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Levi by KumaWickham Levi :iconkumawickham:KumaWickham 0 0
Rocky's Cookie Chapter 14: One Are Divided
“Elgar, give me the Purple Turbo Morpher,” Divatox cried out and Rygog nodded but before he could get to it, D'Angelo raced him to it and grabbed it.  Upon contact, a brilliant purple light flashed and he was wearing a purple Turbo Ranger outfit.  The visor and lights looked like a truck.
“Shift Into Turbo,” Elizabeth cried out and pulled out a White Turbo Morpher and a key, activating it.  She was in a white Turbo Ranger outfit with a fighter jet styled visor and lights.
D'Angelo and Elizabeth stood next to each other and then Rocky took his place on D'Angelo's other side.
“We're not backing down,” Elizabeth stated and D'Angelo reached out causing a rifle to materialize.  He fired it as Lasgelo who fell backwards from the blast and then immediately, Elizabeth and Rocky charged them with the others shortly after.  As she ran, Elizabeth materialized a white warhammer with smooth tires on the ends instead of chunks of metal.
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The Actor and The Driver Chapter 07: Acting Out
“Ah, Marco, I was afraid you wouldn’t show,” Rodger Micheals said when I entered the studio, “how are you?”
“Doing fine,” I replied, smiling up at him, “what did you want me down here for?”
“We’ll be starting the shooting,” he replied simply, “here are your lines for the first episode, I want you to get them down pat.”  I nodded and looked at the sheets and I couldn’t believe that the very first shot of the show was León waking up after having a night with his boyfriend over at their house and getting a phone call from his father wondering where León was at.  Reminded me of when I was an Animorph and I let myself smile at those memories of staying out late with my friends to kick Yeerk butt.  “Marco, you still there?”
“What?”  I looked up, “sorry, I was memorizing my lines.”
“Go to makeup,” Rodger stated and I nodded.
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The Actor and The Driver Chapter 06
When I awoke the next morning, Marco was gone.  I sat up in bed and wiped the sleep out of my eyes and then climbed out of the bed smelling coffee coming from somewhere.  I followed the scent and arrived in the kitchen to see Marco standing in front of an open refrigerator with his back to me.  As I approached him, I could tell that he was crying and so I placed my arms around his shoulders and put my head on his.
“What are we sad about,” I asked him quietly while looking into his refrigerator.  It was everything but kosher.
“Can Jewish people eat turkey, eggs and milk in the same meal,” he asked me, still crying.  He seemed to be trying so hard for something.
“No,” I replied simply, “turkey is considered a meat, but we can eat eggs and milk or eggs and turkey in the same meal, why?”
“How do you like your eggs?”  He was trying to make breakfast for us and I couldn’t help but smile lightly be
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The Actor and The Driver Chapter 05
When I awoke the next morning, Jake was still asleep.  I wiggled out of his grasp and made my way groggily to the kitchen and started up a pot of coffee and then started on making breakfast.  I grabbed a couple of frying pans, pulled out some eggs and turkey bacon and then proceeded with the milk but halted.  I frowned.  Can Jewish people have turkey and milk?  Frowning, I looked at the turkey bacon and the milk in the fridge, standing there trying to figure out if he could eat turkey with milk.  My face suddenly went wet and I realized I was crying and then shortly after, I felt arms wrap themselves around my upper torso and a head on my own.
“What are we sad about,” he asked quietly.
“Can Jewish people eat turkey, eggs and milk in the same meal,” I asked him, still crying.
“No,” he replied simply, “turkey is considered a meat, but we can eat eggs and milk or eggs and turkey in the same meal, why?”
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The Actor and The Driver Chapter 04
I sped along the streets rather quickly, pushing my Black Jaguar to the limits.  I had caught news that there was going to be a thunderstorm in the area really soon and I had to get to Marco before it hit.  You see, Marco’s been terrified of lightning and thunder ever since we were seven.  We were out at the park when it started to rain and before we could leave, a bolt of lightning struck the ground not far from where we were and he just froze up in terror.  My mother had to grab him from the spot and took us home.  I took a sharp left and drove for a while over the speed limit but then, there was thunder and lightning.
Crap, I was late already.
I tried to make the vehicle go faster but this was no competitive car I was in, it was just an everyday Black Jaguar that I buffed up to be just barely street legal and rather fast.  Slowing the car to a complete stop, I looked behind me after catching view of something in the rear view mirror and I saw what
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The Actor and The Driver Chapter 03
I lay quietly on the bed, staring at the pictures that surrounded me.  There was one that caught my eyes.  It was of Jake and I at The Gardens for a simple retreat and somehow Rachel managed to come along.
Jake looked at me as I was digging into the fries we got and he said something.  I don't know what it was he said so I halted and looked at him confused.  Jake chuckled lightly and looked around to make sure Rachel wasn't around.
"You look cute when you're eating," he replied to my non-verbal question, "it makes me feel almost relaxed."  He then picked up a napkin and smiled at me, "you have something on your chin."  He wiped off whatever it was just as a picture was taken and we both looked at Rachel who was cheering at her own success.
