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Embraced by Sunlight

Do you know the universe of the Exalted? I hope that you know that RPG game and you're less oblivious than I was, before I started this picture :)

Let me introduce Manovan of the Sea and his wife - Chianti Greenpaw. (if you want to know them better - check EkorrenHJ's profile and check his fanfiction :)).

Commission for :iconekorrenhj:
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Klugdunum's avatar
I have no idea what the golem/giant is, but it doesn't matter !

The classical topic of this universe is really here and I completely enjoy this artist's view !
Mika-El's avatar
Excellent portrayal of exalted and beautifully detailed picture :)
LordSia's avatar
Cool. Love the feel of the scene.
Arcael-Frost's avatar
Love the gollem's motif, and the backgrounds look cool but what I prefer is the lights and shadows (and the big Lotus XD )
Sky-Chaska-x's avatar
I am in love with this picture!! It's incredible. Just the detail and the colouring. Definite favourite!! :D
Suihara's avatar
this is so perfect
pigyz-kun's avatar
I love it great job :)
JYYNX's avatar
I wish I could favorite every one of your pieces Haha! They all take my breath away
aidah15's avatar
oh my you keep getting better and better how long did this take you?
kunoichi-san's avatar
Oh my, thanks - it's the best compliment for an artist :)
Ah, I can't estimate - I was drawing it part by part, between my exams.
aidah15's avatar
it looks like a tenfold! oh really you painted it between the exams and still managed you must be really tight with your schedule ;P
GaaraJinchuuriki's avatar
your fabrics are amazing!
Quiss's avatar
Oh, ta praca mi umknęła o.O
Kuuul ale chyba nie dziergałaś tej siatki w tle ręcznie co nie? o3o
Łaaa jaki ładny kfiotek realistyczny rysnęłaś *o* Quiss chce OwO <3
kunoichi-san's avatar
Nie nie, wyrastam powili z takiego masochizmu ;)
A dziękuję, może być twój :) <zrywa i podaje>
Quiss's avatar
Haha naprawdę? Ale dzióbanie ma w sobie tą satysfakcję z efektu końcowego (o ile się dobrnie do końca xD)... ale nie, tak na serio, to tekstury/rastry/etc. są niezbędne o3o
sHinjiKari's avatar
Wow, You're surprise me. Your last work is impresive. Long time since you update with a new color artwork. Your latest submissions was about "Weapon", and as always, you showed your special talent for INK works. But in this latest work, the color are wonderful. Lineart lines are dissapeared and allow the color fades. The color palette is excellent.

I think you've done a superb job. Thanks for share with us ;]!
kunoichi-san's avatar
Well, I was upraditng Weapon, cause I had my exams and didn't have time for making anything new.
Thank you very much :)
sHinjiKari's avatar
Np ;]! And good luck with this examns :hug:
Mihoshi5's avatar
Fantastyczna praca :heart:
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