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Writing Prompt - The Devil Needs A Favour
Annalise stood at the open door, staring up at the beastly… creature? There really was no way to describe such a being. Being a demon of the underworld, to her human eyes, she couldn’t quite perceive him at his fullest. Whilst she knew from pictures what he was supposed to look like, to her, all that she could see was a massive entity that could not be fathomed by the human mind. And quite honestly? He just looked like a mass of black miasma to her. Even if this was only her second time looking at the entity, she could never quite get used to seeing what she was seeing. Then, it spoke to her. Or rather, ‘communicated’ to her.
“Annalise Olcay…” He appeared to growl to her. His voice made her shiver. Yeah, she definitely couldn’t get used to hearing his ‘voice’ in her brain.
“Sure has been a while hasn’t it, Mr Devil?” She replied. The beastly creature chuckled. Or appeared to chuckle. Damn, it was confusing tr
:iconkung-fu-girl90:Kung-fu-girl90 0 0
ID! by Kung-fu-girl90 ID! :iconkung-fu-girl90:Kung-fu-girl90 0 0
The Truth
The truth, the truth
That is what you asked
That is what you want
That is what you will receive
Nothing but
The truth, the truth.
That truth, that truth
One which you could not see
One which you could not understand
That truth, that truth
You could not handle.
You asked, you received
You could not take
You could not comprehend
That truth, the truth
You could not accept
You run,
You hide,
You dodge,
You lie
You cover
You deny
In the end
The truth, that truth
Will come
Will find
You cannot run
You cannot hide
You cannot dodge
You cannot lie
You cannot cover
You cannot deny.
It will find, it will find
:iconkung-fu-girl90:Kung-fu-girl90 2 11
Silence of the Night
Silence of the night,
The tranquil gentle winds
Rolling, lazily past
Kindly brushing through
Combing the night-tinted leaves
Humming their rustling songs
Animals of the creeping night
Quietly, calmly, quietly
The sound of sleep
Heavily, drowsily
Hush, little one, hush
Silence of the night.
:iconkung-fu-girl90:Kung-fu-girl90 0 7
The Mirror
You look into the mirror
And what do you see?
Why, I see a beautiful girl
Standing before me.
She may not have the perfect skin
Her hair could be a mess
But what I see in her,
To me, she is the best.
I see a big and beautiful heart
The kindness that she shares
She shows the world just who she is,
And shows that she does care.
But looking further into her,
I see the sadness that she holds
But how could she have held so long
When she can act so bold?
Her eyes that tells the truth
It tells of all her pain
The people that have hurt her,
Oh what could they have gained?
I wonder who could save her
The one that could change her fate
I pray for that one glorious moment,
Before it comes too late.
You look into the mirror
And what do you see?
Why, I see that beautiful girl
Lying lifeless before me.
:iconkung-fu-girl90:Kung-fu-girl90 2 11
The Meaning of Life
Many people wonder
About the answers to life
Whether it is full of wonder
Or full to brim with strife
Now I may just be a youngster
A normal person like you
Often I have wondered
What a life means to me too
There are some people that say
That a life is like a candle
Fragile, small and very weak
Much too delicate to handle
And then there are the people
Who say life is just too grand
Live it, love it, cherish it
"Life is in your hands"
But then there are the people
Who scoff at life and say
"Life just isn't that easy"
"To live it, I say nay!"
For many days and night
Often, I have thought
What does life mean to me?
This life that I have bought
And then it came to me
Just as clear as day,
You who made me who I was
My life is yours, I say.
:iconkung-fu-girl90:Kung-fu-girl90 8 10
A Girl I Once Knew
I once knew a girl,
Quite young and never did unfurl.
Throughout her life, never did she
Have the chance to change, you see.
A childhood riddled with worry,
Often would she run around in a hurry,
Dodging every chance she had to fly,
Letting the changes pass her by.
High school came,
Yet she was still the same,
Reserved and unseen,
She was just a teen, you see.
There came a time,
When she decided to shine,
"I want to change, to be seen!"
She was only a girl, aged seventeen.
And what a change she went through!
Her time being long overdue,
And confidence was her key
Which unlocked the change, you see.
So you ask how I know this girl?
The one that finally unfurled?
Well, I can tell you now, you see,
The girl who is now eighteen, is me.
:iconkung-fu-girl90:Kung-fu-girl90 1 9
Meaningless Existence
Who am I?
Why am I here?
What is my purpose?
What am I doing?
The thoughts that flood my mind,
The tears that stain my face,
The words that break my heart,
The dagger pierces my soul.
Who am I?
I am no one.
Why am I here?
I am not.
What is my purpose?
I have none.
What am I doing?
I am doing nothing.
A meaningless existence.
:iconkung-fu-girl90:Kung-fu-girl90 1 6
No Longer
The tears no longer fall,
For they have all fallen.
The heart no longer sighs,
For they are out of breath.
The soul no longer feels,
For they are numb.
The mind no longer thinks,
For they have disappeared.
The body no longer reacts,
For they have tired.
And I, no longer human,
For I have flown away.
:iconkung-fu-girl90:Kung-fu-girl90 1 0
Last Night
I can't sleep.
Memories that floods my mind and regrets that haunt my dreams.
Blank state,
Tearful cries,
Breaking hearts,
And hollow sighs.
Regrets that cuts at my soul and memories that tears at my heart.
I can't sleep.
For sleep was stolen from my eyes the moment you left us behind.
:iconkung-fu-girl90:Kung-fu-girl90 0 7
Behind Those Eyes.
I see a person,
Standing in front of me,
Her eyes, so much like mine,
The same look.
She is not a person I can touch,
She is not a person I can reach,
I call out to her,
Silence returns to me.
Looking further beyond that person,
I see so many things,
Her family, her friends,
All waiting for her.
I see her childhood,
With it's ups and downs,
That girl, who grew up,
To become who she is now.
I look back to that familiar face,
A smile, now dancing around,
Her hands extends,
Welcoming me.
And then it dawned,
As I look into her smiling eyes,
This reflection that I see,
Is a reflection of me.
:iconkung-fu-girl90:Kung-fu-girl90 3 6
The Devil Within
Oh you tricky devil you
With your lovely lies
And deceitful eyes
Charming away the guise
Oh you, with your handsome face
Of which underneath, lies a wicked grace
Your devilish smile, playing around your lips
As everything goes according to your scripts
Oh you devilish demon
With eyes, so clear
As you wash away their fear
Oh how ironically sincere
Your words, how they tempt them so
Slick to the ears, oh how they flow
String them along, like mindless sheep
Serenading them to eternal sleep
Oh, you devil of devils
With your trickery and wile
Go ahead, while you still can, with your guile
However, know that soon, it shall be your trial
:iconkung-fu-girl90:Kung-fu-girl90 1 3
Ren Fa by Kung-fu-girl90
Mature content
Ren Fa :iconkung-fu-girl90:Kung-fu-girl90 0 31
Poetry in Motion: Le Parkour
I prep myself as the adrenalin pumps,
Getting ready to do those tricky jumps.
Defying gravity as I fly through the air,
All without a care.
Fear leaves my mind as my muscles tense,
For there is no time for it all to make sense.
One slip and it may be my last,
However that is all past.
As I run through the streets,
All is a blur, as everything meets.
There is nothing that can stop me,
Not gravity, not fear, not anybody.
There is no fear for the pain,
For I have everything to gain.
The world is my playground,
No restrictions, nothing to bind me down.
Pushing myself further as I run,
I cannot deny that this is fun.
To become one with the wind,
All becomes akin.
With the air rushing past my ears,
There is nothing more I can hear.
My senses, numb to the mind,
As I am now with my kind.
The adrenalin pumps through my blood,
While I keep running through the mud.
My heart races, as my mind flies away,
My breath catches, as my fear goes astray.
There is nothing that can touch me, not even the ai
:iconkung-fu-girl90:Kung-fu-girl90 5 7
New ID by Kung-fu-girl90 New ID :iconkung-fu-girl90:Kung-fu-girl90 0 7
Love is like a drug addiction.
My love for you is like a drug addiction, I know that you’re bad for me, I really should know better but I can’t help it (or rather, I don’t want to), I need you, without you, I become irrational, I crumble, I break. I can’t get enough of you, the more I get, the more I become dependant on it, until I finally find myself in such a pit that not even those close to me can save me. All I need is you and nothing more. I can cast away everything that I have and yet I still need more of you. I can’t live without you.
My love is like a drug addition, destructive, yet so addicting.
:iconkung-fu-girl90:Kung-fu-girl90 1 14

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*Blows dust off of this account*

Shiiiiiiid. It's been a long time since I was last on here. Bit ridic, tbh.
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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Ok, I'm not all that good at talking about myself but I'll give it a go.

So, I live in good ol' Australia and I rather enjoy doing anything artistic, I guess I'm willing to try all kinds of different things. I've only started drawing so I'm not all that good just yet and I love doing photography, but the main thing I love doing is writing poems and stories.

I also absolutely love music, although I don't have much talent when it comes to composing anything. I have also learnt to play the piano and as such, I also enjoy classical music, although I won't object to anything new.

So I guess that's that then.

Current Age: Old enough
Current Residence: My house
Favourite genre of music: Rock and Classical
Favourite style of art: I wouldn't be able to tell you, all I can say is "I likes what I sees"
MP3 player of choice: I really like my iPod (The conformity, it burns)
Favourite cartoon character: Although I watch a lot of cartoons, I actually don't have one
Personal Quote: "Never forget a friend, especially those that owe you"



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