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my entry for Udon's street fighter book!

Here's Q, my favourite character in the game, and every1 else pooned by him. :D
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I love the shading and lighting 10/10
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I am abomination
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Gil looks great in that pose lol
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I'm hoping that q comes back in street fighter 5
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But according to twelves bio. Twelve is extremely resistant to physical damage and can mimic other fighters. I dont think q can easily beat twelve like that.
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We need to know more about him.
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He needs to return for Street fighter 5 (if they ever make a 5)
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If I ever have the chance to play SF3, I always pick "Q". He's so boss!
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The shading and perspective are amazing :D
This game looks interesting. 
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Q vs Doctrine Dark! That's my dream matchup.
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Yun in the corner is thinking...'this was supposed to be a 9-1 matchup!'
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Q Better be in SF5!
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Hey dood! How does it feel to have it in the game? :3
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Very nice, I really like Q's stance and the clothing drape look is very well executed. And man do those other fighters look like beaten down dogs, dang! The "Q" symbol overhead is a very nice touch!
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kuroda probably has beaten em all with q
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he is the best character because he has 0 personality. HAHA snark
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He must be in street fighter x tekken.
Not just because he's a wicked fighter but because it will make a good part of a storyline
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Best character eva!
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What is he.....? I could never find out when I played this.
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