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siren's lullaby Journal Design


For Premium Users and Super Groups

Live Version: [link]


    medium: photoshop and notepad
    design and coding by myself *rites-of-passage

Made this journal design based off my own work

siren lullaby mermaid song pirate ship

After making that photomanip, I just thought it would also make a good journal theme. I checked and re-checked the rules/terms of use the stock owners provided and everything here seemed in accordance with those. I hope you like it! Might update it later, too, if i have more time.

Please refer to the live version for some instruction on use. Thanks!


[link] :iconfairiegoodmother: [link] :iconelvishwarriorpirate: [link] :iconfrostbo:
[link] :iconstasiam: [link] :iconbeefstock: [link] :iconresurgere:

Groups & people who are using this:

Design & Coding by :iconrites-of-passage:
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:bulletred: Features and faves are welcome.
:bulletred: Do not copy my design.
:bulletred: Do not use outside Deviantart.
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Trying to figure out how to make my own like this one... Which I like. How do you make them?
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First, you got to have basic knowledge about working through HTML stuff. Coding and designing will be easier for you.

Second, read and understand dA tutorials on making journal designs. Study them and practice a lot, of course. `ginkgografix's gallery has tons of that here [link]

Third, you have to have PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP on deviantart to properly see and tweak your codes. If you don't have that, you could ask your deviant friend/watcher who is a Premium Member to beta-test things for you.

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Thanks tons! Found ginkgografix's shortly after I posted on yours. Then after I was making one I realized it was a wasted effort till I get a premium membership. Already have html and css knowledge, so was making a nice one until I saw the last part. Maybe some day in the future I will have Premium Membership. :D

Again, thanks tons for be so nice and getting back to me on it. :D :hug: