{Hungry Hearts} Chapter 6: Easy

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Hungry Hearts
Chapter 6: Easy
Written by Johnsoneer

The rain started softly as they made their way deeper into the woodland outskirts of the city. N could hear the patter against the windshield intensify as the rain began to fall harder, making it difficult to see the road ahead. They passed by highway exits with signs that were obscured by years of vegetation. N wondered where they’d led to before the Deadrising. Every now and again, he spotted the train tracks where the Bunny Burrows line stretched out over the countryside, connecting the city with Judy’s home. It wasn’t until they passed a sign that read ‘Deerbroke County’ that he realized he was getting wet. Judy’s fur was dripping from the spray that flew in through the blown-out window.

She shivered.

N leaned in closer over the center console. “We sh—should stop.”

“Yeah,” Judy agreed. “There’s an old suburban area up here. We’ll find a house and lay low.”

“Mm—moving in already? What will your ff…your father think?” N asked with a smile.

Judy rolled her eyes and smiled back, before stifling another shiver. “He’d kill you, N,” she answered sternly.

“Good thing I’m already dead.”

She smirked at first, but then grew quieter after that remark. “... yeah.”

N pointed out the windshield towards a neighborhood nestled in the trees. “Here?”

“Here,” Judy said with a nod and turned down a street off the highway.

The back road led to a forest suburb full of collapsing houses. The windows were broken. Some of the front doors were off their hinges, if not missing entirely and a few of the roofs had caved in from years of neglect. They had to swerve around a line of children’s bicycles that had been left knocked over in the street. N observed the desolation through the windshield. Each culdesac sported houses of a different size class, keeping like-sized neighbors with each other for the most part. The grass had completely overtaken the sidewalks and front yards, but there was still an air of quiet serenity amongst the vacant homes.

“This town was called Grazerville,” Judy explained with a hint of melancholy in her voice, seeming to notice his curiosity. “During the deadrising, most of these families fled back out to the countryside. Many of them are my neighbors now back home.”

“Ww—were there Walkers there too?”

Judy hesitated, seeming to choose her words carefully this time. “We dealt with a few in the beginning. They’d follow the refugees out into Bunny Burrows, but my family had been quick to build a wall to keep them out.”

N looked back out at the homes that so many families had left abandoned. A part of him had to hope that there was a happy end to their stories. “Did it work?”

“...for a while.” Judy slowed the van down and parked in front of a small house. They had stopped outside a small bungalow home that looked slightly less decrepit than the rest and at least strong enough to withstand the rain. It would have to do.

N looked the building up and down skeptically. “Homey.”

“I don’t care as long as it’s dry. Let me make a quick call before we go in.” He watched as she reached into her bag and pulled out the small plastic walky talky. To save batteries, she had kept it off during their drive. She turned it on and it crackled with static, before she pressed down on the button.

“Hello?” she called out. “This is Judy Hopps. Can anyone read me?”

They didn’t wait long for a response. “Judes!?” They heard a voice call back.

“Benny! Did you call off the search party?” she asked nervously.

“Yeah, but you weren’t making it any easier disappearing like that!” Her friend sighed in relief. “Where are you now? Are you safe?”

N scoffed. We’re in Happy-Love-Fun-town surrounded by sunshine and smiles, of course. Population: 2.

“I’m out of the city.”

“How on earth did you—”

“I’ll explain later,” she cut him off quickly. “I’m stopping for the night. I’ve got a car, so I’ll be able to make it to the wall by tomorrow morning.”

“You stopped?! Bunny, I’m coming to get you right now.” He could hear the sound of a jeep roaring to life from the other side of the walky.

Judy and N exchanged a panicked grimace with fear in their eyes. If her friend was some kind of military, then he’d no doubt have a weapon with him and a healthy fear of Walkers like N.

“No!” she barked frantically. “Benny, just wait, okay?”

Her friend stuttered in confusion before snapping at her, “Girl, you get your tail back home now before your dad whips the spots off me!”

N smirked. “I like him.”

Judy shushed him and hit the button on the walky again. “Was he mad?”

