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ArtTrade - Dark Dog

For :iconblackdragon07:

Houndoom belongs to GameFreak

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No problem!  *snuggles*
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Good work, the lines look very clean and the proportions are on point.
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You've drawn one my favorite Pokemon of course there are more I like too but Houndoom is especially awesome! I even like how you added the moon in the night background excellent job!
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Thank you so much and wow never knew yiu love this pokemon!
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No problem Houndoom I like especially but I'm a dark type user most of the time, that and Dragon types too=D
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i see. I can use all but not Poison and Fairy
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If anything the only reason I can somewhat use poison types sometimes is because of Nidokings, Poison point ability other than that you rarely see a poison type in my team other then maybe Nidoking or Nidoqueen.
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Yeah, these 2 are baddass.
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For me those are the only poison exceptions for some reason I actually suck at other poison types=D
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I see Anyway beyond Tapu Guardians I hate Fairy type.
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Stunning feel of power - strong art and clever too.
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Great Art! Keep it up!
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Awesome piece of work!:clap::wow:
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