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Guy responsible for the Epic Battle Fantasy video game series. Check my games out on Steam, Newgrounds, or Kongregate. Using Flash for 16 years and counting!

Epic Battle Fantasy 5 is up for Early Access on the Google/Android Play Store! Languages are temporarily disabled while we finish translations, but otherwise the game is 99.9% finished – there should only be a few obscure bugs left, and most languages should be finished in a week or two. In-app purchases already work correctly. Even the Game Services achievements work! Save files should persist as long as you don’t uninstall the app – make sure to always update over the existing version. (The current version is 1.15) You can also transfer your PC save file by copying the contents of a backup .meow file into the password text box. (you’ll probably need to email the text to your other device) With some luck the remaining stuff will be done in a few weeks, and I can start work on the iOS version. Please tell your friends about the game!
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Summary of 2021

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As is my yearly tradition, here is a summary of important or interesting events in my life this year. • I refurbished my two NES consoles, which included deep cleaning and replacing the silicone springs in the controllers. I bought a couple more homebrew games that were released recently, and tried messing around in NES Maker. Here’s some mockup art and stages I made, that run in an emulator. I also bought an Everdrive, which allows me to put the entire NES library (and cool mods and homebrews too) on one cartridge – and it has save states too! Micro Mages and D-Pad Hero 2 are fantastic modern NES games to check out, to name just two. • Early this year Flashplayer was finally killed off in browsers, with every website trying something different to keep Flash games running. Ruffle is a Flashplayer emulator that can run many Flash games in browsers without the need for any plugins, and I’ve started hosting a collection of Flash games on my website which show how well it
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Hey guys, as is the tradition, I’m giving out 20 Steam Keys for Epic Battle Fantasy 5 this Christmas. I assume that many people following this news already own the game, but it could also make a good present for a friend of yours. For a chance to win, leave a comment on my website about what you’ll be doing this Christmas, and make sure to fill in the email field, which will only be used for sending you a key if you win. Here's the link: http://kupogames.com/2021/12/17/christmas-key-giveaway-2021/ I’ll be giving out the keys on the 23rd of December, so you have until then to enter. If you would rather receive keys for Epic Battle Fantasy 4 or Bullet Heaven 2 instead of EBF5, please let me know in your comment.
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hey, can I ask a question? I'm still getting new to using the newer version of deviantart, how to post art

Hello from a fellow indie developer, based in the UK, called Matt!

Just had a look through your portfolio; I really like your art style, sir. Your traditional drawing is impressive, but your pixels I find particularly marvelous - it's great that you're a game dev too, because your work deserves to be appreciated more than just visually, in my opinion.

(I've picked up some art and design technique from you as well, so thank you for the education!)

Anyway, many kudos and much respect to you. Happy New Year! :)

Quick question, what is Natalia? A zombie, an "evil angel," a lich, or something else? EBF5 says what "species" every other Evil Player is outright except her and even the wiki is unsure. (It calls her "some sort of dark priestess - either an undead being or a necromancer.")

I just want to say thanks for the favorites and ive just uploaded this one as well

Lets go to the beach

how bout a horror survival?

what about it?