“He’s furious that we had to call off the rescue op. I think he’s just eager to get you back safe. He’s not gonna be happy that you’re spending the night outside the wall.”

Judy sighed and rubbed her ear over the back of her head. She was clearly irritated about her father being so protective. N had the urge to say something to comfort her, but hesitated. He was the reason she couldn’t come home just yet.

Judy spoke into the walky again. “Just tell him I’m safe and that I’m coming home.”

“He’ll believe that when he sees it,” Clawhauser snarked.

“Do you believe it?”

They could hear him sigh. “Of course, Judes. But what do I tell him? That I could go pick you up but decided not to?”

“Tell him the truth—that I didn’t say where I was. I’ll deal with the flak later.”

“You sure about this?”

“That’s an order, soldier,” she said resolutely.

Wait. Is she military? I guess that would make sense. But I kinda guessed she’d be a foot soldier, if she was in the city. Is she like…a captain or something? Or is it because of her dad? Is he the General of their defence forces?! It would be just my luck that the one girl I get close to ends up being the goddamn General’s daughter. God, I hope that’s not it.

The voice came back on the radio with a grumble. “Fine, alright. I’ll cover for you, but don’t die okay? And keep your stupid radio on!”

“Will do. Hopps out.” She turned the volume knob down and glanced back out the window.

“Hh––hey Carrots…” N started timidly. “Are you like…an aa––army captain or something?”

Judy seemed to snap out of her thoughts and looked at him with a cocked eyebrow. “Hmm? Oh no, I was just kidding with the whole ‘that’s an order’ thing. I volunteer for supply raids, but I’m not enlisted. My dad is the one who commands most of our armed forces, since he was the one who built the wall. Why do you ask?”

N looked nervously out the window. “O—oh, no reason.”


Judy sighed and clipped the walky back on her hip. “He’s gonna be very pissy about me staying out in Grazerville for the night, but I’ll think of some kind of excuse later.”

N leaned in closer to her over the center console and gave her paw a reassuring pat. “Th—thank you.”

Judy’s paw opened up and caught his, gripping it with a light squeeze. She smiled and looked at him right in the eyes. “Hey, don’t worry about it. I’m in no rush to see you die in a barrage of panic and bullets.”

N became suddenly aware of just how close he had gotten to her over the console. Even if he were alive, he’d be trespassing into dangerous territory. He nodded and sat up straighter in his seat. “And I’mmm…I’m in no rush to see you ripped to pi—pieces by a Walker. Wait here.”

Judy frowned as he withdrew his paw and moved towards the door. “What? Why?”

N simply pointed to himself. “Gotta ch—check the house.”

He opened the door, and his fur immediately became soaked. He walked with a skulk towards the house, wishing the rain would wash the sight of her smile out of his head.  His hoodie was sopping wet by the time he got to the front door. It wasn’t locked, but it still took some effort to muscle the door open. That was a good thing. Maybe it meant no Walkers had bothered to come inside.

N limped through every room in the house. It looked quaint and cozy—or it would have, if it weren’t for the mold on the walls and the household items scattered on the floor. Whoever had lived there had left in a hurry. There was still an empty pot on the stove and plates on the table, though any traces of food in the cabinets were long gone. He wondered if the mammals who lived there had made it to the Burrows safely.

The second floor had two bedrooms—one with a large bed and another with a tiny one that not even Judy would fit in. All empty. There was nothing of interest to him, so nothing that would interest another Walker either. The place was safe enough.

N went back down the stairs and moaned loudly, hoping to alert any Walkers that might have been hiding somewhere. Even another Walker’s groaning could get his attention if he was hungry enough. Once he was satisfied the house was clear, he turned to the door to call Judy inside. He noticed a coat rack by the door.

It was probably best, he decided, to dry his hoodie since it was still dripping. He’d reached down to undo the zipper, when he felt a lump of something in the pocket.

Oh, yeah.

The rest of Jack’s brains were still in there.

N froze in confusion. Normally, he would have gorged them all down at this point, but, for some reason, he’d felt a little less hungry over the past few days. Still, it wasn’t exactly smart or polite to go waltzing around with Judy while her ex’s brains were in his pocket.

