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In The Subway666

By kumpan
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I hope this isn't presuming too much, but this reminds me very much of the feeling of overwhelming anxiety. It has a very emotional affect, besides being so dark.
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I like it. Very dark.
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Very cool , very Beksinski like , but very VERY cool and  done with maestria !+fav 
Bravo :clap:
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I just like it in so many ways. Good job!
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something comforting about looking in from the outside 
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C'est une oeuvre d'art .... !!!!!!
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What art supplies do you use for this?
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wow- beautiful (in that grotesque way)! :)  The only thing I would suggest is to give them all smartphones and it would perfectly reflect my experience in the subway- I am usually the only one not completely focused on my phone- they seem like zombies and remind me very much of your painting! :)
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The original sketch was exactly so. .
After some time, I had decided to simplify. I left only a hint. delicate association ... But nevertheless, you notice it  :) (Smile) .
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Funny how our minds were parallel, and I am glad I am not the only one who feels like this on the subway.
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Damn, that's awesome!
PS. I'd love to use this as a wallpaper on a high def monitor. If there's a higher rez version you can post I'd love it. Thanks again.
Very nice. The colors are well chosen. The pulling down of faces original. Thanks for sharing!
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Fine colors and textures in this macabre piece.
This reminds me of the dementors off of Harry Potter.
But this is rather completely impressive work ^^
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very intriguing, and a little scary weird.
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This is very Beksinski-esque. I like it. :)
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