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Winners Announced!

Winner Announcement Journal!

Matching Outfits Contest Winners! +sad newsI
've been wanting to post this journal since last week. In fact, I've already submitted a draft in my Stash. But... one of my dear friends was brutally murdered in his own house last weekend, with multiple stab wounds in his upper body. He's an openly gay man, but a real good person. He never once let me down whenever I needed a friend. He's jolly, hyper, very talkative, and there's never a dull moment when he's around. Autopsy reports said the wounds on his face were inflicted slowly one at a time at different times that night as they ransacked his house, like the perpetrators were enjoying themselves in seeing him suffer like that. They could have just stolen his money or whatever and left him alone unharmed, but they chose to torture him like an animal. It's horrifying how someone you don't know can take away your life in such manner. It's just unbelievable. I will miss him forever.
I couldn't bring myself to post this journal as I was grieving, but I have to get this over with.

Edit 4: Contest is officially CLOSED coz it's already 2 days past my 3rd extension. To all who showed me their works-in-progress and requested for the extension but didn't get to finish, I've already given you enough time so I'm sorry! If you get to finish them later, though, upload them and maybe I can give you something in return for your effort (?)

Announcement of Winners will be on June 18 (Tuesday). Thanks everyone and good luck to all who joined!

Edit 3: New deadline AGAIN!!! ...for all you who requested :noes: June 8 (Saturday), that's it. The contest has been going on for 3 months and I still have to make the journal for my next contest, too, so I can't make the period for this one longer than it already is.

Edit 2: Extended contest deadline to May 31 coz I'll be a bit busy with the 2013 elections next week. Also, I thought I'd be finished with Bridgette's ref sheet by now but PS crashed on me so his PSD got corrupted, I'll have to start over again.. T__T

Edit: Decided to change Jester's name to Bridgette coz it's so much cuter! I'm almost done with his app/ref sheet, too! ^ 3 ^

People who Submitted Entries: (16)


:squee: Contest Proper :squee:

matching outfits by kunehoGod
BJBB: Morgue [Spades] by kunehoGod OW midnite by kunehoGod BJBB: Lockett [Diamonds] by kunehoGod
by kunehoGod


  1. For this contest, we will define "matching outfits" as clothes having almost the same patterns, colors, and design but still have features / qualities unique from one another and not uniform ('s my contest so I'll define it the way i want, lol )

  2. You must be a member of deviantART on or before January 10, 2013 to join the contest.

  3. DO NOT claim my characters as your own.
  4. Entry will be rejected if the drawings are out-of-character. (See "Important things about them")
  5. You do not have to draw a scene. It is enough that you show them wearing matching outfits with matching colors, patterns, designs, theme, etc. I've already provided you a sample

  6. You are allowed to use base, just credit the owner.
  7. Do not use doll makers or any clothes-designing games for this contest. If you are to use one, then I could just use it myself and there will be no need for this contest. This is a drawing and designing contest. I've already allowed bases so that should be enough.

  8. No portraits or half-bodies. Drawing must be at least from the knees up. Your chances of winning will be much higher if you draw them in full body though.
  9. Can be digital, traditional, or pixel. Can be human or chibi. Can be with background or without background. Can be lineart but it must be clean and not sketchy.

  10. You can modify their hairstyles: add highlights, add ponytails, cut them short, make them longer, make them curly, etc. etc. but the main colors must be retained (pink for Morgue, purple for Lockett, white-silver for Midnite, green for Bridgette).
  11. Known body parts and features must be present so the drawings can be recognized as my characters, except for Midnite (see next rule)

  12. You must include in your drawing at least three of these four characters:

    If you include Midnite in your drawing, draw her like a normal human --just one pair of arms and hands, no extra arms, no wings. You can modify/change the floating crown but she should always have that floating crown.

    If you include my mascot Sunday in your drawing, do not remove her bunny ears, the X on the tips of her bunny ears, and the number 3 tattoo on her cheek. You must also draw Lex her plushie in the picture, too.

    If you include Lockett in your drawing, do not remove his bunny ears, the scar across his nose and the circular tattoos on his shoulders (if you are to show his shoulders)

    If you include Bridgette (boy with green hair) in your drawing, do not remove his horns and the black star on his head.

  13. Entry must be finished. No works-in-progress or anything rushed.
  14. No Mature Content please! Keep it PG-13.
  15. You are allowed to submit more than one entry.
  16. Write a link back to this journal and say the drawing is for :iconrites-of-passage:'s Matching Outfits contest
  17. If I like the designs enough or grow to love them as time passes by, I may choose winners on random instances even before deadline comes. The contest will still continue though as more entries may pour in.
  18. Winning designs will be used by myself for my future deviations.
  19. (Optional) Watch me for updates.

Important Things About Them:

  1. Sunday NEVER smiles or laughs.
  2. Sunday always carries her plushie bunny, Lex.
  3. Midnite always wears a floating crown. She can have a hat but a crown still floats above it.
  4. Midnite can hide her wings and extra arms. She can appear as a normal human anytime she likes.
  5. Sunday has small breasts while Midnite has large ones.
  6. Lockett has two black, circular tattoos on both of his shoulders --one ring outside and a full shaded circle inside. (see sample
  7. Lockett has a notch on his right ear.
  8. Bridgette is a mischievous, happy-go-lucky guy!

matching outfits by kunehoGod
BJBB: Morgue [Spades] by kunehoGod OW midnite by kunehoGod BJBB: Lockett [Diamonds] by kunehoGod
by kunehoGod

but please do not limit yourself with them:
summer wear
winter outfits
stripes, checkerds, random patterns
caps, hats, bonnets
scarfs, belts, jumpers
jerseys, jackets, hoodies, boleros
casuals, denims, jeans, shorts, skirts
formals, suits
royals, victorian
cheerleaders, athletes
sailors, navy, army constumes
pirate costumes
asian-inspired costumes
egyptian-inspired costumes
russian-inspired costumes
natives, warriors
lolita, steampunk
light goth

cosplay > i don't want them in another character's outfit
school uniforms > i can design these on my own
too much goth
too dark colors
neon colors
see-through or revealing clothes
funny costumes


  • Winners (limitless number) will get 1000 :points: points each, to be given at random instances OR on contest deadline.

