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tuaren chieftain

the mighty tuaren cheiftain with endurance lvl3!!
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Fluffy and cute :aww:

Looks reminiscent of Yoshitaka Amano's (Final Fantasy series) art. Any influence from his style?
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love the totems
i know tuaren's skin is brown?
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So YOU'RE the one who did this one. Huh, I saw this on the site when it was first uploaded in the Blizzard fanart section. Coolies.
najs! saw it on blizz fanart =D
I'm sorry if you've heard/seen this already or if you submitted it, but I remember seeing this on one of Blizzard's fanart pages awhile back. Great pic
Now this is how tauren should look in wow!
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the style in this work is awesome!
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I love your art but 5 fingers. Blue fur... Nevermind.
I want to draw like you :(
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whats wrong with 5 fingers?
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taurens have 3 fingers :P
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how are you so sure its a lvl 3 endurance aura? maybe he's got a legion doom horn w/unholy O.o
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cool cool cool, wc3 is awesome and the orcs OWNZ!
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oh my...u r a legend!!
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haha thanx:D
i noe im not..
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great detail ur details on line art really translaes on great coloring keep at it, u semms like an artists born to be good, (i can easiley see ur work on the cover of a games magazine or on a fantasy magazine :D
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heyy thanx for the comliment
i relli wish i could do stuff for games n mags..
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ur too good... reminds me so much of ukiye-colour, esp the ink tone... yet so painterly..

o_o is painter that cool?!i love the textures!!!!!!!!!
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yeah! heehee the fur is awesome! I'm in love with your work! ^o^
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