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"Heya kids! I bet you didn't know that air is needed to make sound, right?"
Bill Nye, the man of saturday morning science, started up the day by rattling off normally common knowledge. After all, it was his job, and he needed some money to feed his foster child. Unlike other people who were well known for their good deeds, he never had anyone thrust their newborns upon him, or shower him with money. He tells under-educatded kids about the world and it's amazements, and all he gets is an eleven-year-old left on his doorstep by some unresponsible mother. To make things worse, kids were starting to NOT CARE about science! Fathers used to give their kids chemistry sets and the like as presents, and they LIKED them! Now, his entire lifes meaning is going to fizzle out, all because of the rest of America devolving. However... there may be a chance to revive his show in a non "cheesy" way, as those punks would say.
"And you guys like sound, right? Y'all listenin' to ya iPods and EmPeeFree playas... listening to music and radio plays! Hey, I like music too! In fact... WE like music! That's right! We're so hip, we even have a camrecorder showing live footage from one of our backstage arcades and using it as a background! Hit it, Jerald!
Just then, Bill whipped out a microphone, Amy jumped behind a piano, Moe got out his snare drum, and that one other girl we can't remember played a shark. They jammed out to a classical piece they made up called "We're still cool" and as they sang and played that tune, the last band member had to start his part. Jerald looked at the screen, watched the arrows appear at the bottom, and finally whimpered "I don't know how to play Dance Dance Revolution..."
Nevertheless, he tried. Oh, how he tried. Wearing a space suit really didn't help, but it was for the show! "Left, left, down, down... I'm getting the hang of this!" Then he saw two arrows appear at once. "How how how do I do that?! Left-right oh no nononono!" Then he jumped and landed a PERFECT! on the twin notes! He could do this! And he did. So the band finally ended the rather poorly-written song, and Jerald finally stopped dancing to "Little Butterfly". All of the viewers at home were stunned. "And you see, that's why science is cool, and you should appreciate air."
I blame you, Mashi.

I also blame myself for going through with this in the first place. X)
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This made me laugh. Love DDR at arcades, and seeing kids freak out at the screen like that. I was just thinking of the Bill Nye theme song the other day, so this is actually kind of eerie. Anyway, good job. :3