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A world of Mucha

Short explanation: The 40th Mucha I've ever drawn! Yay! With my original characters.

Looooong explanation: Yes, it is the 40th. No, there are not 39 Muchas in my gallery before this. There is one old one I have no photos of, and a few drawings that I never either finished, or that contain spoilers.

This took days. One Sunday to draw and ink, and another to colour. And then one more day to ink and colour some more. A3 size.

All characters are mine. On the circle, clockwise, starting from bottom left: Drew (this is his first time in a picture on the net!), China, E the elusive elf, Nana, Ludo, S, J, June, Zach and Ryon. (There's the vague image of myself peeking through hair next to Drew, as well.) I still don't know the name of the white-haired lady who likes umbrellas, but I'm calling her Snow for now, due to her pale complexion. Then there's M and Chy on the bottom (cheated a little there...) with dragons.

Original is Mucha's Zodiac.

The lovely paper background is from :iconayelie-stock:

Butterflies and the leafy things on the circle, plus the birches below, are from an old pamphlet titled something like art Nouveau Designs.

Rest is mine. All mine!

In other words, to do this, it took:

- 2-3 liters of tea,
- 1/4 kilo of chocolate,
- a few episodes of BBC's Blackpool, a musical murder mystery miniseries,
- almost half of The Fellowship of the Ring (audiobooks FTW!),
- and I'm sure there were a few episodes of Doctor Who there as well. Possibly also Torchwood. I like to 'watch' series and movies while I draw.

It's no surprise that my hand hurts after finishing this. But why is it my left arm that hurts when I draw with the right?

First achievement! Woot!
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Audiobook, huh? :meow:
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Oh yes, Audiobooks are the best: you can draw AND read at the same time! I've got Dracula next... :3 Fangs for the fave! ^^
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Hmmm... do you have Necronomicon Audiobook? I heard it's quite a killer.
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...I don't know if I'd dare to listen. :D
Meliadhor's avatar
Well, it DOES get a bit murky after the shoggoths try to go out via your speakers...
Kumoashi's avatar
I only have earphones, so... :eyepopping:
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*gets a camera w\ NationalGeographic logo*
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Why is there tentacles and stuff coming out of my mouth?!
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I loooove this :drool: I love Mucha and this is a wonderful interpretation of his work! I like how you put your OCs in there too :love:
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Thank you! :hug: His pictures are so beautiful I can only hope to have half his skills some day. :)

Thanks for the fave as well, and the stock! :D
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