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Hey guys, it’s time to begin translating Epic Battle Fantasy 5, and I'm looking for translators!
I think the total word count is over 50,000 words, so it’s the size of a small novel.

This is purely volunteer work, as I couldn’t pay enough to translate that many words, but you’ll get a few copies of EBF5 out of it.

What I’ve done in the past is have 1 or 2 people translating for each language, and another 2 or 3 proofreading it and making suggestions. We’ll be working on this over October and November – hopefully 2 months is enough time.

The languages I’ve done before and I’m doing again:
• German (neutral dialect)
• French (neutral dialect)
• Spanish (trying to be neutral, but leaning towards South American)
• Portuguese (Brazilian)

New languages:
• Polish
• Russian
• Simplified Chinese (feel free to make an argument for Traditional Chinese)
• Vietnamese
• Maybe Japanese (not sure if I can find enough volunteers for this one)

I don’t know much about these new languages yet, so feel free to give me a quick intro about dialects and other problems that we might run into.

If you want to help out, shoot me an email at
Stuff you should include in your message are:
• What language and dialect you want to do.
• Whether you’d like to translate (more work) or just proof read.
• Link me to some paragraphs you’ve written in English (a blog or something), so I know you’re fluent in English.
• Let me know how much free time you have, especially if I may need to replace you later.

Stuff you’ll need:
• A Google account for using Google Docs. (We might need to find an alternative platform for Chinese..?)
• You’ll have to be quite familiar with my games, the characters, and the style of humour.
• It’s best if you’ve played a few hours of the EBF5 beta.
• For legal purposes, you’ll have to agree that your translation can be used in every release of EBF5, and possibly in future games, indefinitely, and that you own no part of EBF.

I’ll start preparing the translation notes and I’ll get back to you soon. Translators who have worked on the previous games will get priority.

Also if you’ve played an EBF4 or BH2 translation before, now’s your chance to give feedback on how we can do a better job this time! Common criticisms in the past were about dialects, and translations being too literal sometimes. It’s also possible I may consider more languages in a future update, so suggestions are still welcome.

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littlekanon Featured By Owner Edited Sep 29, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
If you need to translate anything in italian... count on me my good sir!
DremDragonfly Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
If you would ever want to translate it into Norwegian, I would love to lend a hand... although you probably won`t
jonikari Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2018
I know that feel. (Hebrew speaker here) XD
DremDragonfly Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
The sad truth of non internatonal laguages
MasterRJ Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
The surprise and happiness when I saw EBF4 having been translated into German, and now seeing that EBF5 will have a German release too if everything goes well makes me so happy!
klausiboy Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2018
I know you probably won't, but if you ever need someone to translate the game into Danish, I'd love to lend a hand
Niranufoti Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2018
And so it begins...
*starts composing an email*
Hanna-Diana-Magic Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah,, if only I could help translate the game...

I would really gladly translate the game in Greek, but that's not needed.... ; ^ ;
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