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Crash. by kuoke Fall Water. by kuoke Wayward. by kuoke
Three Lion's Pass. by kuoke Slum City Nights. by kuoke The Stone-Like. by kuoke
Rank. by kuoke Circa 4762 A.D. by kuoke

Mature Content

Eve. by kuoke
Lunacy. by kuoke

deviantART gallery || CRINGEMORE gallery


Starts at a flat rate of USD$25; for example, this much will get you a single character, no background.
The price will increase based on the amount of detail required, factors include:
  • Level of detail.
  • Complexity of backgrounds.
  • Expected turnaround / Deadlines.
  • Required commitment to project.
  • Rights/ownership of work, selling of work etc.
  • Payments preferably in Paypal.

Average turnaround is approximately 1-3 days

on average projects.


can be made either through deviantART notes or via the contact form on my personal site,
I posted some of the original concept work for BBBB here:…

The dA archive of BBBB can be found in an organised journal entry here:
Black Bob the Black Bear.
Alternatively, the archive of full resolution images can be found at

Black Bob the Black Bear COVER. by kuoke BBBB p1-3. by kuoke BBBB p4-6. by kuoke BBBB p7-9. by kuoke BBBB p10-12. by kuoke BBBB p13-15. by kuoke BBBB p16-18. by kuoke BBBB p19-21. by kuoke BBBB p22-24. by kuoke BBBB p25-28. by kuoke

Alternatively, the archive of full resolution images can be found at

Commission info

Always available for hire, thumb below for details:
Commission Info March 2012.Pricing (Paypal preferred):
Personal: $15 flat - $~~ note for more exact quotes.
Commercial: More. Contact me with specific details for a proper quote.
1-3 days.
If the concept is ludicrous and requires more than 3 days, I will tell you upfront.
Drafts complimentary.
Or send me a note here.
Commissioned | People | Environments | Creatures | Anthro | Comics


Updated the personal website,

Guild Wars 2 Beta

I was in the beta and recorded some footage, check that out here. Available in 1080p.

Red Light Black Light 3

RLBL3 ended last week, you can check it out on, or if you prefer deviant art:
RLBL3 1 by kuoke
A retrospective blog about it was posted on, you can check that out here.

Black Bob the Black Bear

Starts next week on Stay tuned there. Will be uploaded on deviantart in bundled 3's. So for the latest on that series bookmark cringemore.
Hello Kuoke, tell us about yourself.
I am Kuoke. I draw stuff. My decent works are posted on kuoke.newgrounds, all of my finished works are posted on kuoke.deviantart, and all of my works including WIP's are posted to kuoke.tumblr. Additionally, there's

Describe yourself in five words.
There is nothing to describe.

How long does it takes you to finish a drawing?
A day to a week. People seem to dislike the ones I spend more time on so I don't know what the fuck is going on with that.

What is the best thing about being an artist?
Nothing, as far as I'm aware. It's pretty fucking terrible being an artist, especially at my level of intermediacy where it's unclear whether I'll actually be able to make a bare-bones living off of my work. Almost all the perks of being an artist are purely internal and intangible.

After finishing a drawing have you ever felt like living inside it?
I've never thought of it so the answer to that would be 'no'. The answer would be 'yes' if I actually thought about it.

Except from art you have made some movies as well. In fact three of your submissions got awards. How do you feel about it?
I care little for those animations, namely because I made them years ago and was terrible at it. I remember that most of those six trophies I managed to get through flash submissions were earned on days where the highest scoring submission of that day was about 4, so those trophies aren't really saying much.

How long it took you for example to finish Boulevard of Broken Songs?
Considering I only did a small part of it, a week or two. This was a incredibly long time ago.

You have also a website. Tell us here what can we find there?'s initial purpose was to redirect people to a professional looking portfolio type site so I don't look like an absolute chump linking potential clients to deviantart. I decided to tack on regular comic updates afterwards because the general rule of thumb of any website, or anything really, is that it should have some sort of purpose of existence.

So right now Red Light Black Light 3 is nearing its end and immediately after that, Black Bob the Black Bear begins. Other than that, all the other content on that website is distributed either on Newgrounds, deviantart or my tumblr, so there's no actual reason to go elsewhere on that site. Hell, I don't even run ads on it. Ultimately, it's an organised archive for my comics with an side order of portfolio and blog that I don't use.

I'm considering writing up a retrospective of RLBL3 after it ends, thus enabling the use of the blog section which was so painstakingly coded from the ground up. Before I bought the domain and hosting, I didn't even know what the fuck <div>'s were.

Do you have any favourite movie maker or artist in the Portal?
I'm terribly indecisive, so favourites are not something I dare decide. There are some artist from the art portal that I've found quite impressive but they either don't post on NG any more or I've completely forgotten their names.

What is your motto?
"Act accordingly."

Give new artists and movie makers here some advice.
As I mentioned earlier, it's pretty terrible being an artist, even more so if you're attempting to become professional. Don't expect to get anywhere if you only put in 6 hours on a weekend per week. If you listen to rap, then you know the general idea of how much work it takes to get anywhere. If you are for some stupid reason wanting to become even half decent, the minimum amount of hours you'll be needing to do per week, as far as I'm aware, is 45 hours - basically a full time job.

