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*EDIT ( 23/03/2018)  added rules for :star: TRADITIONAL ARTISTS:star:  BELOW AT THE END OF THE JOURNAL ENTRY!

Since I get many questions about commercial use and not always manage to answer in time I decided make things easier and post and addition to my stock rules.

This new structure comes into effect from  Saturday, 20th of October 2012.
All that has been discussed up to this date is not applicable to these conditions.

Commercial products you can use my stock  images for:
-Magazine covers,
-Album covers,
-Book covers
-CD covers
-Merchandise such as t-shirts, mugs, puzzles and such.
-Art prints

General stock rules:
:bulletorange: Credit me as model\photographer, provide a link to my page I know it is not always possible to post a link in this case I want that you mention my name Janna Prosvirina as model\stock provider
:bulletorange: Let me know about the project and send information about at e-mail 
You can also use DA note BUT I would prefer you use e-mail, you also have higher chances that I read your message soon.
:bulletorange: Do not use my stock to produce anything fetish, hate, morbid, profane or pornographic I will ask you to remove your "artwork" if you do anything like this.

:star:You can use my stock images commercially under following conditions.:star:
:bulletorange: Follow my general rules
:bulletorange: Credit me as stock provider\model
:bulletorange: Donate towards my Stock Fund by sending money via PayPal to my address

Why do you need to donate and how much?

I set  the minimum donation at $10USD.

If you want to use more images from my gallery for commercial projects the rates are following:
2-4images  $25 USD
5-9 images $ 50 USD
10 + or more images $75 USD

How to donate?
PayPal ->send money option->type my e-mail
All the donators will get a constant feature in my journal.
Just mention your DA name in PayPal comment box.

Alternative /options:
:bulletgreen: There is an option of sending me the commercial product you used my stock for instead of making a donation.  You can send me a copy of a magazine, book, calendar, art print anything you did using my stock image which I can hold in hands and show to my people. In this case you don't need to donate to my stock fund, and you can use my images free of charge.
:bulletgreen: Option two: you can pay with DA points which I will use to buy DA subscription. The amount of points should be equal to USD which you would pay in USD dollars for my images. 1 USD = 80 points
1 image = 800 DA points

Rules for prints.
:bulletgreen:Selling prints at DA is  OK and it is free.
:bulletgreen: Yes, you can use my stock in the tutorials and upload them to internet. Credit me as usual and provide the link to my page.
:bulletgreen: If your tutorials are free, we have no problem, however, if you sell your tutorials, my commercial rules are applied.
:bulletgreen: If you want to enter a competition with your tutorial and you do not know if you would  win money or not... => easy, if you win, please share. How much? Depending on what you won, just try to be fair, in most cases it works.
:bulletgreen: I want to upload my tutorial on **** any channel is okay if you follow my general rules above.

:star:RULES FOR TROLLS:star:
:bulletgreen: Disappear in thin air right away.
:bulletgreen: Don't bother repeating yourself, it won't help.
:bulletgreen: Continue calling me fat as long as possible, it might make you happy.
:bulletgreen: Don't try to come here under a new name => you will be reported and blocked again.
:bulletgreen: Remember:  NO matter why you are a troll right now, you can always get to normal, if not a chronical condition of course.
:bulletgreen: The world will love you more if you are not a troll.


:bulletgreen: You work traditionally and you only use my images for a pose reference => no problem at all, no need to credit. No donations required.
I would gladly hear a thank you from you, though. Not necessary of course, I understand many do not bother doing things like this in the modern times.
:bulletgreen:You work traditionally, you finished a piece and one can recognize the model \stock image you used => please credit me, let me know in a message at (Or ANY social media I am active at) Send me the link to your work.
I assure you, I do not bite, probably I will be thirilled, because I LOVE seing my stock used in your traditional artwork.
:bulletgreen:If you sold your traditional artwork based on my stock. That is making profit and I am involved. Of course, I am still thrilled that I inspired you but I would like you to send me a  small print as a thank you for my part. Really 4x6 art print would work ( but you are welcome to send a large print if you would like to, of course). You need to ask me for my address, I won't share it buplicaly.
Alternatively, you can send me money via PayPal. How much?...
I don't know how you price your work, that is up to you. I won't ask for a percentage or fixed fee, let your common sense guide you instead.
For those who would like an example: a painter who sold his work for $400 USD sent me $50 USD as a thank you. Another one sold her piece for $250 USD and I've got $20 USD from her. It is not be a rule, though.
:bulletgreen: Prints, calendars, magnets, stamps, merchandise , anything under 100 copies is okay. If you would like to send me a print or another product, you are welcome to do so but it is not a must.
:bulletgreen: If you only use print on demind sites like Zazzle or Seciety6 it is okay. No problem at all. No need to credit me there either.
:bulletgreen: If you are an art STUDENT\Teacher and you want to use my stock for educative purposes only => please do! I do not take money from students:)
:bulletgreen: You want to post your work on Socila media => connect with me! I love seing the progress and I will probably follow you.
You can find all my social media links at the end of this post.
Anything I have forgotten?  Ask me!
I am a traditional artist myself and I can relate, I can understand a lot.
Just remember,  I am in the same boat and I also have bills to be paid and dreams to be chased. Talk to me if anything is not clear.


Instagram : jannafairyart
Facebook Art Page: Janna Fairy Art
Vero: Janna Fairyart

Kind Donators:
:iconhelleborus: :iconaeirmid: :iconrita-ria: :iconzindy: :iconsenelfy: :iconladysasha01: :iconrachellcoe: :iconravynnephelan: :iconkingstoph: :iconmary100: :iconacorncupcake: :iconbeadmask: :iconnebelelfe-art: :iconcarolehumphreys::iconkaelycea:


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Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
Hi! My name is Janna Prosvirina . Welcome to my stock page!
I have started this jorney a long time ago... Back in 2009 I dreamed a dream of becoming an illustrator. There was so much to learn , but the most difficult part was ( and sometimes still is ) a human anatomy. I was suggested to use reference for my work and this is how I found Deviat art , its stock pictures section. However, soon enough, I discovered that the stock rules of some models were really a problem. I had a few nasty accedents regarding that I used a pose reference without credit, actually one does not need to credit that but ... well, it is a long story/ To make it short, I started taking reference pictures myself. How? At first with selftimer, sometimes my partner would help. I started creating outfits and props. I do not have a professional camera and I am not a model but I have been full with ideas :-) Ideas of what I want to paint or draw. Since I have many wonderful and talented friends who are artists as well, I decided to start sharing my reference, hoping that it might help others as well. Help to get inspired, to get anatomy right, to study expressions and light. This is how this gallery was born and still alive. I met a lot of new artists and friends who encourage me , I also met haters who tried to bring me down. I am thankful to all. Looking through the wonderful creations my pictures have inspired fill my heart with peace and joy :heart: Thank you so much everyone for sharing and celebrating the beauty of your art gift, honored to be a part of it!...
Love and Light,

My art account :iconjannafairyart:
My website: The Art of Janna Prosvirina
Facebook: Janna Prosvirina Fantasy Art
Instagram: jannafairyart


Kuoma-stock has started a donation pool!
1,761 / 5,000
Want to donate me a few points as a thank you for my part? You are so welcome! The money will be used for new props, costumes and fun make up <3 I am sure you will enjoy the result!

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