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October 1, 2009
Defense of the Ancients -6.63- by *kunkka
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Defense of the Ancients -6.63-

Apologies for the wait. I was out out in military service (696-SIR) during the 6.63 release, until today.
So here is the wallpaper for the 6.63 loadscreen.
Thanks for the all the support and please enjoy my latest piece of art. :)

Thanks for the DD! :D
its rare and hard to come by~

For a work in progress, pls go to [link]

visit to know all about DotA.
to download the map, go to
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dude you need to do more of these, forget dota 2....
best art for dota <3
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the good old days one of my favorite wall paper T_T
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creat hard work you make

keep up the hard work!!:D
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Hi Kunkka, heads up, your art is being stolen at the steam workshop, I suggest you flag it and run a DMCA takedown. Here's the link:…

Don't thank me, I just hate when awesome art is being wrongfully credited.
dude, that tattoo on the back of Yurnero, I've been wanting to do it to put the image I can not see it with exact definition, u could draw it for me? I would post the photos right here with the results
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hey i'm a beginner can you give me some tips pls
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are you using a software and what software is that, or manual painting
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Man I love this game :D
I always play this game :D
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Hey i'm still working with my loading screen... can you give some techniques and styles how did you do this stuff.....
send my please
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whoa!!! that guy has the same name as me!

there can be only be ony one Mullins.... lol :D
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awesome job sir
i love you drawing skill and style
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WOW!! :jawdrop:
took a while for me to close my mouth xD
CK, BS, Slardar, Akasha, DP vs. Omni, Tiny, Yurnero, Jakiro, and Aiushtha.

Sents should have this one easily between Jakiro's/Jug's/Tiny's AoEs, Omni's G Angel, and possibly Enchant's heals.
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having this as my wallpaper. :)
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i had the most ridiculously difficult time choosing between one of your pics to favorite. i had to for at least one. they are all incredibly badass, but this one stuck out especially.
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