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Dota allstars 5v5

this is my most epic artwork yet. It was really tough planning the composition, and finding the right heroes for the fight such that its not clear which side would win.
have fun speculating guys! :D
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Hi Kunkka, how can I get the image in 4500x3375px file?

This particular loading scree is the reason I loved dota as a teenager. Couldn't wait to see an update to find more awesome art.

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ICONIC. that was the best part of laying dota. miss badass art on loading screen in dota 2.

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Can you make this a print please, with other photo gift options available? (e.g. mug) I'd love to give this to my brother for Christmas!
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ermergerd, this is badass, who are these characters from? world of warcraft?
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SVEN!! LOOK OUT!! :jawdrop:
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X and Sven my fav character :D
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my favourite loading screen ever
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oooo memories <3 
Brings back great memories! This is my current wallpaper :3
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Invoker summoning a Chaos Meteor !! Godlike piece of art here. Faved !!
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i like mogul kahn :)
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Good one bro, check also zajeczyca's DA page, she is making some amazing DotA weapon art, check that out, and help to spread the word, DotA community need to know this.
looks more like 7 vs 3... axe, drow, sven, phantom lancer, huskar, "firegirl" (can't remember her name) and riki against dark seer, invok and green guy...

BUT great work mate ! ^^
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Lina, Drow, Sven, Huskar, PL on the left, on the right, Axe, Void, Necrolyte, Invoker, and Leoric's tombstone (he's about to reincarnate)
Nah it's huskar Sven Lina and phantom lancer vs void axe invoker and necrolyte 4v4 totally. Still awesome
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Kimari I see XD
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wow this remind me when I'am still in high school playing DotA map 6.59 hahahahahaha so coool tsuuugoooi.........

# sory for my bad english
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too much carries haha, but really best drawings i ever saw xD
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Truly epic. But how can Invoker cast Meteor with E,E,Q :P
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