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TEMPORARY dA ID [OwO] by kura-ou <- For the longest time, I wasn't sure if I wanted to sell his design or keep him for myself because I loved his design and the back story I came up for him ;^; But...I really need the money. I apologize that I cannot mention the details in public .__.

This is my submission for :iconphrysethadopt:'s contest: :squee: ONLY KEMONOMIMI ADOPTS CONTEST (OPEN)
:new:Final Countdown for this contest: http://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/to?iso=20140401T0001&p0=137&msg=Final+Countdown+KemonoContest&csz=1
Hi guys. I think the previous adopt contest held by :iconhumankemonoadopts:
was quite a success. And I've earn my income smoothly this week amg, thank God,
I am now opening a new adopt contest. Yay! <3
This is the contest where only KEMONOMIMI ADOPTS are allowed to enter.
There will be 3 division open for this contest, Skilled, Average, and Beginner,
to give opportunity for artist from all level to compete in this contest. \(^-^)/
:new: There are some of you guys who are not sure which division they want to enter.
The reason I make up this division because when all the skilled, average, and beginner artists
compete in single division, obviously those skilled ar

About the adoptable:
I wanted to make a humorous dragon kemonomimi character that was wished up by a really nice man who just wanted a friend after his wife and kid left him for being too kind and causing his business to decline into bankruptcy. One day, his wish came true and this meiwu appeared to be his companion... That was, until the man's sadness over his broken family made him take up drinking and there was nothing the meiwu could do to curb it. He later died and the meiwu was still left with his life energy. He felt guilty and wanted to die for not being able to save his master. But because he was still left with decades of life energy, he decided to drink his life away. But after a few decades, he saw that he could not get sick the way mortals did and gave up on trying to die. One day, in the last few hours of his life, he saw that a bunch of humans were trying to burn away a plum blossom forest and attacked them, scaring them so much that the after the incident, no human dared to harm that forest. Upon seeing this one act, a deity presented him with eternal life and a magical calabash that would be used to store an endless amount of plum wine and the weapon that he would use to defend the plum blossom forest. The calabash's magical properties can only be commanded by him, and to ordinary people, it just looks like another drunken person's wine gourd.

...Yes, if his master lived longer, he probably would have had some BL teaser moments with the way he's dressed. The top half of his clothing was inspired by the female Chinese hanfu and the lower half is a hakama held up by a belt. He wears knee-length boots with very thin, eclipse-shaped heels. He has exactly 7 braids and a very wavy mullet. And yes, he actually has plum blossoms blooming on his "horns" (they only wither when he's angry).

I tried to use a new painting style for his hair, but I don't think I was successful :iconotlplz: 

Starting bid
: $80
Minimum bid increment: $5
Highest bid: $80 :iconmyriadmysteries:

:iconuhuhuhuplz: Omigosh, thank you so much, Katy ;A;

Auto-buy: $315 - includes fully complete files of all the extras listed, as well as 2 fully-painted illustrations of this character
(will take an extra 2-4 weeks to complete as I have a big exam in the middle of April ;A; )
END DATE: 3/31/14 @ 10 PM PST



:bulletgreen: Bid by replying to my PLEASE BID HERE comment.
:bulletgreen: I will do my best to inform you of your bidding status, but please monitor the auction, as I will not always be here to inform you that you have been outbid.

:bulletgreen: No fake bidding, please D: Please only bid within your budget.

:bulletgreen: I will extend the auction by 10 minutes if there is sniping, until there are no more bids.

:bulletgreen: Once the auction ends, I will note you my PayPal address and total (please pay the small PayPal fee ;-; ).

:bulletgreen: If the adoptable isn't paid for within 24 hours after the note is sent, then it will go to the 2nd highest bidder.

YOU WILL RECEIVE - An un-watermarked, transparent, higher resolution file of the adoptable shown above (1500 px in width)


:damphyr: Why is the starting bid so high?