Better get rid of these now while I can.

He peeked out a window in the living room, making sure Judy was still in the van, before reaching into his pocket. N pulled out the rest of the brains, now moistened by rainwater, and shoved them into his maw quickly.

The memories and visions began to wash over him.


In one moment, he was doing pushups amongst the ranks of other security forces. In the next, he was firing rounds from the top of the wall at some figures which were obscured by the darkness.

“Let’s go see what we got!” one of his comrades called out.

They marched down the stairs built into the side of the wall and came to a small door. It had a number-pad lock on it, and he punched in the combination before looking back to his friend and nodding, guns raised. They left the wall and scouted out the corpses of the Walkers they’d downed. They walked among the bodies, checking each one carefully––both for anything useful and to make sure they were dead for good this time.

His comrade leaned over one of the bodies and went through its tattered clothes. “Got a cell phone in his pocket.”

“Let’s just get back to the wall, Harris,” he answered.

Bullets. Pushups. More bullets. More pushups.

Soon he was in a briefing room, getting instructions on the next scouting mission for medical supplies.

“We’re on our last few vials of antibiotics, and winter is on its way,” a stout rabbit instructed the group. “We lost a few dozen last year to all kinds of illnesses that used to be no issue for us to handle. The Doc tells me that if we have a similar winter, we could lose hundreds. These are our families we’re fighting for. And we’re depending on your bravery to get us this medicine. Any questions?”

“No sir,” he responded dutifully. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see Judy sitting clear across the room with her legs crossed.

“Then head out. And keep each other safe.”

While they were on their way to the armory, he stopped Judy by putting a paw on her shoulder and spoke in a cold whisper. “We’re all going to be fine. As long as you do as I say.”

“No need for the theatrics, Jack.” Judy pushed his paw off her shoulder and spoke brusquely. “We’ll get the meds and get out, but don’t pretend to be in charge. I’m not in your army.”

He scoffed and let her go, watching as she slugged a shotgun over her shoulder and hopped into a military vehicle.

Soon they were in the city, and he was arguing with her and one of her friends. At one point, Judy had her knife against his neck and growled at him angrily. Then they were in a hospital, scouring it for supplies. Suddenly, they were shooting at a Savage mouse on the ground. He missed every shot he took.

Before he knew it, there were Walkers among them and blood pooling onto the floor. More shots rang out. He was up on the counter, sending rounds at the hoard of Walkers over and over. Then he saw a red fox Walker in a bloodstained hoodie, whose eyes were wide and shaken. He fired, which got its attention. He screamed in horror as the creature lunged forward and snarled, grabbing him by his feet and taking a firm grip of his head. He felt claws dig into his skin as his head was brought down to the ground.


“Aaeeugghhh!!—*cough*—ack!” N spat as he practically vomited the brains out of his mouth and into his paw. His vision came back to the present, back to the small house out in Grazerville, and he took large breaths to try to regain his bearings. He saw his own eyes glaring at him as his teeth sank into Jack’s neck. His own malicious gaze was now a terrible after-image, like he had stared at the sun. N reached up to his neck and rubbed it tenderly. It went back to being numb, thank heavens, but the echo of pain was still rattling through his brain. In that memory, he was some kind of monster.

That was only days ago...

“You okay, N?” Judy asked from behind him.

N turned to find Judy standing at the door. He didn’t know how long she had been standing there, but it’d been long enough to catch his confusion.

“Uh...y—yeah...ssswallowed a bug,” he feigned.

“You know, predators back home eat those regularly.” She looked around the living room. “I take it the place is clear?”

“Mmmhmm,” he answered and hobbled into the kitchen. He quickly tossed the remains of Jack’s brains into the sink and shoved them down the drain, making sure she would never see. His frantic movements made Judy furrow her brown in concern.

“You sure you’re okay, Norman?” she questioned softly.

“Fine,” N said with a grunt. “Wait…. Norman?”

Judy smiled and gave a light shrug. “Figured I’d try another ‘N’ name out. Maybe it’ll jog your memory.”