"I tagged you two again," she hollered out, "more scrapbooking for me!!"
"Let me at that camera," Jake called out, standing but I reached out and grabbed his sleeve causing him to look at me.
"Don’t worry about
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The Actor and The Driver Chapter 02
Name’s Jake and I used to be an Animorph; actually, I used to be their leader, appointed by none other than Tobias to whom I was a hero.  He always looked up to me just for the simple fact that I protected him from bullies.  Now I’m a competitive driver.  My life isn’t very exciting:  I’m single, I’m a competitive driver and I was the leader of the Animorphs.  My friend Cassie works at The Gardens and my friend, Marco is making it big as an actor.  Tobias is being a wild hawk out in the wilderness with Ax as his only friend out there.  I go and visit them when I get the chance and I go to The Gardens when I have the time.  Marco, I probably wouldn’t even fit into his schedule because he’s an actor.
I was currently sitting at my laptop in the middle of my hotel room as Marco had come to mind.  I shrugged and opened up a new tab in Firefox and quickly did an Actor search on Marco, looking for any movie
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The Actor and The Driver Chapter 01
Hi, my name is Marco and I was an Animorph but now I’m an actor.  I had been a part of something great, something awesome, something radical.  But now…I’m just an actor.  I was a superhero before this and I always replay those memories.  We began as five, became six, went up to seven then back down to six, and then, before we knew it, more.  But every war has casualties.  Team James went down and so did a good friend of mine, Rachel but to another team mate, she was more.  Much more and I wish I was the one who had done the deed, not her.  I was the only one without a life, without anything left to live for.  Jake had Cassie and Rachel had Tobias.  It would have been right if I had been the one to take care of Tom.  It would have been right.  Rachel shouldn’t have bitten her own cousin’s head off.  It would have been better if it had been me who had bitten Jake’s brother’s head of
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Rocky's Cookie Chapter 13: Captured
“Blasted Ranger,” Divatox uttered as she lay on the ground winded and slightly dazed.  Rocky strolled over to her and then knelt down on one knee in front of her.
“Where is D’angelo?”
“None of your business,” she replied.  Rocky grabbed her by the front and drew his fist back.
“Tell me or I’ll ruin that face of yours,” he stated.
“No, don’t,” Divatox replied quickly.  “He’s in the dungeon, in the belly of the submarine.”
“Thanks,” Rocky stated.  “Which way?”  Divatox remained silent.  “Tell me or I’ll punch you.”
“That way,” she replied, pointing the opposite way than the others had ran.
“Thanks,” Rocky stated and dropped her.  “I wasn’t really going to punch you.”  He stood and ran off in the way she had instructed and Divatox lay on the ground.
“I think we
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Rocky's Cookie Chapter 12: Echos
The five stood on the beach and Rocky morphed back.  “How are we supposed to get inside the sub,” Rosa asked, looking at her brothers and Yugo.  “It’s like, ten feet under or something.”
“We weren’t exactly thinking,” Yugo stated, touching the water.  “Well, there’s no turning back now!”  He immediately ran into the water and dove.
“Damn that Olympic swimmer,” Enrique stated, folding his arms and glaring at where Yugo had vanished.  “He doesn’t have to show off every time.”
“Must be his blood,” Rosa stated and she followed after Yugo.
“Looks like there’s no choice,” Brock stated and followed after Rosa.
“I’m pretty sure Yugo doesn’t want you to drown,” Rocky stated.  “You can stay here but I’m going to go save D’angelo.”  With that, Rocky followed into the water.
Enrique huffed, l
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Rocky's Cookie Chapter 11: Angelnapped
D’angelo sat quietly on a park bench, listening to the wind as it blew through the trees.  Rocky had taken a paid, two week long vacation off of work starting today so the two could spend more time together.  Right now, D’angelo was alone sitting on the bench as Rocky had gone to get them some ice cream.  D’angelo no longer needed his crutches for he could move better than before even if he was slow at it and his cast was hidden by his blue jeans.  He was wearing a purple tee shirt over his back brace.  It felt like his ribs weren’t exactly healing and he was going to go to the hospital to see why that was if it continued to feel like this.
Shaking the thoughts from his head, he sighed and leaned back, looking up at the sky.  He exhaled and then inhaled before leaning forward.  He thought he heard a noise.  He looked around and saw nothing.  Thinking it was just his imagination, D’angelo went back to relaxing. &
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Rocky's Cookie Chapter 10: Family + Friends
Justin and Carlos stood there looking at Rocky and D’angelo who was still holding onto the picture.
“Is this your sister,” D’angelo asked, referring to the picture and Justin nodded.
“My twin sister,” he stated.  “Her name is Elizabeth.”
“Can we meet her sometime,” Rocky asked.  Justin looked at the picture.
“She’s dead,” Justin said, solemnly.  “She died when we were five...leukemia.”
A tear fell down his cheek and Carlos hugged him gently.  “Sorry,” D’angelo uttered and handed Justin the photo.
“It’s alright,” Justin stated and he wiped his face dry.  “She’s with our mom in a better place.”