The reason that I keep saying that being an artist is terrible is because this current society as a whole in bedazzled by medicine and the sciences, so much so that in the last century the once almost godly status of the arts as a whole has been reduced to nothing but a pathetic hobby. In my honest opinion, it is perhaps the least respected and the least paid job in the world, namely because there's such a lack of support by the government. In most Americanised countries, the government doesn't give anything to people pursuing the arts unless you do it in their controlled environments which can potentially undermine the entire ideology of the arts.

In a few European countries however, artists are actually given grants of annual minimum wage per year to support the growth of upcoming artists, allowing them to actually focus all of their time to their chosen career path rather than having to work 2 extra jobs just to buy food to eat, leaving them with an hour a day to actually work. I've heard inklings of similar programs being introduced in New Zealand as well.

Hey, remember the time when New Zealand was barely a country compared to Australia? Hah, what the fuck even happened there; Now Australia is being outdone in almost every regard compared to NZ. Even their internet speed is faster than ours. HOW?

My entire viewpoint is potentially skewed because it may be the case that Australia is actually the most pathetic country in the western world, having the thick cocks of America and China shoved right into its willing anal cavity while Britain is buckling its belt leaving the two to their sloppy seconds.

In short, if you want to be an artist, expect to get fucked over repeatedly throughout your entire life due to society's stupidity. See: Caravaggio. Oh there you go, a favourite artist.

You can check out TheDark's news page for interviews with other Newgrounds artists.
Permalink to TheDark's Newgrounds page.
Permalink to this entry on my website here.
Commission Info March 2012.Pricing (Paypal preferred):
Personal: $15 flat - $~~ note for more exact quotes.
Commercial: More. Contact me with specific details for a proper quote.
1-3 days.
If the concept is ludicrous and requires more than 3 days, I will tell you upfront.
Drafts complimentary.
Or send me a note here.
Commissioned | People | Environments | Creatures | Anthro | Comics

My earlier watchers will remember this; for a 224 days I proceeded to draw an image a day [or more] and ended up producing 314 images. They're all on this account but I've recently, for convenience put them all into a single zip file which you can download at my website or directly here.

It's been a slow week for uploads as you've probable noticed but I've been working on something which should make up for it.

Stay tuned.
Pricing (Paypal preferred):
Personal: $15 flat - $~~ note for more exact quotes.
Commercial: More. Contact me with specific details for a proper quote.

1-3 days.
If the concept is ludicrous and requires more than 3 days, I will tell you upfront.
Drafts complimentary.

Or send me a note here.

Commissioned | People | Environments | Creatures | Anthro | Comics

Splash. by kuoke Damned Spires. by kuoke Feathers. by kuoke Where Am I Going? by kuoke Men And Women. by kuoke

Mature Content

WUB WUB WUB. by kuoke
Gold. by kuoke Purple Birds. by kuoke Devil'sSin. by kuoke NO.07 z6. by kuoke My Only Friends Are My Enemies. by kuoke Alexa. by kuoke Christmas Spirit. by kuoke Cephalopodic Adavancement. by kuoke There They Go. by kuoke Cross Stitched. by kuoke Dragon. by kuoke Dralsar. by kuoke Kha. by kuoke Faux Oar Beetle. by kuoke Spine Walker. by kuoke Azerus Industries. by kuoke Orange. by kuoke Monastery Stairs. by kuoke Sintirona. by kuoke Remember Where We Parked. by kuoke Hopper55 Enquiry. by kuoke Dragonspine. by kuoke To The Top Of Bird Mountain. by kuoke Granite Cliff Dragon. by kuoke Oaxaca Town Tripods. by kuoke Kashe Pulpo. by kuoke Standing Still With Bugs. by kuoke Adieu. by kuoke
GameMusicBundle Give away [EXTENDED].
So apparently there was a problem with the format I was using before because tumblr is a broken piece of fail so peoples entries might not have even been sent.
SO, this give away is being extended for a limited time, 3 days - announced on 18th on kuoke.tumblr and here.
TO ENTER this extended giveaway, send your name

GameMusicBundle are having their second go around - it's like the Humble Indie Bundle, but for indie game soundtracks.
Click the link to see what they've got. The system they're going by is the more purchases that are made, the more albums are released as part of the package so get buying.
Additionally, they're running a Valentines promotion where all purchases have an option to buy a second full gift bundle for another person. I didn't have anyone in mind but $5 for this amount of music is actually peanuts.

What you have to do:
Go to this link and leave your name and email address. That's it.
I will announce the randomly chosen winner on kuoke.tumblr in 5 days so you'll still have 2 days to buy it afterwards.

