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siren's lullaby


When darkness falls, sirens use lullabies for luring sailors to shipwreck.

    contest by: :iconsanguinevamp: and :iconthe-sacred-space: When Darkness Falls Contest [link]


    medium: photoshop
    artwork (c) myself *rites-of-passage

YAY! My internet's back :squee: I would have submitted this two days ago but i couldn't connect to the net for some reason :?

Also, my mermaids (a.k.a. sirens) have gills and legs on them :D
Couldn't find the right fishtail stocks so just made the models look reptile-ish.. Still need more practice on everything, especially lighting!

I made an Installable Journal Design of this for Premium Users and Super Groups, if you would like to try it on!



[link] :iconfairiegoodmother: [link] :iconelvishwarriorpirate: [link] :iconnight-fate-stock: [link] :iconfrostbo:
[link] :iconimaliea: [link] :iconstasiam: [link] :iconsempiterna-stock: [link] :icongillianstock:
[link] :iconbeefstock: [link] :iconresurgere:

work (c) bree cielo :iconrites-of-passage: :bulletred: process >> [link]
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Speechless; it's very amazing and great job!
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Wow... this is... I'm just... I can't even give you a compliment right not because I'm just speechless.

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Oh, my ship! I think this is the best I have ever seen. The graphics are very smooth to my eyes. This is very, very unimaginable piece of art. Nice! Good job!

And oh, I love the scenery.
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thank you very much :hug:
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my pleasure!
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Love how ominous this came out :D the girl on the left is my particular favorite, she blends in really well with the waves.

Where's the light source for this? It seems like there's multiple--based on the glow, there should be a little more reflection on the waves near the sirens.
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The light source is... umm... everywhere!?

I envisioned the it coming from the middle, right in between the ship and the sirens, but i couldn't figure out how to fix the model on the right. At first, I tried to adjust her colors and curves and then the brightness and contrast settings so she could have that same blend as the one on the left, but she (model on the right) always end up looking weirder than she already is..

i have no idea how to do it right :|
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You need to actually go over with a dark/light brush to change the shadow direction, the other settings won't change that stuff :O
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