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o c t o p u s s y IV

yet another octopussy.
this time i've loosened the concept, and built a "mech" with 8 appendages. ( the handlebars section count as 1)
together with an accompanying babe of course.

i used this piece to practice more realistic lighting, something which is lacking in my works.
thanks to who gave me many pointers, i barely managed to pull it off. (i hope.. :p)
and yay! for my 1st mech as well~ :D

for previous octopussies, go here.
[link] <-octopussy1 by me and HOON
[link] <-octopussy2 by HOON and me
[link] <-octopussy3 by HOON
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I am liking this concept-loosening.
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This is so William Stout the mind boggles! :ahoy:
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what an interesting mecha u got here :)
Madpredator's avatar
He!, realistic.... :P
soketazo's avatar
me gusta esta idea
muy bueno
JavierBA's avatar
"strange" but awesome
sethnash's avatar
great stuff, i can has fav+ :)
ramaeschlimann's avatar
You deserve a for this! This is great! :+fav:
zerolevel007's avatar man.
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What a bad ass machine...and chick.... I wanna get beaten up by that. Love the style, coloring etc etc, not really much i could say that hasn't already
i love this concept for a mech...really cool =)

nice nice nice
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Great in all the extension of the world!
Roadless-I-Travel's avatar
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LOL great lighting Dude. that is awesome:D
wow so cool i was thinking of drawing some kind o the same thing like that long time ago but due to the lack of talent i cant heheheheh cool man
Awsome mech!-bows down to beautiful picture and the artist-
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Wow! Love the concept and the direction you took with it. :D
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ow yeH , thisone is realy original :D
this is me fave of all ur work i think :D
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This the ROBOTO!, Awesome
B3Ns's avatar
this is awesome ! really like it
evilsyndicatemember's avatar
I love the tones, style, and creativity of this piece! Keep up the spectacular work! :D
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I can only imagine what it is like to have that steering column in that local... ah you would not be selling that mech by any chance hmm...

love it
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