If you want to be a cool person, check out my art-esque Tumblr that that link is actually on - it's where I post the majority of my art endeavours such as WIP's, ideas, and drafts along side finished works.
Just going to throw these here too:
Cringemore.tumblr - I post about why I hate everything in the world. This will eventually evolve into something more when I have the time. - currently redirects to google because I'm in the middle of getting it to work so stay tuned on that one.
youtube - I occasionally post speed paintings here.

what's the thing kids do nowaways, fave and comment? yeah do that if you can.
Commission guide
hire me to draw stuff.

Used to be similar to this page where I posted all my images but has since been changed to a place where I dump WIP's and process snapshots of my works.

I write up about how much I have everything here.

I update this sporadically with speed paintings.
CLOSED, view all here.

Tips and donations welcome (paypal).

If you're looking for an actual commission with actual professionalism involved, head over to my commission info guide:

  • "monks on a smoke break":
    Smoke Monks. by kuoke
  • "a couple in elegant Victorian clothes drinking tea from an elaborate old-style flowery tea table, on a flat rock at the top of a pile of rocks that emerges from a lake. At the other side of the lake there are mountains":
    Teatop. by kuoke
  • "buxton smililng" = frevrbxtn.
  • "I wouldn't mind seeing the character 'Jenny' from the old Bucky O'Hare animated series, doing an action pose." -GadzooksAbscond:
    Jenny. by kuoke
  • "I'd like to see a full-support cleric, elven, with a priestess-style of dress. Possibly shoulder-length dark hair." - TheRierie:
    Cleric. by kuoke
  • "I have some written references for some characters and I would love any of them in your style.", Taken from Frederico's profile. - AmayaElls:
    Frederico. by kuoke
  • "Hmm, how about something like this weredragon?" - V8Arwing67:
    Weredragon. by kuoke
  • "Hey, if you're still taking requests, I'd love to see some art of my character Lilith with my other character, Wraith. ... As for their relationship, I guess they're best described as a sort of dysfunctional couple." - Lilithay:
    Lilith + Wraith. by kuoke
  • "If you can, do a Medusa with fierce eyes". - Writer4Commissions:
    Medusa. by kuoke
  • "Could you draw any of my band OC Dead Leon plz" - ultimateZ:
    Z. by kuoke
  • "Would you do my OC, Day Toshi? Plenty of references availible."" - Kalinka-Shadows:
    Day. by kuoke
  • "Can you also draw my oc?"" - Momoko122:
    Qiao Yi. by kuoke
  • "If you're still open, maybe you can find something on my site you like."" - SAVGuy:
    EOTM. by kuoke
  • "Oh wow, your style is awesome - Maybe could you do my OC?"" - BeenThereB4:
    Storm. by kuoke
  • "I'd love it if you drew my OC Bik:"" - Nevaya:
    Bikira. by kuoke
  • "Can you do this character?"" - Mavrickindigo:
    Dralsar. by kuoke
  • "Could you please draw my OC Penumbra? Or my other OC Xaanik?"" - SilverPsychopomp:
    Penumbra + Xaanik. by kuoke
  • "He-man doing a Christmas musical! :ohnoes:"" - cyandev:
    He-man's Christmas Extravaganza. by kuoke
  • "I was wondering if you'd be willing to draw one or more of my OC's."" - Emberra555:
    Rill + Emberra + Veeya. by kuoke



Gallery quick access:
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(Commissions gallery.)

^^^ Newest. ^^^

vvv Oldest. vvv

Turnaround is usually 2-3 days maximum for most (99%) of images. I have even done some commissions within 24 hours.
As for quality, just take a gander at the links above. I personally would feel like a total dick if I ever half arsed a commission for someone else so I'll always ensure that I at lease believe the image is of finished quality.

  1. Contact me with a note with general ideas of what you want. Feel free to attach images if you've seen something similar.
  2. I will get back to you asap with a quote.
  3. You say whether the cost is reasonable. Negotiation always welcome.
  4. If you don't have anything specific, I'll send a quick draft and you assess whether you like it OR
  5. If you aren't pleased with any of them I will come up with a new set of drafts (limited redos though, I think if I need to come up with a 7 drafts, you would probably be better off with another artist.)
  6. Upon you choosing a draft that you like, I will start working on it.

Payment details:
  1. Paypal much preferred.
  2. Depending on the type of job, I may ask for 50% upfront. I think that from the list above, you can see I'm adequately trustworthy.

Personal, FULL COLOUR + BACKGROUND AND EVERYTHING commissions: Average USD$50.
Note me for specific quotes.

The above is for personal, non-commercial usage. Should there be a commercial intent with the image, you will have to note me for specifics.

If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ask me via note.
I'm going to start uploading the daily images (from tumblr) onto here as well for the luls.  THE MORE YOU KNOW.
My financial situation is pretty troublesome, so I need some cash, fo reals. Becoming a street walker seems like too much of a hassle, so second option:

If anyone would like a commission, now would be a real good time to hire me, you'd also be doing me a huge favour because the money would be going to actual food/rent and after that's sorted, a decent computer - I'm still lagging when I use a 500px brush which is, to say the least, annoying.

While on the topic, check out and follow me at kuoke.tumblr for my latest and random works.