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t e c h n o s i r e n s

I've been inactive for a long long while. so here's another piece i did for the pepper project :iconpepperproject: :)
(the pepper project is delayed, but still going to be released! hang in there folks)

Here's a sci-fi macabre take on pepper and wanda.
Living in a sea of techno waste, they lure mechas and robots to their dooms, feeding on their preys' mechanical essense. much like the sirens of the greek mythos.

it is also as an homage to my fav mechas/robots of today's entertainment ;p
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Intense!! Thank You

Damn Creepy But cool
Poulpos's avatar
feels like looking at 2 silicates on the corpse of a transformer :P
Love it btw !
God, I love it! So macabre, hot, dark, with great art :D They remind me a bit of the monster silicon-things from the mange "BLAME!". Very Great
VectorLion's avatar
the story of my life
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marioneTTe2007's avatar
Hola me gustaron mucho tus mechas, me recuerdan a la pelicula I Robot
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for as serious as this piece is, it is actually rather amusing. The twin sirens embody a terrifying idea, but because it is enacted upon robots the whole thing achieves a rather comedic aspect.

away from the comedic undertones one might find in this idea, the piece itself has a style that brings to mind the religious works of artists of the past, with the stylized halo and wings of the blue siren and very languid poses of the two. Fantastic work here, truly inspiring.

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Awesome art... What font did you use for your text?
demonicdrama's avatar
The concept blows my brain out of my skull.
Kordan's avatar
i have a photograph of this on my fone, cause my friend had it in a mag. wanted it as my backdrop for my phone. its awesome that i found the original :P fucking love it!
i love the concept.. and is it me, or is that Bumblebee's head?
Octain's avatar
I thought the same thing..
abilguun's avatar
and also there is terminator
Those poor robots!
pyromonkey001's avatar
hahaha bumblebee got his ass whupped
DrunkenHarlot's avatar
I think I'm in love with your style.
Is that an evangelion mecha in the background?
exocolumn's avatar
is that a gundam in the background?
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Gone-Batty's avatar
LOL death to Bumble bee. xD
artmanphil's avatar
Thats my kind of stuff! Im training to get as far as you one day. I like the combination of round fleshlike parts (back of the red lady) and the technical parts.
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