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Pure v2

I was suppose to been release these a long LONG time ago and I have reasonsSweating a little... , but there's no excuse for thatCURSE YOU! , so here you go. I'm planning on making more, so if you have any ideas, let me know. :D (Big Grin) 
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WHAT... SERIOUSLY!? YOU RELEASE IT NOW!? AFTER ALL THOSE YEARS DEAR GOD, FINALLY!! I've been waiting ALL THOSE YEARS then eventually I have up on waiting... Dear fuging god finally. Thanks for finally releasing all those 3. When i saw those in the cursor category I was like "what happened here? Those are new? Re-post of images again? What's this, let's see." I'm happy that those finally have been released as my attempts from recreating them been sh... ekhm bad although I've manage to recreate one of them in my own style :P This is how they look

Pure Shirou Made by SoNiC4000

Thank You for finally releasing them :happybounce: 

PS: I don't even remember how many years I've been waiting :P
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I don't even wanna remember how long ago it was. Sweating a little...  I saw and remember the old pics was like I can't believe I still didn't put em out, but here we go. I am a dummy! 
Good attempts too btw. Clap 
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Actually fug it, the desire to use those cursors came sooner than later :D Using them now ^^

Thanks btw. ^^