“Hey, I think I have a song that might help you,” D’angelo stated.  “Well, I hope it works.  It does in musicals and Disney Princess Movies.”
“You’re not a Princess,”  
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Mature content
Rocky's Cookie Chapter 09: Magic Tricks :iconkumawickham:KumaWickham 0 0
Rocky's Cookie Chapter 08: Switcharoo
Rocky and D’angelo sat silently in the car at a red light.  They were the only car at the interstate other than the jeep behind them.  Rocky looked into the rear-view mirror and frowned.  D’angelo looked at him curiously while Rocky placed a finger to his mouth.  He thumbed back to the jeep behind himself and D’angelo looked back and then at Rocky.
“Who are they,” D’angelo asked with a slightly frightful expression on his face.
“I don’t know but I know how we can get rid of them,” Rocky stated, tossing D’angelo his phone as the light changed to green, “call up my brother, Enrique.  He’s on speed dial.  Tell him to meet us at La Moca Café.”  D’angelo nodded and quickly contacted Enrique.
Enrique and Rosa sat together on a couch watching a black and white television show with a large bowl of popcorn sitting on the square between the two of them.
“I don’t
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Rocky's Cookie Chapter 07: Angels Walk
Deimos looked at the morning newspaper and frowned.
“Is something wrong,” Rodriguez asked, looking at Deimos curiously, “you look distressed.”
“Sorry,” Deimos said, looking up at his husband, “I was just thinking.”
“About what,” Rodriguez asked with a serious expression, “it helps to talk about things.”
“I was just thinking about,” Deimos left the statement open as he looked over at D’angelo who was already ready for his appointment.
“Ah,” Rodriguez said with an understanding nod, “don’t worry, I’m sure Rocky won’t let any preventable harm come to him.  I feel that Rocky’s a good kid.  He’s got a pure positive energy aura around him so he can’t be bad for D’angelo.”  Deimos frowned and then an alarm sounded.  “We’ve got to go now, come on D’angelo!”
“Alright,” D’angelo sa
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Puppy Pile by spider999now Puppy Pile :iconspider999now:spider999now 302 35
Kitten Magnet
Hours before the sun would come up on the morning of Tuesday, June 26, I heard loud high pitched cries outside. I went out to the back yard and listened to hear where it was coming from. There was a small kitten across the main street on the other side of our fence, in the bushes near the entrance to the shopping center.
I thought about going out there, but I didn't want to walk around in the middle of the night trying to catch a kitten or risk scaring him into the street. Even at night, cars still go by. But, after an hour of cries, I called and left a message with the nearby vet asking them to see if they could go find the kitten when they arrive that morning, since they're trained in that kind of thing. I told myself that I can't just go out out picking up cats. If he was meant to be here, God would somehow guide him safely here. If not, hopefully he'll be found and adopted out just like Licorice was after he showed up in our back yard and we put him up for adoption last year.
:iconrogue-ranger:Rogue-Ranger 3 11
Omegaverse Explanation and Guide!
   Hey there!! Before I finish writing the Omegaverse stories I have planned, I am doing a quick little guide about what this is and what everything is about. So here we go~!    
What is Omegaverse?
   Omegaverse is a AU(alternate universe) in which males can get pregnant. It isn't always the most popular AU, but it is still used by others. In this system, there are three main roles: Alpha, Beta, and Omega.
How do you know which you are?
    First, at birth, the doctors will announce the gender(male or female). In some verses, you can pay to have a test done to determine whether the baby is an Alpha, Beta, or Omega. In others, you just have to wait until they are about 12-24 years old to find this out. So in a way, you have two genders. The male/female gender and the Alpha,Beta,Omega gender.
What do the th
:iconpuppylover857:puppylover857 679 325
Human Adoptables Open by saphirrethewolf Human Adoptables Open :iconsaphirrethewolf:saphirrethewolf 5 9 Smite Fan Skin Concept: Jester Nu Wa by Danginator Smite Fan Skin Concept: Jester Nu Wa :icondanginator:Danginator 73 9 Aurelion Sol by Anpekora Aurelion Sol :iconanpekora:Anpekora 10 3 Sun and Moon by chiariku Sun and Moon :iconchiariku:chiariku 15 9 Kukuri-ARPG: Day Outside by KuroKoSou Kukuri-ARPG: Day Outside :iconkurokosou:KuroKoSou 14 3
I died at my own writing...
So, here I am, doing this RP which involves my character going into labor with a baby girl. At the very moment her boyfriend pisses her off, I suddenly come back with: "Fuck you and your seatbelts." She frowned, daring him to even try and make her put one on. "I told you, he didn't need to give us an escort. She's not like a missile rocketing out of my vagina thanks to Soviet Russia."
My life is officially complete.
:iconsonicscrewdriverdd3:SonicScrewdriverDD3 1 1
chibi cast : the boys by Eriyonai chibi cast : the boys :iconeriyonai:Eriyonai 4 10 Assault Phaser Mk  11 by bagera3005 Assault Phaser Mk 11 :iconbagera3005:bagera3005 51 11 this feeling in my chest : gaara x error by Eriyonai this feeling in my chest : gaara x error :iconeriyonai:Eriyonai 16 8 Eldarya OC - Osen by chiariku Eldarya OC - Osen :iconchiariku:chiariku 7 4 Punchy Sleeping by Rogue-Ranger Punchy Sleeping :iconrogue-ranger:Rogue-Ranger 9 5 genius : hyuuga neji by Eriyonai genius : hyuuga neji :iconeriyonai:Eriyonai 10 8 lucky fox : tevia by Eriyonai lucky fox : tevia :iconeriyonai:Eriyonai 2 11


