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Diablo 3: Dungeon Party

This was a commissioned Diablo 3 piece, done sometime last year, before the Demon hunter class was released.
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Demon hunter is missing
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the action and determination in this scene is astounding!
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Sweat poses and flow. :D
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OMG! ur the one who drew this one ?? niceeee :wow i love this art :D
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Nice very nice art :)
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Addiction endless!

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damn nice pic. I really like the ideas u get from it, like, demons? point the way and be ready with the gold :D
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Diablo 3! Great game, and this is a great tribute to said game! :spyed:
really diggin it. awesome
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I love all the dramatic action! Fantastic! Love the color palette as well.
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I love the action in this! Its a picture but it has soo much movement! And detail! I love the lighting/shading!! This is amazing!!
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awsome, just awsome
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Hey there! Your awesome piece of work has been featured on my blog [link] ! Hope you don't mind, have a lovely day and continue producing your stunning art!
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Why is the Shaman a Chick?
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Witch doctor not shaman, and in D3 you can choose your classes gender, it's not fixed like in 1 and 2.
AquamarineWarrior42's avatar
Yeah, just got the game, I meant Witch Doctor, just couldn't think of the name.
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I can see my social life ending already.
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