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- o c t o p u s s y - line

By kunkka
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a lame play wif words that popped in my mind..
so i translated it onto paper b4 it left.. :P

think: octopussy & James Bond-age~ :slow:
hey art shd be fun AND sexy
at least for me..

btw this b the last pic im gonna post here..
until i scrimp up my savings to get a new computer.
im prolly only gona color this when i get it..
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Tentacle feet are an amazing ideal love the head tentacles as well.
chompski's avatar
I'm hearing you. Mine too!
roxkitty's avatar
I really like it. I hope you decide to color it. Congrats, it´s really good
JohnTobio's avatar
Another great one, really like the bottom of her foot. Nice touch!
ediprata's avatar
O.O Que deliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiicia!! Rsrsrs. Congratulations Don. Very good! :clap:
AmbianceArt's avatar
sexy as hell and excellently done.
SUPERGX's avatar
Great idea, grear details, great execution.
FatBottomedGirl's avatar
Oo, I love her feet!
Slumovsky's avatar
A funny and sexy pic! I hope that you'll colour it too!
APIAVI's avatar
i really love that drawing! very nice work!
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*points* bum
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I recommend color too. It was so mush detail, it's not the easiest to tell everything abart right away but this is still very good. ^^
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haha love this work & the title :D
oyog's avatar
Lets see you get outa THIS one Mister Bond... BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
SensualSamurai's avatar
As painful as that looks, I'd probably dig it if she'd put out for me. I'm a sad, sad man.
luukkieangvil's avatar
hey this is really cool.....i was wondering if u'd mind if i colored it? credit to u for pencils..and coloring by me =D for when i post in on DA =D Would u mind?
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This is priceless, she's a wild time for sure!
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Mmm, what a nice but :)
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I adore it.. it's wonderful..
You are such a magician with your pencil..
I can do nothing else but applau you :clap: and envy your talent :D

I am so happy for you :D

I sure do hope you'll fix your comp :D


/teski, sweden
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OR~ you can collaborate with someone...
its great sketch, and every time i see it, im like, woooo. im gonna fav this. oooooohhhhh im g onnna fave this........

those who wanna color this piece raise your hand!
*HOON goes frantically* "mE! me! me!!!!!!!!!!~~" :painter: :w00t!:
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how old r u urself?
hmm.. hey r u korean?
kunkka's avatar
hey im relli flattered tt u wana color this~
pls go ahead!!
i wana see ow it would turn out:D
i got other stuff to busy myself wif anyway~
(well, giv me a note if ur relli interested. i'll send u a high res piece..)
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