N rolled his eyes and shook his head. “Nnn—not Norman. How are you?”

“I’m cold and wet and tired. I think I’m gonna hit the hay early. Is there a bed up there?” she asked, pointing up the stairs.

N nodded, thankful that he seemed to be successful at hiding his little secret brain-snack. She smiled again and began to walk up the stairs. Just before she passed out of view, she stopped.

“Hey N?” she said slowly. N lifted his ears and looked up at her from the livingroom floor. “You could…. Well, I know you don’t sleep but...”

“Could what?” he prompted.

“You could spend the night up here if you’d like,” she said, looking at the ground.

N froze. That was the last thing he had expected her to suggest. He glanced up the stairs towards the bedroom. He must have imagined his tail shifting behind him because that thing never wagged any more. He had to hide his excitement somehow.

“I d—don’t know, Carrots. What if there are mmmonsters in the closet?”

She laughed and rolled her eyes. “I’ll keep you safe, you big baby…. You did check the closet, right?”

“Yes I did, you big b—baby,” he teased softly and joined her.

Okay N, no big deal. You’re just going to spend the night in the same bedroom...doing absolutely nothing because you’re dead. You can do this, just don’t barf up any more brains…. Oh crap, I can see her butt at eye-level up the stairs! Look at something else! Walls, ceiling, depressing photos of a family who are probably dead. Yeah, that’s better—SHIT.

“Oof,” N grunted as his foot caught between two stairs and he fell onto his chest.

“N! You okay?”

He heaved a little, trying to get the air back into his lungs. “Mmm…I’m de—”

“I know you’re dead, idiot. I mean do you want some help?” she asked.

N looked up, finding her paw outstretched towards him with a warm smile on her face. The way the rain water glistened on her matted fur made her look like she was sparkling. Suddenly, he had to catch his breath all over again. He slowly reached his own paw out and took hers.

She gripped him tightly and heaved him back onto his feet. Judy kept his paw in hers as she guided him up the stairs and into the bedroom. That was the second time she’d held his paw. It felt strange. His chest ached again. He was completely unsure of where these spasms were coming from, but he didn’t mind it so much this time.

“This’ll work.” Judy, much to his chagrin, let go of his paw as they entered the larger room. “The carpet looks plenty comfy. I hope you don’t mind if I take the bed?”

“Mm-mm.” N shook his head and gestured to it as if to say ‘go ahead’.

He slowly lowered himself to the floor, allowing himself to roll over until he was on his back. Judy hopped up onto the bed, which, thankfully, was still somewhat tidy and not moldy. Suppressing the idea of joining her in there took more effort than he would ever admit. While he was fighting fantasies, she tossed a pillow down to N on the floor. It plopped right onto his snout, and he recoiled in surprise like a little kit. She chuckled as he scowled at her from the floor.

She shivered. “Argh. These clothes are drenched from the rain…. Hey, N?”

“Mm?” he replied as he placed his head on the pillow.

“Would you mind looking away for a minute?” she asked.

Holy shit.

“Ss—sure,” he mumbled and looked back at the ceiling with laser focus. He could hear the vague sounds of things unbuckling and wet garments falling to the floor.

Again, totally normal. She needs to change her clothes or else she’ll get sick. And I’m just a pal, nothing else going on here. This is fine. Everything’s fine.

N was holding so still he was almost convinced rigor mortis was finally setting in. He tried to simply relax his paws over his chest, but his fists clenched tightly as if keeping the gate to his own cage shut. His attention was all pointed towards a spot on the ceiling, and he tried his best to ignore the sounds of his friend stripping beside him. But his eyes moved on their own, the treasonous devils. He tilted his head back towards Judy ever so slightly, slowly making sure she wasn’t looking back at him and—

Holy shit.

Her back was turned, but he managed to catch just the slightest glimpse out of the corner of his eye. He saw her grey fur, her slender shoulders, and that beautiful tail for just one second. That second was now burned into his vision deeper than any other memory he held. He quickly turned away again. He faced the wall and shut his eyes as tightly as he could, as if looking at anything else would erase the sight from his mind.

