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conan rednails

Cover commissioned by Ablaze Publishing,
for the comicbook based on Robert E Howard's Red Nails.
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That's spectacular!

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wow awesome work~

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The riddle of steel vs the power of flesh? ;)

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Awww yeah! Phoenix in The Sword, Frost Giant's Daughter, Black Colossus, Queen of The Black Coast, and Red Nails are my 5 favorite REH stories. This looks amazing!

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Fantastic cover art, I can practically hear Riddle of Steel playing to this. ^^

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Amazing cover :love: I love Conan :love:

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Fantastic work.

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People always say "hurdur why those women in skimpy outfits..." but look at how much Conan is wearing :D

Great work mate

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In this artwork the women are wearing a LOT more than they do in the books :) So is Conan actually...

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I don't know what books your are referring to, but in the original stories by Howard Conan almost always wore armor of some type and definitely didn't go running around in his underwear if he didn't have too. I don't really remember the women being under clothed that often either.

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all of women in any book spend a majority of the time naked or almost naked cuz of different reasons [ sex, torture , or just that`s how they dress ] .all female thiefs or assassins Conan meets are dressed skimpy at best. all " serving girls" wear almost nothing.almost all dancers are nude.and almost all women in all the stories end up naked in a cloak for half like the book. even "powerfull" female characters spend almost all their time when around Conan naked or almost naked.

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I guess I will have to go back and read the books (and by books I again mean the original Howard books) because that is not my memory. However, I am sure Conan himself was usually clothed and armored.

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I just finished all Conan books like 2 months ago. [ Got most of them in audiobook format , and it made working for home on boring projects a lot better ! :P ] Love the universe and characters. Peace out brotherman !

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Oh, whoa it is you! Can't believe I am meeting you. It is a pleasure! @kunkka

You did some pieces of those pieces! I am Resist Reality. I make paintings come alive. Literally.

If you ever want to work together!

Lady Death Cover Black Cat Warlock

Lady Death (w/ sound)
Dark Druid painting comes alive
Power Girl bouncy in Space

Power Girl

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damn m8 , i just finished the book last night.awesome art ! [ tho the ladies are kinda overdressed :P ]

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