EXTRAS - extras will be included if the auction progresses

Unlike the last few auctions, I've prepared a lot of extras for this adopt...since I really love him ;^; (some are still in the sketch and inking stages, but they do exist ;;;; )

$100  -  +weapon
$130  -  +5 non-base expressions, cell-CGed (each headshot is unique...not a base expression sheet)
$155  -  +cell-shaded 1/2 body (preview)
$170  -  +flat-CG chibi
$195  -  +painted CG chibi
$215  -  + partial back view (only things that are obscured in the front view)

:star:OWNER DO's and DON'T's:star:
-You may use him in any way you wish and give him/her a background story + name, change his/her clothing, etc (PERSONAL USE ONLY, YOU MAY NOT SELL MY ART)--The original artwork and design must be credited to me.
-You may not resell the adoptable, the artwork, or claim the artwork and/or design as yours.
-If you do use this character in commercial media (book, game, etc this will never happen, LOL), please inform me and credit me for the original design.
-If you make a story for this adoptable, please share with me >w< I'd love to follow his/her development ;w;

:bulletblue: Adopt Batch CLOSED : Note offers by neobirdy Please buy :iconneobirdy:'s wonderful adopts--there's only 1 more day until they close ;A;
:bulletblue: SET PRICE ADOPTS: MUST GO:iconmv1plz::iconmv2plz::iconmv3plz::iconmv4plz::iconmv5plz::iconmv6plz::iconmv7plz:
Adopts for Sale
These guys NEED a home. someone who will use them. Maybe you are having artist block, are looking for a specific character or someone's bday is coming up and you want to gift them. Well maybe there is something here you'd like/
Like before, i am upset because I feel like the adoptable thing is starting not to be for me..even though it is fun. Thanks to all who cheer me up and can deal with me. I lowered and made these all set price so I can just get rid of them.
First come first serve. Paypal only. Please note me if you are wanting to buy one of the cuties. I expect payment within 24 hours, if not they will be put up for buying again. I really am in need of the money anyway //le sigh//.
Please if you buy them and end up not using them and decide to resell them; resell them for only the amount you bought them f
 Please check out :iconnoblecielphantomhive:'s cute adopts!
:bulletblue: Shout-out to some of my friends, :iconulfhade::iconcrownwaltz::iconneobirdy:, who I bugged during the draft of this guy ;u; Thank you so much for all your help and advice! :heart:
:bulletblue: 300:points: headshot sketches (info in thumbnail) 300 POINT_3 DOLLAR HEADSHOT COMMISSION by kura-ou + SELLING NENDOROIDS AND OTHER ANIME ITEMS FOR EMERGENCY FUNDS
Commissions are open, if anyone is interested. I will only provide the information to serious commissioners. In the meantime, I'm working on finishing more of my older commissions.

TEXTURE CREDIT: :iconmeisan:
Copyright Statement 3 by Sophibelle

Thank you so much to the precious friends and watchers who keep supporting me :iconuhuhuhuplz: I really appreciate every single thing, even if I can't thank every single one of you ;A;

Thank you so much for reading until the very end! :iconcutebyeplz:
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Wow what lovely colours :O
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Thank you ;u; I hand-picked the colors myself, so I'm really glad that you like them.
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You're welcome ^__^
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this is really amazing! you're amazing! :squee:
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:iconuhuhuhuplz: Thank you so much for your kind comment ;~; You're a person with a big heart.
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welcome :D nuu.. i'm just telling the truth
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he is so beautiful~ :iconcraiplz:
goodluck in you contest~
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Gosh, he is sweet and beautiful! His hair looks pretty too :3
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Your welcome:)
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*glomps* :hug: Aww, I wish I could do anything to help, he's so beautiful and you put so much into him. ;A;

I really hope that you get a good bid and he goes to a great home.
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omg.... ;;;;;;;; u ;;;;;;;; so beautiful <3 <3 <3
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Thank you so much for your comment :iconuhuhuhuplz:
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you're very welcome :P
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beautiful colours he/she is soo wonderful :D
great work!
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Bunny Emoji-42 (Awww) [V2] by Jerikuto Thank you so much for your comment!
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And thank you for submitting it to anime-style group!
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Wow, this is the most amazing adopt I've ever seen. Love it!
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:iconcraiplz: Thank you so much for your kind comment, Tori ;~;

I'd really like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to submit to anime-style ;A;
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It's no problem c:
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kuraaaaaaaaaaa ;x; omg this soo beautifull
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;A; Thank you so much, Chizu :iconuhuhuhuplz: ...I tried my best ;;;;
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