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Sad news today: Yoruko has decided to quit drawing Kuolemattomat. :( She has been a great help, drawing layout pictures, developing the story with us and of course, drawing the comic. We wouldn't have met her if it hadn't been for this project! Thank you for making Kuolemattomat with us all this time, Yoruko!

But even with Yoruko leaving, Sidaroth will be staying in the comic! So no need to worry about our grumpy old dragon. :)
Wohoo, finally! : D The break is now over, we are ready to draw some more gorey comicy goodness for your viewing pleasure.

I'm translating some pages right now, so new pages coming today. :)

Look forward to it!
Kuolemattomat comic is on hiatus !

There is still comic pages that aren't translated into English so the group might still get updated, but now we are not drawing more comic pages.

Rozale (me, fakadea, the other founder/admin), has a "mental breakdown" with this :--D The comic has been running just because every two weeks I chase down the artists and demand comic pages.

I know it's just a web comic, but when I promise to admin something, I'm going to do good job. ;D

Okay no pointing fingers nor angry feelings towards anyone! Actually this is just because I don't want my friends to work in force.
Hello everyone! I have the pleasant duty to declare our fairly new Kuolemattomat group officially open. I hope everyone who already watches us or have joined as members have a good time and all new visitors and members wanting to join: a warm welcome to you too!

We're also fairly new at administrating groups ourselves so please excuse any screw-ups we might make. Also; if for some reason you cannot request a members-join then please do ask for help! We'll gladly see what we can do about it. (Or invite you manually! ;) )

We'll be adding the new translated comic pages directly into this group which we think will be more convenient for our readers rather than having to manually check the site just to find little-to-no progress. Which I, Yoruko, must apologize for. Sorry for being such a lazy translator from time to time! I'm making an extra effort in return right now and translating over ten pages of new material. (Even some never-seen-before pages!) There's already over 80 pages of comic in our gallery! Just check the quick-link to start from the beginning on our front page.

For additional info; check the 'What's Kuolemattomat?' box on our front page or drop us a question.

Anyway... I hope everyone enjoys their stay and we'll make this a nice little community of our own undead dragon loving people. :D

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