“It’s okay now, N,” she said softly, and he slowly turned back. She was under the covers, pulling them closer to her core and rubbing her face into the pillow. A comfortable smile grew on her face as she sighed happily and peered down at him. “That’s better.”

“Mmmm,” was all N could moan in reply, nodding.

She yawned. The hours of driving and running for her life had probably worn her down to the brink of sleep already. She spoke quietly. “Hey N?”


“Do you have to eat mammals?”

N swallowed hard and took a deep breath before gazing back at her with a somber look. “Yeah.”

“But you didn’t eat me,” she said with that same soft smile. “You saved me.”

“You.... It’s not like you need saving all th—that often.”

“Psshh,” she scoffed. “I counted…what, three times? I’d be dead or worse without you there. I used to spend so much time telling my father how I could keep myself safe. He always shot me down, saying that I was strong but still ‘just a bunny’. It took so much convincing for him to let me join in the supply raid a few days ago…. Guess he was right. I got myself in over my ears and mammals are dead now, including Jack…. Maybe I am just a bunny.”

“Mmmmo…more,” N stuttered.


“You’re mm—more than…than that.”

Her smile returned. “Think so?”

“Carrots, I was nnnever afraid b…before you came around.” N found himself looking her right in the eyes. “You’re fast and ff—fearless and really good with a gun. You can literally put fear into the dead, and you can’t…can’t do that if you’re ‘just a bunny.’”

She was grinning even wider at him now. “I bet you wish I was a little more meek sometimes, huh? Might have saved us from the Savage-elephant fiasco.”

“Nah. You saved me from tha—t one, remmm…remember? Besides, if you wwwwere ‘just a bunny’, I might have eaten you.”

She dropped her smile and looked at him very seriously. She spoke so quietly it was barely even a whisper. “Why didn’t you?”

N stared right back at her for a second, grateful that his stuttered speech could give him a moment to think without it seeming weird. There were so many ways he could answer that question, including just spinning it into another joke like he usually would. But there was a genuine tenderness in her eyes in that moment which compelled him not to smirk or shrug this time.

“I looked at you and I…I ww…I wasn’t hungry anymore,” he breathed.

Judy’s eyes widened a bit as she gazed back at him. “You know N, you’re pretty incredible.”


“Yeah. It must be hard, being stuck in there. I can tell it’s hard to think, and even harder to speak. But I can see you trying.” Judy’s eyes wandered the room as she thought about something. “That’s what mammals do: We try. We try to be better, even if we suck at it most of the time. I’ve seen mammals who are so broken down by this world that they can’t even begin to try anymore.” Her eyes fell back onto N with an endearing curiosity. “But I look at you…you try so hard. So much harder than any of the living mammals I know. You’re good, N.”

N frowned and suddenly lost the ability to look at her straight in the eye. He grunted in frustration, unsure of what to say or even what to do. He was angry with himself. His lip curled up above his canines for a second as his face twitched around.

“N, what’s wrong?” Her voice carried such concern.

“It…it was me,” he coughed.

“What was you?”

“J—Jack.” N looked up at her with pleading eyes. His body was stiff as stone.

Judy furrowed her brow in confusion for a moment. She opened her mouth as though she was going to ask him what he meant, then the truth seemed to dawn on her all at once. Her eyes wandered over his clothes, and he felt the urge to hide the bloodstains on his hoodie.

“Oh” was all she muttered. She pulled the covers around her a little tighter and looked away. “I guess…I guess I knew that.”

“Y—you did?”

“Yeah,” she answered sadly. “I mean…. I guess I hoped not but…”

“Mmmm…I’mmm…soo sorry, Judy,” N bumbled desperately, reaching out one paw towards her.

She turned over, facing the opposite wall. “Yeah.”

N dropped his paw and stared back up at the ceiling. He closed his eyes and wished with every part of his broken body that he could change. He wanted to go back in time and stop himself from killing Jack. He wanted to keep himself from eating anyone. He wished he’d never died or that the world hadn’t ended. He wished and prayed and pleaded for some kind of miracle to save him from the misery of having ever hurt that bunny.

Just then, a miracle happened. N’s mind slipped away, and he fell sound asleep.