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It is I, Dustiey of House Wickham!! Well, Winters...but my loyalties lay with House Wickham as it is my birth surname. Damn Germans trying to recruit me for their German plans!! I wanna be an English Knight so NYA~!!

ANYWAYS, I was BjorneNg on here but because of technical issues with AOL, I couldn't reset my password or my email account forcing me to make a new one and I didn't want to have to prove anything to the people of dA 'cause that would be extremely complicated. *huffs* I'm going to be starting to upload some of the major pieces from my previous dA account onto this one after I close it down. Gotta make sure I follow the people I had been following previously. ^_^

Anywho, "Back to action!!"

Journal History


Alright, so I've been gone forever.  Party of that is because by fiancé list his job, my parents moved states (and I visited them for almost half a month), we had two roommates that were sloppy messes, and social services sucks at what they do.  How much time have I had to myself?  Not enough.  How long Jane I been away?  I don't know but what I do know is that I don't know if I like picked carrots.  Let's see if I can get on here regularly now that things have calmed down around me.

Oh, I'm in the middle of a heat advisory (unless they removed it, I just woke up) and wondering why it wasn't called a heat wave.  0.o  The weather people confuse me.  If anyone knows, feel free to tell me, or do tell me.  It doesn't really matter.

Kuma-tan, over and out!!  *sloppy salute*
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