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EBF5: New Palettes

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Lego: Kirbys

Omnisit the Game Master

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[OPEN 1/2] Transcendent Staves #5

Staves Concept

Bows, Staves and Spears concept

Mangrove Snake

Yunnan Keelback

Dog-Faced Water Snake

Uncommon Cold v2.0

Teeth Tortoise

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Guy responsible for the Epic Battle Fantasy video game series. Check my games out on Steam, Newgrounds, or Kongregate. Using Flash for 16 years and counting!

Universal Basic Income rant

Universal Basic Income rant

With coronavirus causing more talk about Universal Basic Income, here’s a little rant from me about why everyone should get something like £1,000 per month. UBI is cool because people who don’t want to work can sit at home and play video games and drink beer and still *support the economy by doing so*. They will still buy shit. People who do want to work and start businesses will have more options and the ability to take some risks, since their minimum living needs will be met. Employers will have to offer better jobs to attract workers – no more exploiting people who are struggling to get by. UBI also need not diminish personal responsibilities. It could be tweaked to encourage certain behaviours. Finished highschool? You get slightly more. Doing some volunteering work to help your community? Here’s some extra UBI money. I don’t believe at all that it would be bad for the economy if the parameters are tweaked correctly. Poor people spend literally all of their

Nintendo Switch Review

Nintendo Switch Review

Hey guys, I’ve had my Nintendo Switch for a few weeks now, so I feel qualified to rant about it for a little while. Since this console is often praised as one of the best things Nintendo has ever made, I felt I’d chip in a contrary opinion. If you’re a protective Nintendo fan, look away now! tl;dr: As a home console, the Nintendo Switch is just a WiiU with less features. The portability is not a feature that is useful to me. Let me begin by saying that it’s still a fun console, and it’s worth the money, for most people. Anyone who didn’t own a WiiU, or wants a handheld, will love it. But as the only per

EBF Modding

EBF Modding

Hey guys, I’m chatting with EBF modders and trying to figure out what is possible and what isn’t. With current Flash decompiling tools, it looks like it’s fairly straightforward to change text and images. Editing code is also possible but a bit tricky. We’ve also got the debugging tools to view errors and variables while Flash games are running. A lot can already be done with that, but it’s still somewhat limited, and adding completely new animations, for example, is more trouble than it’s worth. So I’m thinking about releasing the full compilable source code for my games, starting with EBF3, and the

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courage-and-feithStudent Writer
I appreciate your favorite. Thank you. :D

BTW, Epic Battle Fantasy 4 is still one of my favorite Flash games.

Hey! :wave:

Hope you're having a nice day! :meow:

(PL) Podziękowania Flower for you 
For some reason, Lance reminds me of Zuko from Avatar: Thr Last Airbender.

Dark hair, turned from bad to good and helped a team save the world, elite fighters, kind of grumpy...
Moonstarleader1012Student Writer
Kupogames, how is your website going to work after flash dies? My computer doesn't support steam, nor am I am I able to pay for the games anyways, but it supports flash. Are you going to make something for us who can't play steam? Like those using a (Non-school) Chromebook or those who can't pay? Or is the website going to die with flash
KupoGamesProfessional Digital Artist
Why doesn't your computer support Steam?

You can just download a Flashplayer and open Flash games with it. You don't need to use a browser.