The dark of night in Zootopia was always gloomy, even when there weren’t clouds and a chilling breeze to complete the nightmare horrorscape. It was the same desolate monster-infested hell-hole it had been for many years now. That night, however, one of the monsters who was usually brooding or listening to music in his van was quietly staring down at his paw.

Something about the way his larger fox-friend and that bunny had held each other’s paw was strange to him. The way they’d stood closely together, as if for more than protection, was odd. Not wrong, per say, but off-kilter. The little fox’s paw stretched out and then curled back in as he stared at it, hoping to make sense of what was going on in his head.

Maybe another walk would clear his head. He trudged around the city, scowling at the fact that his favorite van was now gone. All of his music and his collection from the past few years had driven away without him. Grief is what he should have felt, if he could feel.

However, for some reason he’d found himself eager to watch as the van had mounted the train tracks and driven away. His eyes had followed the van as they’d disappeared over the river and into the countryside. He had not growled in frustration, rather, he had been calm—perhaps even relieved. If his friend could hear any of those thoughts now, he’d probably have some smart quip in response.

The little fox bumped into another Walker, this one a familiar gazelle wearing a pink dress. She had also been there when the fox had thrown himself between them and the bunny. He was about to continue on his way, when he saw her looking down at her own hoof as well. She had the same look of perplexed focus, like she was wondering why on earth the bunny and fox had bothered her so much.

“Do you...” the little fox grunted. “...feel it too?”

“Mmmm,” the gazelle agreed softly with a nod. “Th—the bunny.”

“Me t—too,” another voice said. This time, it was the panther who had nearly gotten Judy as well. His torn t-shirt and pleated pants were blood-stained like everyone else, but his eyes were far less vicious than before. A group of other Walkers were trudging behind him, all with wide-eyed confusion on their faces. “I feel...”

“In...” The little fox struggled. “In my chest...”

The others nodded, a handful of them still gazing down at their paws.

A hideous snarl came from behind the little fox. The entire group turned to find a Savage beast prowling towards them. This one had been either a lion or a tiger at one point. It’s pale skin and glossy eyes were practically glowing in what little moonlight there was. But unlike other Savages, this one was fit. It had all of its skin still in the right places, muscles on its shoulders, and a full maw of teeth—teeth the Savage had fully-bared as it creeped towards the little fox. Claws were out, and it stared menacingly at the little fox as it got closer. Its cold breath blew the fur back on his nose.

It sniffed loudly. The giant nose prodded and huffed the little Walker’s scent while the Savage let out a long, low growl. Its eyes seemed to narrow as it caught something strange in his scent.

The little fox stayed frozen, the others looking on in shock as the massive killer roared loudly right into his face. The force of the wind from its vile breath knocked him over, and, for a moment, he thought he would actually get eaten.

The monster then chuffed and snarled in disgust as it turned away and sauntured off. The little fox rolled over and picked himself up off the ground. The other Walkers surrounded him and gazed at him with wide bloodshot eyes.

“O—okay?” the gazelle asked him.

“I...“ he began, gathering the attention of all the Walkers present. “I feel…afraid.”

“Feel?” the panther echoed.

The little fox nodded and looked back to where the Savage tiger had disappeared to. “We should go.”


N opened his eyes first, and the rest of the world seemed to flow into existence all at once. He didn’t yawn, stretch, or blink. He simply stared at the mouldy ceiling and tried his best to remember a few minutes earlier. Had there been light before? He couldn’t recall sunlight streaming in from the window. Had it been colder a few minutes ago? Hard to tell, since zombies don’t get cold. He was so uncertain. And, while it was true that some hours would melt together in an endless stream of consciousness, he’d never had such a long gap of time missing from his memory before. Certainly not recently.

“Carrots…” he mumbled, turning to look up at the bed she’d slept in.

She was gone.

N closed his eyes, squeezing them tight and grinding his teeth together. He desperately tried to hear something from downstairs, or perhaps from outside. There was some part of him that refused to give up all hope, but the rest of him knew the truth. He rose to his feet, shuffled over to the window, and looked out to the driveway where they had parked the van the night before.

