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Queen of Pain -wallpp

queen of pain wallpaper version!
download the 1920x1200 on the right.

you can also view the portrait version here.
(print is available!)
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I'm not even into Qop and I still think this is an amazing piece. Well...amazing SOMETHING anyway.  ;D
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There's a little black spot on the sun today...
It's the same old thing as yesterday...
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Galinas-Claim's avatar
Looks like a great insert or cover for Heavy Metal.  Nice!
CommanderJavik's avatar
Very sexy and beautiful and your username most certainly gave me a laugh, thx for everything!
rafdesigns's avatar
Currently my desktop wallpaper. Amazing work man!
HydeSky's avatar
OMG This is freaking beautiful
ShirlyLove's avatar
thespangler's avatar
Wow. Book marked, will circle around later for buying of print.
borjen-art's avatar
The best one EVER
TearjerkerSantuary's avatar
Hi, I love your illustration :) I wonder if i can take this to draw it, or at least to try to do it. I'm a student of design, and i'm seeing anatomy in draw. Regards, and sorry for my bad english D:
jokerskitten's avatar
This is stunning your so talented!!
smallworld84's avatar
Did you really do this??? I've seen this many times before, perhaps in context with some online game?
Semikon's avatar
someone is using your art as a promotional background for profitable purposes
if this item is approved into the store it will start generating money, thought you should know
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Utsav-vAmpY's avatar
Fav pic of Akasha all over the internet...<3
BloXboX's avatar
Amazing waist and art.

Queen of Pain is sexy as shit :D
tarotski's avatar
my favorite hero!:DDD
ChristopherSilverio's avatar
What a great Queen of Pain, I love the nip slips!
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