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Clash of Heroes II step-by-step

Here's how I did this battlescene. 
It was a very methodical and gradual process due to the huge amount of action and characters featured, 
and I wanted to share it with you guys. 
:) cheers.

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I think you mixed up the boxes a little bit xD
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Do you paint this on photoshop or illustrator?
Because I want to learn the lighting and effects on photoshop.

its really nice work, thanks for sharing sir!
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This was very helpful for me as astudent graphic designer in structuring a scene
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Hey, I was wondering how your group your layers in this? Does each hero have a layer/group? 
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Really good tutorial, to the point. Thanks! 
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Interesting! Thanks for sharing!
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How much time did it take to finish? :)
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first epic second cool
Choc0Chu's avatar
DOTA2!!!! love the tutorial and your art :D
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Why ck's horse is so big?
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Thanks this info will come in handy :)

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I wonder why Kunkka isn't in there ^^
Thanks for letting us see your process, it's very interesting and insightful! :)
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this scene is from the finals of the DotA 2 Internationals 2013. Kunkka wasn't picked in that match, so...
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Ahh, I must've missed that in the description x3 Sorry! Thanks for clearing that up :3
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This was very helpful. Thank you, its appreciated. 
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i think your text is in the wrong order.. you put lineart when it was already done in the previous... same with the colorize text
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extremely helpful. thank you!
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Interesting to see the process. I like your art.
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Beyond awesome
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kunkka = simply the best
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