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The Vengeful Spirit -wallpaper

By kunkka
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Dota 2's vengeful spirit. :)
Another awesome character re-design and lore by valve.
the wings are a symbol of the past of the Skywrath scion, a distant memory of what she should have been, the queen of her people.

Here's the link to the portrait version

"Even the most contented Skywrath is an ill-tempered creature, naturally inclined to seek revenge for the slightest insult. But Vengeful Spirit is the essence of vengeance. Once a proud and savage Skywrath scion, first in succession for the Ghastly Eyrie, a sister's treachery robbed her of her birthright. Snared in a hired assassin's net, she tore free only at the cost of her wings, limping way in the ultimate humiliation: On foot. With her wings shattered, she knew her people would never accept her as ruler; and in the high roost of the Skywrath flock, inaccessible except by winged flight, her sister was untouchable. Unwilling to live as a flightless cripple, and desiring revenge far more than earthly power, the fallen princess drove a bargain with the goddess Avilliva Scree'auk: She surrendered her broken body for an imperishable form of spirit energy, driven by vengeance, capable of doing great damage in the material plane. She may spend eternity flightless, but she will have her revenge."
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WyzzelHobbyist General Artist
Epic! I love her glowing hair and weapon!
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Amazing and great art work, congratulations! I think I've fainted. Heart 
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jamiepsHobbyist Digital Artist
i know this is old but i just wanna say i love this! you made venge look amazing, also i appreciate how u don't give all the girls huge honking tits lmao
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I'm not familiar with this game, but I love these character tributes.  So cool!!!  Her glowing eyes and hair/head/head-dress lighting up her body are just awesome!  Everything about this kicks ass!
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Beautiful Shendelzare <3
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MightyRaccoonHobbyist Digital Artist
Absolutely favourite!
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FeelTheSunriseStudent Digital Artist
My new background :3
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mialove01Hobbyist Digital Artist
you should do Death Prophet in a pose like that!! Awsome sauce!
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Wow fantastic work!
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FAP-FAP-FAP!!!!!!!Did you have 1920x1080 version?
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One of my favourite supports of all time, matched possibly by Windrunner or KOTL. Windrunner kicks ass and KOTL is a pervy old man. all goes well.
very nicely done.
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And what of the body? It was traded after all. Anyway. DotA still has terrible balancing. All of this great artwork is only to represent great characters from such a broken game that SO many people play either realising this horrid imbalance (and either playing it for it or trying to avoid it) or not realising it (some people denying it to the point of their insanity).

And its not a MOBA. It's just an online multiplayer RPG crossed over with tower defense. I'm not saying new genres aren't allowed to be made, but DotA is just a combo of 2 older genres. Nothing new.


DotA 2 is the so-called sequel to something broken, nothing new.
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WyvernicHobbyist Writer
I'm not sure if the game is really that imbalanced. I mean sure, you see ridiculous heroes that deal 650 damage with one spell at level 1. While most heroes have like 1000 health at that point. However, I found that the point of the game is to level up faster and get items before you opponents do.

I'm not sure if i'm really following your logic. I mean strategy games were invented in the 2000s I think, or whenever Dune was first released. However, if you don't want to classify it as MOBA or DOTA-style game or something similar please don't call it a MMORPG. There's just something WRONG by calling it that. Call it maybe a Real Time Strategy or a First Person Strategy Game. Since the whole game is similar to the original concept of Warcraft III, a Role Playing Strategy Game.
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DotA is horribly imbalanced, you're not sure because you can't tell. The broken imbalanced heroes are the ones who are an insane threat even when you're beating them: Huskar, Slark, Spirit Breaker, Bloodseeker etc.

I didn't list all the imbalanced heroes but the idea is that against others in a straight up fight with no items, they win every time. Try it yourself. This fundamental concept scales into them using the same items and different items and even "beneficial" items.

Certain items are just retardedly overpowered. Vanguard, guinsoo, etc. Vanguard has another issue: It's new. Before it existed, dota was better. I've been playing this game when it was really fun. Where you could trade gold and items, basher's were balanced for all heroes and you could stack them on any hero to make a perma bash build to counter natural perma bashers. Butwhy did this change? Obviously some kid thought this shouldn't be possible. Obviously his name is Icefrog, and he's not some special effige. He's just a crappy dev who's been making DotA worse and worse and worse. The real people who made DotA popular now work at Riot Games, and their first game is having all sorts of issues now too. Yet I respect them more because they're not pompous pricks like icefrog.

I never called it an MMORPG. I said multiplayer RPG. it can't be a first person strategy game because its not in the first person. You barely control more than a handful of units in DotA. Most control only 1 unit. WoW would be an RTS by your classification.

Also there are games like Warcraft III that are top down and control only a few units. they're called dungeon crawlers or Top Down (some are isometric) Action RPGs.

Dota is more like Diablo than you'd ever wish it wasn't.

Clearly you're a very very young person if you think strategy games were invented in the 2000s. As a result the credibility of your argument seems very lacking. I'm not going to name the earliest RTS thatcame out early 90s if not earlier, but I will however remind you that DotA Allstars is a modified scenario map of Warcraft..... THREE.
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amazing, i would love a crystal maiden one XD
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masteryawnStudent Digital Artist
Awesome yet amazing the hero that is with wing in past
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ekzanHobbyist Digital Artist
Awsome job man !
Made a wallpapper with your artwork here hope you don't mind. Just tell me if you want me to remove it.
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amazing just amazing! the black wings grown suites well into her lore
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she looks deadly....yet a beauty.
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is there a copy of this without the text? also valve should add the wings onto her whenever she casts a spell or maybe just her ulti just like Omni and Nevermore.

Maybe your next picture could be a winged omni tat a winged VS just swapped into Jakiro ulti and Chrono or something. With Zeus ulti'ng the Jakiro VS and Void. The ground blanketed in fire and Blinding light OR Lightning descending from the heavens on Every Single hero in the Art. also throw a blademail'd axe into the chrono with omni.
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Hatsuko-senjuHobbyist Traditional Artist
Ella es una de mis favoritas
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