    :points: FAQ #234: What are Points?

  • 10$ USD each for winners to be given on contest deadline (through PayPal only)
  • Honorable Mentions will get 200 :points: points each
  • All who submitted valid entries will get 30:points: points on contest deadline.
  • Features and 3 llamas each (if not already given) for winners.
  • One free OC adoptable each from me for the winners.
  • One free full body sketch (no background) each from me for the winners.
    Samples >

  • A llama and one chibi for each winner from esuthainn
  • :new: Winner's Package from AnotherContestGroup
    • Group Journal feature for the "best" winners
    • Winning "best" artworks to be added in the gallery
    • Random number of llamas from group moderators

  • :new: Winner's Package from ContestsAndGiveaways
    • Feature in the group's monthly winners feature journal.
    • Llama for all the places.
    • Winner's works will be included in group's favorites contestsandgiveaways.deviantar…
    • Winning work will be favorited.

  • Prize donations are accepted (llamas, features, art, etc.).

    Please comment here if you want to donate something :D
    You can still join the contest even if you donate.

BONUS Points!!!

NEW Contest Deadline: June 8, 2013 >…

Who Advertised This?

:iconchillua:… :iconcreepyicebox:…

Generous Donors:


People who Submitted Entries: (15)

:bulletred: Within the bonus period (ends March 31) worth 100 :points:

:bulletred: After bonus period

Entries folder >…

Matchingoutfits by LineBirgitte Matching outfits contest by princess-red6 Matching Outfit Contest by Mitski-tan:thumb362412679: Matching Outfits Contest Entry by Kaerva:thumb362451645: Contest entry by Shironaii Matching Outfit Contest (UPDATED) by freuddwyn:thumb368141576: Matching Outfits Contest Entry by CTLastimoso Matching Outfits - Contest Entry by PuppyMintMocha Matching Outfit by Heirozen Matching outfits by SilverChaim:thumb374842864: Kings and Queens by xXJustForFunXx CE: Matching Outfits! by forgottenpantaloons

Any questions? Feel free to ask :D

Kiriban at 15,000

  1. No deadline for this one. Just catch it on my page when you can, like pokemon! XD
  2. Screenshot must be complete. It must include the title bar of the browser you use, your username, the space showing this contest, and the taskbar from your window.
  3. Upload the screenshot to your dA gallery and comment here.
  4. Winner gets 200 :points: ( I may or may not add more later )

"This is my happy face!"

journal written and designed by
© 2013 - 2021 kunehoGod
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ARTenshi's avatar
Ne~ When are you announcing the winners for the matching contest? OvO(even tho' i know i won' win i'm just curious ^^; )
kunehoGod's avatar
...proof reading the draft as we speak ^^;

Sorry for delay! The new journal writer is giving me a headache.
ARTenshi's avatar
So you're announcing i today :iconhesmileplz: ?
forgottenpantaloons's avatar
hey ya'll thanks for letting this into the entries! :D la di da [link]
kunehoGod's avatar
got it! thanks for joining :D
xXJustForFunXx's avatar
Wow XD
And I drew like hell
xXJustForFunXx's avatar
Sir, Sir my entry: [link]
"Pant,pant" hope I am not too late
Hope the perspective is okay...
kunehoGod's avatar
got it! thanks for joining :D
xXJustForFunXx's avatar
Ähm... I see, you are living on the philippines, but in America the peoples are sleeping right now
In America its 1-4:00 am and in middle europe its 10:00 am
Will you end the contest when its midnight on the philippines, then its 7-10:00 am in America and in middle Europe 17:00 pm
I just woke up now and I still need to draw a little bit...
When will it end fair?
ARTenshi's avatar
Finished OvO [link] you can close up XD...sorry abou the bunny...i'm not really god at them ^^; anyway i hope you like it ;>...oh since i am a base user i had no choice bu o use a base...sorry ^^a
kunehoGod's avatar
got it! thanks for joining :D

Though you might wanna remove the human ears on the two bunnies because they really are bunnies. Also, please don't forget the number 3 tattoo on the pink haired bunny's left cheek --see her face here [link]
ARTenshi's avatar
yes OvO i can do ha when i get home fom school ^^a...hope you don' close i until then XD
ARTenshi's avatar
gaaaaaah i won't make it in time :iconotlplz:
kunehoGod's avatar
Might extend it for a few more days coz people are sending me notes/requests to extend it.

We'll see tomorrow if I get more requests...
ARTenshi's avatar
i might finish this night OvOa tho'
xXJustForFunXx's avatar
Must they stand like this?
Or can the perspective be other?
kunehoGod's avatar
The perspective can be a different one. :)
SilverChaim's avatar
kunehoGod's avatar
got it! Thanks for joining the contest. :D
SilverChaim's avatar
No problem, I love designing outfits :D
Tahog's avatar
Hello! :aww:
We listed your contest in our contests list. We do this because we want to help people to get more attention.
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions and please inform us about any changes.
We also can donate prizes! Please check our journal about that here.

Good luck. :la:
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