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Pohatu 2015

A quick edit of this piece to show what Pohatu 2015 would look like with his 2001 colour scheme. Nostalgia aside, I like both designs a lot, although I think something can be said for the lack of silver on this variant.
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Classic color scheme
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The '15 color scheme is the same as a Toa of Iron. That's why I don't like it.
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Hey, I never thought of that.
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I hate you.
NOW i have to buy two of them. 
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did you intentionally made pohatu's hips bigger or you didn't cuz it looks big in my eyes
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I didn't. It's probably just his stance.
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I like both versions. :P The translucent sulfuric green-yellow has grown on me, so I would either keep that or make it Sedona red (dark red with a brown tinge).
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Man, now I want the actual set to look like this.
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Both look pretty good.
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Have to say that this color design look mush better then  2015 Pohatu 
Nive work
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you going to do the others?
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Mmmaybe, but not making any promises.
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Now this is some impressive quality,  great work!
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I like this recolor better, methinks... Toa of stone don't need silver, if you ask me. ...Or yellow. Or orange.
...yeah. I'm gonna shut up now ^^;
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I think all those colours are fine as long as they're not the ONLY colour (looking at Pohatu Phantoka). I mean, even this design uses some orange.
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Ah, yeah, I do tend to agree with you there.
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but stones can be many colors can they not?
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Whoa, this messes with my head. Shouldn't the hands be brown, to match the 01 hand piece?
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