She’s gone...

Of course she’s gone. Wouldn’t you be? Doesn’t matter how well things go, I’m still a brain-eating monster. And now she knows I ate the brains of someone she knew. Granted, he was a prick. But it’s not like there was much chance of her taking me home with her anyway. There’s no explaining to your dad about your zombie…something. Fox? Zombie fox? Oh who am I kidding, I wasn’t anything to her. She’s killed more zombies than I’ve even met—and I live with them! What is one more dead freak of nature out the door in her life?

N meandered down the stairs wearing a blank and unfocused glare, only barely taking in the world around him any more. He sauntered out the front door and began doing what he did best: walking.

At least she didn’t cap me last night while I was out. Not sure what was going on there, but the universe just HAD to grant me a night of sleep so I could wake up dumped. And now she’s gone. And I’m alone. And the world is as it should be.

Stupid world. Stupid house with a stupid bed. Stupid road with stupid corpses littered here or there. Stupid town next to a stupid city with my stupid theme park.

Stupid bunny.

Stupid honesty, the shit-stain of all the virtues.

I’m going back home to where things make sense. Zombies are zombies: dead, lifeless, and simple. And she’ll continue to be alive and find some buck who’s brains I didn’t eat and live happily ever after until she dies and skips this whole zombie business altogether…

…stupid rain.

N zipped his hoodie up a little higher, brought his arms into his center.

He shivered.
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Written by Johnsoneer  
Please check out his DA and AO3 page! I can't even begin to express how much of an amazing job Johnsoneer is doing by writing this fanfic, and I hope you guys are loving it and enjoying it as much as I am!…

Look at the AMAZING AND BREATHTAKING art done by FeverWildeHopps
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Send them all the love in the world! :heart: :heart: :heart: 

Chapter's soundtrack: "Easy" by Commodores 

Chapter 7: Coming Soon 
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New chapters out soon.

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It is still enjoyable to come back to this.
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This was posted in 2018, still waiting for part 7 👀

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Why does Nick's story always ends up being sad?
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ME: more...

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Really enjoying this read. Haven’t seen the movie (warm bodies) but now I intend to. Hope it’s not dead :( (undead?) but alas, it’s almost been a year. Hope to see it picked back up. Great work so far!

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Hhhmmmm.....well if that stop making the comic/fanfic that could mean a couple things, 1: the person who wrote this is Dead, 2: they gave up on it, 3: they have medical and mental problems (a lot of that has been happening), 4: they forgot, 5: They got hacked, Deleted, lost there account, or something happened to them like jail.
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I just discovered you and your brilliant with the zootopia and other movie collaborations, I thought a really cool collaboration would be Zootopia X Lucifer. If you don't know Lucifer it is a show on Netflix and its amazing. Nick would make a good Lucifer and Judy would make a good Chloe. Now that I think about the similarities better the characters are so coincidental.
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I must know if Hungry Hearts is still alive,or undead,...  you know what I meant, but really; has this story died like so many other Absolutely Awesome fanfics or is there still hope for a new reader? 
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hi you still alive 
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Very exciting!I'm keeping a close watch on this,it really sucked me in. :]
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eeekkkk this chapter was rill good!! i loved it!! cant wait for more keep up the grate work this book is awesome!!!!!! you both are amassing writers!!!
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Great new chapter, Johnsoneer and Katie :dummy:

Can't wait for more :la:
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I loved it! I'm looking forward to the 7:th chapter :) 

BTW when will the 7:th chapter come out? I'm kinda hooked on this story now :)
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HE LIIIIIIVES!!!! Sorta...
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*sniffles* Poor undead, or now only half-dead, Nick. Maybe he might make it to the Burrows and be reunited? This story is coming along really well and everyone contributing with it has done phenominal work on it!! Great job to everyone involved!!! :)
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Welcome back, and Zootastic chapter. :clap:

Hope has returned to those enslaved, and the Savages are losing their hold over the world.
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nice i cant weight for more
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Good to see you back and I am liking how developed this is becoming. You both are doing an awesome job. Clap 
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