing class >.>;;; though did wonderfuly in ceramics.

94] Did you take art lessons other than from school?
I had a ceramics class long long ago, I used to be part of thoguhs after school type things you send your kids to so they do cool things and a lot of them were art related.

95] Have you drawn a manga?
kinda, though Black opal will be so much better x.x;

96] What's your favourite phrase/quote?
"eh?" "wai" "yay" "dude" "people are idiots" "I hate people but your not people." "huh" thats about it for things I say often. heh. um, as for a real quote I like, "merlin dreams in the mondream wood" its a pretty image. and, I won't explain what it means unles speople want to know! XD

97] Do you think your personality is different externally and internally?
I think its pretty much the same, though, I'm pasive agressive so I let things go even when I'm annoied or upset with it untill it builds... but I think I'm rather stable personality wise.

98] What's your goal now?
to get better with evorything I do...

99] What do you have to say to yourself?
I need to practice more and actualy try and put hard efort intot he things I do not just do medeocer.

100] Lastly, what do you have to say to everyone?
I know evoryone does this, and I do this to on peoples coments, but really, sometimes saying more tyen "its cute" is helpful. not that pointing out ecorything thats wrong is good at all.. just, mabye something mgiht look akward, or how something might be impruved. well, bleh constructive critisism is one of the hardest things to give so people probly shoudln't atempt it since so manny people get pissed off over it x.x;;; *isn't one of thoughs people though*

clubs I'm in.
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:iconapocripha0: I gues sI moderate this >.>:; :iconmale-akito-club:
I've felt more or less creative recently. nearly halfway doenw ith Black Opal a soon to be web comic with :iconaquariuszocodia: even worked on my I guess you would call it portfolio site? just finsihed editing all the thumbnails, all thats left is to add the links and a few touch ups. but so far its live! changed it to my home page. you can visit it here…

its sad how I've only started utalizing all my extra time recently. hopefuly I can get a buch doen before I finde a second job.


yay! I found and had to join a kaori yuki club and a count cain club! here :iconkaori-yuki-club: and here :iconcain-club: yay!!!!!!

dragon knights!!!!! yay! :icondragonknights:

Edit 2:
because I can't be botherd to write a new journal. this time I didn't even go looking for clubs but I rana cross them and could not resist! a tsubasa club and a fai club! wai! ^^

:icontsubasa-club: :iconfai-lovers:

and it was about time I joind a clamp club.... why this one? don't know I found it apealing. :iconclampfanclub:

:iconaquariuszocodia: pesterd me into making an akito club for them so, this is there club but, I made the count <.<;; I'm in it too.... heh. :iconmale-akito-club:

must.... stop... finding.... clubs x.x;; :iconclamp-wish:

clubs I'm in.
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Clubs I moderate
man its been a while. I've been so quiet lately. but then, I had no insperation.

joind a club today. :iconkyoukaramaou: its such a good show. I recomend it to all who like shounen ai! joind this too. :iconlokiclub:
loki from mantantei loki ragnarok is cute. though loki in norse mythology is cool in general. though I have an absolute hate for marvals loki, and what they did to such lovely mythos.

and, a kakyou club! weeee hes my favourite character in all of x! I should stop browsing clubs..... :iconkakyou-club:

clubs I'm in.
:iconbishiecrusaders: :iconarinatanemura: :iconpita-ten: :iconribon:
Clubs I moderate
:iconapocripha0: !!!!
I was feeling odly ambistious today and desided to make a club for Apocripha/0 hopefuly people will join! took way to long to make the stupid icon for it x.x;; now I sit back and see if my labor shall pay off.


:iconbishiecrusaders: :iconarinatanemura: :iconpita-ten: :iconapocripha0:
GAAAAAA I have never wanted a game so much before in my life! yet all I can think of is how can I get Apocripha/0 Alex and Platina! X.x it has such wonderfule art work. I'm allready getting the scanlations for the Manga. and I plan on getting the manga when I swing by Kinokuniya once I get paid. I'm slowly getting pulled intot he world of Bl ren ai games... and here I never thought I would think twice about such games. since my impression, wich is still what the majority of them are, was just silly hentai overly graphic sex games x.x; though some are cute. but there are such talented artists drawin them. and I allways did like the idea of interation novels. used to even buy thoughs ditective book things when I was a kid. like carmin sandiego where you tried to figure out where she was and made choicess. thoughs were so fun. so the idea of somethign similor but with pretty pretty art apeals to me!

on another note. I just found out Pita ten was translated last week! I was about to buy it in japanese and luckaly whent to boarders first since I neaded to get Petshop of horros 4 and there I see it. I just had to laugh. here I had spent only a few days before watching nearly the whole show (waiting for the last 5 episodes to be fans ubed >.< ) and there it is in english! I had to laugh. I was lucky too because juvinile orion was there too! I've been waiting for that since yaoi con! I wish the aquarion age card game would get translated. I finde ti far more apealing then Yu Gi Oh or pokemon or .Hack/ or yu yu hakushou or any fo thoughs! it has pretty art from so manny people. why must brocolii stuff be so pretty. its such a sin.

I can't wait for the day they translate BL games into english. at least the PS BL games!!!!!

:iconbishiecrusaders: :iconarinatanemura: :iconpita-ten: :iconribon: