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Who has time to think anyway? 

Barf your imagination onto the paper and write write write. 

You'll be delightfully amazed at what you come up with!

It releases you from the restraint of expecting perfection on your first draft.

Try writing for five minutes and that's right. No thinking allowed.

So write! Write write write!
Now. I buy a lot of things online.

My country is too far and too little to produce pieces of art I love so much.

I never had anything besides a little fray here and there, size not matching properly.

Yet when a store blatantly cheats their customers, this is when I have a problem.

I had the unfortunate experience of buying a beautiful jewelry from Her jewelry, especially the "As you Wish" jewelry has been pretty popular on net. Isn't it pretty? 

Her site looks pretty professional too!


I placed my order. Got an email confirmation. One week later, I received no "your order will be sent on this day" etc. Emailed 3 times. Nothing. Went on her twitter, faceboo... Wait a minute. What is this? All these messages from people in the same position as me. People asking for refund, to send them the goods they asked 6 MONTHS AGO. So many angry people and she ignored all of them. This happened from mid 2012!

So. Off I went - emailed her with a threat of paypal resolution. 
Paypal got back to me thankfully and refunded me the amount back. 

I went to her facebook to tell the other customers that there are ways to get refund. Oh?

(Thankfully I had taken the screenshot of it. THAT"S RIGHT B*****. YOU THOUGHT YOU COULD GET AWAY?)

So. Her site remains open. Her shop is still welcoming idiots like me to give her money. Those who can't open resolutions are stuck. They can't even call the police because it's an online shop.

My advice? When shopping, check the reviews carefully. If there isn't one, look at their FB, Twitter accounts. If things are deleted like this sly one, just email them once or twice first before hitting the buy button. 

I can't believe such beautiful jewelry is tainted by such greed... 

good new is, she isn't the only one selling this beautiful jewelry. Look on Etsy. At least they have good taste to close the shops down if they act like this. 


I'm sure I'm pretty late jumping onto this boat. But have you guys heard about Taranormal and it's blatant, shameful, disgusting piece of crap called Saranormal?


As a web comic artist, this is a jolt of a wake up call! 

Taranormal is a web comic created in 2009 by Howie Noel. Saranormal, is a book that the publishing company called Simon Spotlight that Howie Noel pitched his idea before. 

So. Instead of telling Howie Noel that his ideas are great and they will make it into a book, they just steal his idea, story and even the name.... OH. WAIT. It's not stealing because it's Sara, not Tara?!

I am so angry.

This stupid piece of crap book isn't just one off book. It's a complete series that just keeps spewing the same crap over and over. Worse thing? People just keep buying these books! 

A reviewer sums it off quite nicely here:

"For anyone reading all the back and forth on this board and wanting to know what the heck is going on, I'll spell it out in the simplest way possible:

TaraNormal is a web and print comic created in 2009 about a young teen girl who has the gift of being able to see and talk to ghosts. She uses these gifts to help others by solving mysteries and investigating spirits and creatures of all sorts. He mother died when she was young and she hopes that her gifts will allow her to communicate with her some day. Tara and her single father live together above her father's magic shop.

SaraNormal is a pre-teen novel released in 2012 about a young pre-teen girl who has the gift of being able to see and talk to ghosts. She cowers at these gifts and faints whenever she sees a ghost, but somehow ends up helping people by solving mysteries with the help of the ghosts. Her mother died when she was young and she wonders if her gift will allow her to communicate with her some day. Sara and her single father live together above her neighbor's psychic shop."

There was an article in the newspaper about a Maori woman (New Zealand Indigenous race) getting refused entry in
Hokkaido hot springs due to her tattoo on her face.

Now. Why does this cause a stir in the land of middle earth?

Because in our culture, tattoos are more than body art. It has deep roots in the Maori heritage. Each spirals and marks mean something. It shows where they are from, their family history and also - Maori pride. It is known as "Tā moko"
Especially the one on the face!

If you want to find out more about what tattoos mean to Maori people check this one out. Here

Recently there was a lady who couldn't get a job as an air hostess because she had this Ta moko. The reason for her refusal was due to the fact some people find tattoos scary. This made another newspaper lines. I understand that you should never be prejudiced based on your culture/heritage. However there is a fine line. No matter how important having the tattoo is, if she wanted a job in an industry that was going to deal with multiple cultures, she should have done her homework before getting the tattoo. Of course. She has every right to wear her culture proudly on her face. But no matter how proud one is of their culture and family, they must consider other people too if one is to work with them.
The first issue I address is the this article where the woman, one of the ministers in the parliament is barred from hot springs. I don't understand how this made the news. What is wrong with people?
When in Rome, you do as the Romans do.
If she had any interest in Japan Culture, she would know that Japanese associate Tattoos with Yakuza and gang violence! If you see a man with tattoos on the train in Japan, you stay the fook away! And it's not like she gets tackled to the ground and arrested for having a tattoo, she was not allowed to go to A HOT SPRING. As someone who lived in Japan with friends with tattoos, yeah it's frustrating when the sign says "No guests with tattoos allowed" but we didn't take it up with the media!
Also! There are hot springs that allows tattoos! There are private hot springs you can go in!

For her to say "greater respect needed to be shown for foreign cultures." like some sort of a badge of honor... uh. Hypocrisy anyone? Why don't you respect the culture of your host country first?

Sure. To your culture the tattoo symbolizes your pride. But if it's offensive to some cultures you should respect this.

The second issue is: Japan is hosting the 2020 Olympics. They need to embrace foreign culture.
Sure. It'll be nice for the athletes and spectators alike to enjoy a hot spring without the need to hide their tattoos. But come on.  If you want people to respect you, you respect their culture.
Let's say you went to India wearing "I eat Cows" or some gruesome image of a bovine. And some people said "sorry you can't come into this shop" Would you say "Respect foreign culture!"
Would you say "Respect foreign culture" if you were barred from entering some places because you were wearing sleeveless tops in Thailand or Cambodia?

If Japanese people wanted to have hot springs open to people who have tattoos, it's their decision. In no way they should be peer pressured into changing the way they run a business just to suit foreigners for a month or two, then later left to deal with the people they were trying to keep out.

Come on. You are already butt naked in these Japanese hot springs. The one thing you don't want to feel is to feel threatened.

Before you go to any country and say "Hey you need to embrace my culture and heritage", I think it's best if people look at their culture and heritage first.

... I wanted to draw something that had something to do with Valentines... and noticed all my Comic/Novel/Game characters are not... in any way lovey.

Perhaps they will in the future, but no one at this stage....

So.... there won't be a lovey drawing as I am to ponder the reason behind this lack of love in my stories...

Don't worry guys. Fox Rain and JPDA II won't be stopped. :D
So... I was at work. I like doodling when I listen to people, so I was just doodling on one of my books. (I was drawing a coffee cup, water bottle, Lis, random dude and a felt pen.) A guy who sat next to me takes a peek.
Later, he proceeds to ask me.

"This may sound racist, but why do Asian people good at drawing anime?"
(I'm going to have to guess he saw the guy or Lis.)

ANYWAY. I was surrounded by people who I was supposed to get along with (who I will be working with) and people I didn't know about. Flipping a table on him and calling him a racist pig, wouldn't have suited the situation.
I didn't really take it as a racist remark at start and casually answered with:

"I dunno, I guess Korea, Japan, China, can't speak about other Asian countries, but the three of them have comics as part of their culture, and it's more accepted than it's in Western culture?"

Then on the way back home, I remembered his remark and thought
"Hey. Wait a minute. That comment was pretty racist. And pretty stupid too. Can't believe I answered him!"

There were two things heavily stupid about his question.

1. What the hell is Anime. It means Animation. The japanese word for MANGA - means moving pictures. They had pictures to describe old folk tale. Anime - is the tv version of the manga I guess? But really. What defines this style? Would you call - let's say... Tangled, Snow White or other Disney movies as anime? Would you call "Avatar the last Airbender" as anime? What is anime? Is Anime simply things that are apparently from "Asia"? How do you tell between Japanese and Korean or Chinese manga? If that was adapted into a tv program, is that anime? Then what. So - non Asian people can't use that style?
And if you look at Claymore, Cowboy Bebop and compare it to Pokemon, ARE THEY SAME?! ARE THEY?!
Food for thought: Is Sabrina Teenage Witch (cartoon version) or Teen Titans anime? (The Cartoon Network thing)

Atom, was inspired from DISNEY characters (Astro boy to some)

And also, if he was looking at my drawing, I put a lot of BLACK in my drawing. I was inspired from DC comics with the bold, strong lines, and my characters do not have sparking eyes.) So... is that anime? What?

Second: No. Being an Asian does not give me super powers over drawing comics.
This is an insult to every comic artist out there.
Sure, Asia does produce a lot of comics that gets viewed over in the west (even to New Zealand! gasp!) But labelling Asian = anime artists, was a pretty dumb and offensive thing to do. I did not wake up one day and draw on the awesome asian gene to draw my comics. No - they have taken practice, study and more practice, which I'm absolutely certain they still need improving.
And also... I grew up in New Zealand. I was not subjected to some secret Asian training in my youth. I was brought up running around outside and getting bruised and scratched.

Ugh! Sorry this is such an angry post! But what do you guys think?
Still going!

J: Dude, play DAII. I'm sick of watching Youtube playthroughs.
R: Alright. I wanted another run at DAII
J: Sweet. Now. Play as a mage.
R: Uh... alright.
J: And romance Fenris.
R: What? Why?!
J: The readers demand this.
I am re-booting Fox Rain as we speak, and I was re-drawing the characters, playing with style, clothes and colors before I start.
It has been about a year since I drew on paper...

Why do you look so better than your tablet counter part?

Pen and paper has the advantage of being able to draw outside, in the kitchen, while watching your flatmates play games.

Digital has the advantage of changing the angle, size and layers.

ARGGGGGGH! WHY?! Perhaps I should draw comics by hand then scan them in. BUT I JUST BOUGHT A NEW TABLET >< ARGH.

Why oh why?

Mood: Sleepy
Listening to: Trillion years and night.
Recent thoughts on creativity: Re-boot Fox Rain. Create a new world, background for all chars. ... EFF.
Recent Morbid thoughts on creativity: Totally going to kill a character off.
Majority of thoughts focused on: Fox Rain and Getting a job
Weather: Sun, Rain, Sun, Rain. Welcome to New Zealand weather.
Recent fave lyrics: "Shiranai, Shiranai, bokuwa nanimo shiranai, korekara kotomo, kimino na mo, imawa imawa, korede iidato, hountouni hountouni hountouni omounda" (I don't know, I don't know, I don't know anything, what is ahead, your name, but now, now, that's fine for now. I really, really, really think so.)
Recent Ponder: Tales that are really sad, filled with injustice, with a hint of hope. Why do they have this power to capture our attention and hearts? What is that taste in my mouth after reading it?
Thank you everyone for voting! :D

So here are the results SO FAR - This continues until I draw JPDA II 15. (Jenn just entered Kirkwall, so it would take a while to get to the  end of chapter 1)

So continue commenting under here please! And no double voting!

So far...

Romance Option:

Anders - 12
Fenris - 14
Isabella - 3
Merril - 2
Sebastian - 1

Pairs to take to the Deep Roads (Since you must take Varric)

Carver + Anders - 14
Anders + Fenris - 3
Isabella + Anders - 2
Anyone but Carver - 1
Anders + Isabella - 1
Isabella + Merril  - 1

Thank you again for the votes!
Hum. A predicament.

I was planning to have a poll to direct which direction JPDA II comic will go.
But... I can't do it since I'm not a member...



Who does Jenn take to the Deep Roads?


Who does Jenn romance?

And that'll give me plenty to plan for now ><

Please write your characters of choice below this and I'll use those characters :)

Hope you guys are enjoying the JPDA II :)

The folder is here:…

See ya!
Alright! Back from New Zealand! Met my fiance, SWAM WITH WILD DOLPHINS (Oh my, the things we had to do to try to get attention of the dolphins...) and had an awesome time! Proud to call that country my home :)

But! For now! Japan! The Sakura blossoms I had frozen in the fridge are doing well! Can't wait till I can play with them :)


Sorry for the delay guys! I will be drawing like mad to catch up!! Stay tuned for more rambling and art!
Hey guys! Thanks for reading/watching my page!

I know I'm behind the Dragon Age arc... and I'm barely keeping up with Fox Rain comics! Whew!
But thanks for hanging in there! :D I'll get into the groove of things!

Thank you all for entering the competition!
I had a tablet scare and was worried I couldn't draw the postcards and the commissioned art, but I am drawing on!!
I'll put the postcards up here, but with the watermark, since those postcards are for those who entered!

Hope your days are filled with sunshine and wonderful things! Woooo!
I've been talking about having a competition at for a while,
so here it is!

So here are the rules.


1. Submit a piece of art, writing (Poetry, short story, but not too long! Absolute maximum is 500 words) or anything related to Fox Rain.
*remember, it can be anything. It can be a review, it can be your thoughts about the characters etc.*
Art – anything relevant to Fox Rain is okay!

2. If you are not interested in Fox Rain arc, you can of course submit a piece of art/writing about the kuo piggies or any of the brewmasters characters in the comic. It can also be Jenn or Rory too I guess! (Oh dear…)

3. I'm pretty lenient with mature contents/languages, but nothing too graphic please. Think of the piggies.

4. It must be your original work.

5. You have my word that I will not use/distribute/copy your work without your permission.

6. Please send them to

The winners will receive a commissioned comic or commission art of their choice (print will be shipped to you), and mysterious Japanese sweets (since I'm in Japan right now. And I'm sorry – I think there's some rule about ninja swords) and a Kuocomics postcards

Oh and the winners' works (there is more than one) will be on Kuo comics btw. But if you really don't want to show it, I will respect your decision

So! Until then, Happy hunting!


* DEADLINE: 8th of April*
Fox Rain: Also known as Kitsune Yome iri, or Yuh-woo Bi, or the day the tiger is getting married. To the english speaking countries, it is known as sun shower. A meteorological phenomenon in which rain falls while the sun is shining.

Will be posted on Deviant Art from today.
Before you read this - I am not a pervert. I am not.
No seriously.
Okay - I comment on people's features I like. (mainly holy cow she has a nice ass. I wish I had an ass like that)

I am currently writing a story which has quite interesting characters - mainly men who grew in the streets.
I introduced a character who is known for his lecherous comments and his womanizing ways. I find whenever I have him in scenes, I start to speak like him. Which... since I'm a girl... and this is Japan... IT DOES NOT GO WELL.

Scene 1
Colleague: Hey J, can you put your stamp on this?
J: Anything for you cutie.
Colleague: What?
J: Oh sxxx....!

Scene 2
walk into the office.
J: Hey, that coat really compliments your beautiful skin.
Colleague: ... thanks.
J: ... I need to stop writing at lunch breaks.

I once had an idea I would act like my characters for a whole day so I can get into their head... yeah... that is not going to happen now.

Listening to: Hoot by my secret shame of SNSD

Procrastinating from: Practicing Guitar.

Recent Drawings: "Hello" (In a little art slump right now...)

Recent Creative thunder: Bracelet with massive amount of little beads that is going to take 12 hours to make. Why do I do this to myself?

Recent Story Ideas  - Crimson Wheel - Thinking of killing off my main character who I planned to bring out in book 2.
For a Kiwi like myself, being cold in December is strange. (Snow? What snow! There is only snow in July!)
December is the time to Barbeque! Play in the sun! It's the summer holidays! You hit the beach!
You don't get a tan because it'll mean skin cancer! (Thanks for the gaping hole of the ozone layer above us, world!)

So... holing up in my house with the heater cranked up to max and bundled in my warm clothing is strange.

But thanks to this weather, I stay home and draw! :D

Recently, as you guys might have noticed - I've been drawing Dedramo with a different art style. I thought I'll do it for 7 pictures and stop! But my oh my, it's fun! I love this new bold style! Just a hint of color where I want to tell a story - I think I might have found a style of my dreams!

but - to settle on one thing (besides your beloved man) is locking yourself away in a tiny box! So, after 10th drawing, I decided to change another style. Anyone have any ideas?

Oh - and if anyone wants me to draw a certain style or thing - please let me know! I'd love a challenge!

Listening to: Bird - Kim Shin Ah

Procrastinating from: Sleeping - well waking up and going to work.

Recent Drawings: "The Girl with the Cursed Eye"

Recent Creative thunder: A bracelet with paper you can change...

Recent Story Ideas  - Fox Rain - Changing the background story for Lis slightly...

I love writing. There's nothing more to it. I love creating stories and characters and such.

So - one day a friend asked me a simple yet life changing question: Why don't you just become a writer?

So began my writing. I've been writing since I was a wee girl, but not something I'm proud of - if I remember correctly... there were at least 3 love triangles somewhere...

Anyway - I started to write a story close to 2 years ago - draft 3 is done - draft 4 is going to commence soon!

And for Dedramo? I think that's what is called - my friend introduced me to this awesome concept, and finding this new style of drawing, I thought 'hell, why not draw my character from my story?"

I feel pretty pretentious saying this - but oh my - he turned very pretty.

Keeping in mind I was chanting "pretty boy pretty boy" as I was drawing him. His purpose is to look pretty!! What do you guys think?

Listening to: Sora no Kiseki - Silver Will

Procrastinating from: Sleeping - well waking up and going to work.

Recent Drawings: "Excelsius Rex Stradivari"

Recent Creative thunder: Kimchi. Yes. That's right.

Recent Story Ideas  - Crimson Wheel - Creating a character that people will hate is oh so much fun!
Is what people's glaring eyes tell me.

Now, now. Before you hurl whatever you were holding towards the screen with "You scum of the earth!",
I have a perfectly good reason why I was found in this situation.

Thanks to an awesome Fashion Designer, I was inspired to create my own jewelry.

So - with limited knowledge on such area, I tend to look at things that I like and something I would wear, for ideas.

Today at a very crowded Sumo Tournament, my eyes darted to people's hair pins, necklaces... forgetting my glasses aren't sunglasses.

I don't wear glasses - and the only times I have something covering my eyes is when I have those dark tinted glasses of awesome that hide
any stares and glances that could be mistaken as a lewd gawking towards a female's chest area.

Be warned.
Glasses - do not offer you protection.

F***en glasses.

I wonder if people would be offended if I said to them honestly: "Look. I don't like your  boobs. I was looking at your necklace."

Listening to: Nak-in (From Chu-no Drama)

Procrastinating from: Packing to go to Tokyo at 5am tomorrow.

Recent Drawings: Fox Rain page 23. - Gotta draw incentives soon.

Recent Creative thunder: Black - Lime green and Dab of Orange... for a bracelet. Possibly wooden. Maybe Poka Dotti

Recent Story Ideas  - Crimson Wheel - Still struggling to think how to tastefully grow a character
Brrr it's cold in Japan - Not that I mind the cold - it's just... the walls are so thin.

Today will be dedicated to drawing Fox Rain! But... As the past for Lis is revealed... I had this idea to change it. Ahhh. The joys of Web comic artist. Change the background story without anyone knowing!
However - Working on 3 stories at once... they are becoming a tad too similar...


I'll think of something. I still have a month of planning before that scene happens! XD

Lately I noticed a lot of people were putting my comics in their favorites. I didn't think that would be possible... and words cannot express how amazed and flattered I am! Thank you everyone for the favorites and the watches :)

My Katamari Senko.... can't burn candles... Whyyyy....

Listening to: Helena from My Chemical Romance.

Gotta do: Make Kimchi... that is soaking in my tub. But  it's just too cold to go out to buy stuff.