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The Sentinels

Wallpaper version of the Dota 6.69 loadscreen.
:) Trying out a new style here.

I've been getting mixed comments about the style and how this fits or doesn't fit with Dota.
Thanks for all the support and to everyone who shared their thoughts.
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I wanted it made in dota 2 style especially wisp :D
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I love this pic! I like how you grouped each character in their respective hues (or so I just thought). Anyway, Congrats! Such an awesome inspiration. Your works amaze me always.
I liked this one very much for a change; Puck looks reminiscent of CAPCOM's Breath Of Fire series' artwork.
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teeny tiny bird....
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Awesome! I'm your huge fan!
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oh my mother of art. so good
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And the undeaths?
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Dude this is godly
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The Cat man with a horn on the down left side of pic, is he Kimahri from Final fantasy 10?

and it looks great.
MAV3RiCK-Mi5FiT5's avatar
Good try and i do see the similarities but unfortunately not. That is Azwraith the Phantom Lancer. His name is pretty amazing if you know the history of it. It comes from the Angel of death AZRAEL because his purpose is to rid the DoTA gaming world of those who embrace the undeath race and since he is capable of appearing and disappearing at will like a wraith thus the name and branding.
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I miss this loading screen so much.
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looks gorgeous, love your art and style.
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this super rocks.
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meluncur ke fave :iconkerenplz:
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Dear Members,

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Over the past 5 years I've been working on a 10 part graphic novel titled "Jinn Warriors" an epic fantasy novel starting with the big bang and genesis to judgment day and the big crunch...and will be the first ever novel to document quotes from the Quran.

Currently I have finished 4 out of the 10 novels with a clear vision of the story arch, characters, plot...etc I have also comissioned the desgin of the 3 main heroes as well as 5 other characters and 6 locations. In other words the project is good to go asap!

I'm seeking a team of artists; penciler, inker, colourist and graphic designer to begin working on the first book 'The Devil's war' as of Oct. I would come to Jakarta and live there as the novel is being rendered as I want to be a part of it and train the team for the future novels to come. I have found some competitive rates in China (80$/page full) but I'm determined to get this novel out of Indonesia or Malaysia for personal reasons.

Interested artists should contact me directly for more info and please include some sample work and answer the following questions. There's also a possibility of establishing two teams.

What are your page rates?
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How good is your English?
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Thank you!

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MAV3RiCK-Mi5FiT5's avatar
You should try the Philippine market. Labor is cheap and they are hired by the big Anime Studios from Japan so their experience is quite interesting so you would definitely be able to get it out of Malaysia and Indonesia.
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If i'm correct I can see 38 heroes here.
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I still don't understand why most of my friends dint like this loading screen . I love the Illustrations \m/ . Good Job
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/awaiting Scourge version ;D
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hey man!
this is the only DotA loading screen that you didn't put your sing on?

'cuz i'm not finding it anywhere in this!
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whose the piraty looking dude?
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