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Hello everyone, I would like to remind all that my request bin is open, I realize last time I did not provide correct details on what I can give you but here it is!

The types of requests I can make:
1. Pencil Sketch
2. Pen sketch
3.Colored Works (This may take longer but it will get done.)

Things I will not create:
1. Sexual content
2. Nudity
3. Yaoi/Yuri/Anything otherwise inappropriate, I don't like drawing that stuff and I have family and friends watching. If you want something like that, request from someone else.

Things you MAY request, but are very limited because of skill or style of art:
1. Group shots
2. Animals
3. Manga/Anime
4. I might do charcoal works or realistic works, that is a maybe, for now.
5. Complex armor or clothing
6. Facial Hair

I can also write. So if you want a mini-story or some I can also write it for you, I might post some of my works as examples, but please know that these were from when I was 13-15. You can also request make up buuuut I just started that so if you want to... I guess?

Okay! Reminder, please provide references or descriptions of them if they are your characters, and if they are from a show or something that is not yours please provide name, where they are from, and a reference in case I cannot find one.

You can request from video games, books, comics, Manga, tv shows, movies, or even your OCs! If you want a specific pose or background to go with the character, please let me know!

I promise to give you my best quality work!

So message me those requests!
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How about...Liev looking scared, and a certain elf hiding in the shadows, basically showing up like Shadowtree did in Shadow Hunt?
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Okay! No one seems to like Liev xD He's not a bad guy just a really bad father!
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May I request a 'RRrrrr' picture of Gentlestream and Beyond? :XD: I still plan to do one myself, but I think I need to see more of Gentlestream to get it right.
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Yes you can! I'll get to work on it! :D
Hey Kumi4eva,

How would you feel about making a preserver, only with the colorful-spiky hair like the top of a thistle plant instead of a hat. It's an idea I have for a type of fairy on my D&D world (Preservers!). Only they have vibrantly colored hair that is thistle-like. I would like blue please, with wings that match. Oh, this is yer uncle by the way, sorry if that is bad form here.
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Hey thanks for the request! I haven't drawn preservers but sounds like a good challenge!
Hey, you should upload some of your art here! It would be great to see some of your work!
I'm sure others will enjoy it too!
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Heyo, Startear here.

Could I request a pen sketch of Bowki? I know that he is male, but just figured that it is worth trying to ask. He is one of my favorite character, despite only showing up in one.

If not, then I'd like one of this girl [link]
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Hey startear, I'll give it a shot of both!
Thanks for the request!
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