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DotA: Defense of the Ancients

Now that its done, n i can finally show this :D
a commisioned piece for a downloadable unofficial Dota guide.
(will post the link to the guide once its available)

this is an epic battle betwn 10 DOTA heroes.
those who know will love it,
those who dont, will go wow! its WoW~!

anyway this has been held off too long,
hope u guys still like it :)
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Dat Queen 0.0
Nice pi---wait a minute...

How is TB not in Meta form? Why is Pudge in the middle of the fight?
Pudge is about to get a hard one XD
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I know it and I'm still going with WoW =]
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The combinations are awesome!

expecting a larger one~
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i would love the to use this on my game, would you allow me?
Thanks!Can i use this for my map?
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now I'm wondering who will win if all the heroes of the sentinel and the scourge ever fights.
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I like the Cleric guy with the hammer, very nice and shiny lol :)
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Could we play on GG?
More than a game... a life style
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I LOVE IT! Its a shame Icefrog did not use this as an downloaded wallpaper, (But i think it was used but i think not) anyways can i suggest if you ever do another DOTA wallpaper can i suggest the following 5v5? (Balanar, Faceless Void, Terror Blade in Ranged Demon form,Sandking, and Bone Clinkz pitting against Techies <About to Detonate mines> Troll in rage mode, Dragon Knight in Dragon Form, Rexxar and Pets, and magina) I know its a bit demanding but its just my suggestion pls. dont take it personally. ^_^ I really like the Pudge and Tiny Clash.
wow i wish i could see more like this!!!
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:devil: WarCraft III/Frozen-Throne yeah <3 nicely done (pointing out the Doomguard & the Succbus) ^_^ :devil:
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Hey what map is this?
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