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July 27, 2006
+ Dragon Lady + by *kunkka has some super smooth colors and the design is incredibly well done.
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+ Dragon Lady +

The concept is a chinese dragonxgoddess type.
not a common mix, i seldom see chinese dragon art around :)
do more chinese dragons ppl!
imo, they r more majestic n awe/fear inspiring x mystical n fantastical
than all other dragon types. :)

Thanks for all the love n support for this piece.
Print is now available!
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Jinggo78's avatar
I call Chinese dragons long dragons. Because they're long.
Leytala-Velnial's avatar
Weredragon lady...I think
Why do I get the feeling of Slaanesh here?

Anyways, nice work!
KunYKA's avatar
I wonder of her full form
Taurokhun's avatar
10/10 would wife 
KunYKA's avatar
I mean if she looks so baddass...
Auditty's avatar
I don't know if you are aware of this, but I believe this picture is being used on a website known as VampireRave here, like a character known as "Catatonic":…
BionicTheBunnyChic's avatar
MoonKoiDragoness's avatar
Did you know that someone did t-shirts with this image on internet?
trogdorboy's avatar
Thought you'd wanna know that I found your drawing on this page:…
I thought it looked familiar, then I remembered coming across this very drawing on your account years ago.

If not for Google's "search by image" feature, I probably would never have found the original post to let you know, lol.
naheloa's avatar
She´s my Ziyi!! <3
xxloverxxdevilxx's avatar
Any possible way you could do more like this? Beautiful work.
Fernezco's avatar
CJcool007's avatar
Phoenix827's avatar
absolutely cool. really love it.
InvaderTraditore's avatar
omg! I saw this in one of the books I have! .0. yer amazing!
TheBlueGaze's avatar
*raises hand*
Can you fuck it?
keiara-death's avatar
Looking through the book Dragon world in the library for inspiration, this was one of my fave pieces love the colouring and detail :)
this is gorgeous and very inspiration
Yeerk-Pool-Lord's avatar
OMG! ur in my book! i love ur art!
FOX-hime's avatar
woooooooooooooow so awsome
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