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* a minor change in stock rules concerning book covers and commercial projects

What are "Stock Photos" and can I use "Stock Photos" in my submissions?
You must follow these rules if you want to use my stock:
1.:star: Always credit me and provide a link to my page.
( Example: Model or
Example: Model : Janna Prosvirina )
You must respect this rule if you post your work off-site. If you can not add a link to my page for some reason you must mention my name Janna Prosvirina in the description. Credit is not needed on selling sites such as Etsy, E-bay, etc.
2. :star:Always send me a note or an e-mail with a link to your work. I want to see what you did. Note that I reserve the right to ask you to remove any artwork made with my stock that does not fulfil the requirements stated in my stock rules.
3. :star:Respect the models and don't use the stock images for anything racist, pornographic, sexually explicit, profane, tasteless, morbid or otherwise offensive! I don't like macabre and horror art but you can still use my stock images to draw\paint your zombies and raised dead.
4. :star:Retouching is fine but you must place my original image near retouched one, so that anyone can see the work you did; make sure you submit your work into the right category and provide credit (=follow my general rules).
- Submitting my stock images into photography category is not allowed.
- Redistributing my model stock images as raw stock, tube or in any other form of stock is not allowed.
- I don't like seing you cut the head/body form my models and merge it to other model's body. It is kinda offensive. If you don't like my models as they are do not use the stock. There are some exceptions from this rule of course. I have nothing against it if you want to draw a dress like my models are wearing and want to use my stock as reference for it. If you cut flowers/swans/other objects from my photographs and use for your projects it is OK, however you need to credit me still in the list of the resources you used.
-Do not use parts of my stock to create pre-made backgrounds.
- Minor changes such as filters, cropping, and colour changing are not allowed and will be asked to be removed. You must do something more then this, so that it looks like Your Work until this it is mine
Read this journal:
Exclusive Stock:
You can get my exclusive stock images if you donate to my Stock Fund or send money using PayPal to
:star: Donate via PayPal here: Stock Fund :star::

Please mention your DA name in the comment box in the donation receipt as well as the name of the pack you would like to get like. If you want that the stock pack sent to another e-mail then the one connected to your PayPal account, please write it in your comment.
You still need to follow my general rules if you use my exclusive stock.
Requests and Critique.
-I am sorry, I don't take requests any messages concerning requests will be ignored.
-Constructive critique is fine but most probably will be ignored. =P
- I do stock which I want to use in my personal work. I share it at DA because I think it might be useful for other artists and not because  I am heavenly beautiful and want to hear about it. Compliments and critique are OK  but I do stock for the reason mentioned above,  I hope you understand. Sometimeas I just have no time to answer to messages , even if you mean it good I still can not come up with all the comments, so I reply only to messages I think are important.

This is all about it, have fun creating new beautiful artwork!

Please contact me if anything is not clear or if you have any questions.


Kind Donators:
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Your work is stunning! Would it be possible to use an image and extend/alter parts of the background and include (for example) photoshop brushes? This would be a double-page spread. The model would stay as she is, in all her beauty with no filters or other adjustments such as cropping. I would like to use this with a credit to yourself in one of my journals (that would then possibly be sold).