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Jinx played too much with fire... or was it part of her plan ?
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jinx with a plan ?? i don't think so.

But she always got a surprise in her back poket ^^.

nice job !

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Vi: ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! 'stomps over' I CHASE THIS STICK FIGURE all around piltover TO THE FREAKING SUMP BELOW AND THE SAMURAI WANNEBE CATCHES HER?! Yasuo: Oh yeah... you two must have a long history huh. Jinx: 'picks nose' buddy you have no idea : ) Caitlyn: 'pants' if i must chase you around the sodding square one more time vi I WILL make you clean the washrooms with a brush...

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definitively the backstory of that drawing!

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Bah, ça pourrait faire partie de son plan puisqu'elle pourrait gagner si elle lève la jambe violemment XD .