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By kura-ou
Full-body couple CG of the two gijinka I designed for :iconchocoppyica::

Chibi designs for Jardineparrot by kura-ou

The initial drawing of this was just...2 stick figures melting into each other ^^; I'm kind of happy that it ended up this way instead ;; I know I have a lot to learn for anatomy and color theory, but I'll keep doing my best :iconyoyoranranruuplz: especially when so many of my friends continue to inspire me :heart: U////U Every time I see my friends succeed, I'm super-happy for them and get inspired to draw, so I guess that is a bit of a motivating factor in this. 

When I started on the background, I thought of a 'magical' forest that only the two of them could enter... or something cheesy and lovey-dovey like that because I'm a sucker for romance Hence the "together forever" in the middle Llama Emoji-21 (Speechless) [V1] by Jerikuto

This took about 10 months to finish... Mainly because I was stressed from schoolwork and constantly had to make adoptables to pay for bills/textbooks/FOOD...the stuff that adults have to deal with :iconotlplz: But yes, financial problems always cause me to feel like I'm getting stomach ulcers... I stopped feeling sorry for myself and did my best on this. :iconchocoppyica: had been very patient all this time, and I'm very thankful for that.

Most of the time, if I take extremely long on a commission or adopt extra 10+ months to years (sometimes I don't notice until it's too late that someone has resold my adopt during that time...and my slowness causes me to get depressed all over again ;; ), it's usually because I get stressed over not drawing it as well as I have it in my head and give up. But the giving up means that my progress remains stagnant and the need for funds increases while I feel sorry for myself .__. So in that time period of self-pity, I try to make adoptables that I like to stave off artblock and ease the financial burden for as long as I can, but that doesn't solve the problem...

I LOVE DRAWING, otherwise I wouldn't have chosen it as a hobby I'm very serious about. If I can make some extra funds that would help me and/or my elderly parents, then I should do my best to get over my ego and just TRY. 

I spent over 20 hrs on this piece, and I hope that even a tiny bit of effort shows ;u; Thank you to all my friends and watchers for their kind words of encouragement and support :heart:

I apologize for pouring my guts out...but I couldn't keep it in any longer Llama Emoji-17 (Sweating) [V1] by Jerikuto Thank you so much for all my commissioners for their patience, too. I'll be replying to long-overdue notes and comments soon~!</sub>


:star:PREVIOUS WORKS:star:

COMM_Mikhail x Freya for riku-of-darkness by kura-ou COMM_Laura's family portrait by kura-ou
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Beautiful artwork. One question though. What is the rock formation in the background? Is it a some kind of bowed pillar or bridge reaching outward? I thought it was a bridge, but the depth is off. Like it needs more shadowing. If it's a rock structure, then I would say it's angle needs to be changed. I assume it's a bridge formation though. I'd recommend some kind of cavern look underneath to give it more depth. Otherwise the colored compliment each other. Though I'm salsa unsure if he's leaning on something though there isn't much there . Is there a boulder that isn't made clear?
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Hello! Thank you so much for taking your precious time out of work to type up this very helpful critique! I'm very thankful for it :)

I've tried repainting some of the rocks so that the bridge doesn't look too out of perspective. 

And I apologize D: I tried to draw him leaning against a boulder with a tree overhead, but the ground is a bit of slant. I'll do my best to improve for next time so that the background is painted more clearly.

Thank you so much for your critique--I'm sure that you've helped so many artists ;u;

Please have a nice day, Red :w00t: and thanks again~!
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I'm glad I could help. You're very talented.
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Please forgive my spelling errors. Lol. I was at work.
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Such lovely colours and lovely pose aahhh
it pleased my eyes
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Aww they look super cute together!! And that background is amazing! :lovely:  
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apsolutely beautiful ~ :meow:
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This is so beautiful Q.Q
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:iconuhuhuhuplz: Awww, thank you QAQ I'm glad that you like it and that 20+ hrs didn't go to waste.
DR-ROBOFOX's avatar
If I had the money I would totally commission you cause you are very talented <3

Never give up and always keep working because you have some serious talent ^^ <3
kura-ou's avatar
Awwww, thank you so much ;u; Your kind comment means a lot to me!
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No problem! Keep up the good work! :D
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This is beautiful! Amazing job my friend!! -^^-
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waaa It's very nice :D
it is so sweet , quiet and relaxing , I love x3
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Beautiful and sweet!~ ( ^ u ^ ) 
The scenery looks so cool!~
kura-ou's avatar

Awww, thank you so much~! I'm really happy that you like it ;//u//; Hope that you have a Happy 2016!
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You're welcome!~ ( ^ u ^ )/
Aww thank you! You too, may you have a prosperous, joy-filled year!~ Keep up the lovely artwork!~ <3
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Awesome work. How's things going?
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Thank you ^^ Other than my health and financial stress, I'm doing pretty okay. I hope that you have an even better 2016 ^o^
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Thanks. I hope you can manage that stress.
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