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Master of Stone

It's pretty great that Bionicle is back! Say what you will about his redesign, I think Pohatu is one of the best sets out of the 2015 Toa.
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Awesome Master of Stone you draw, I think I like it.
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I agree with you. Pohatu is one of my favorite sets. He's an awesome character in general, and this is an awesome picture! Great work!
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I suddenly miss Bionicle. I like watching it , way back
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Beautiful! Love the realistic, set-like style. The pose is very dynamic and makes Pohatu look very powerful.
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Good to know - that's more or less what I was going for with the pose. :D
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Epic art, reminds me very strongly of the 01 promotional pics!
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I think this design is awesome :3 but I wish they could of kept his personality T-T
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The only thing I was iffy on was the boomerangs and his ability to make twisters xD
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I love the twister thing, mainly because it means this iteration of Pohatu can actually control sand!
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That is very true, I hadn't thought about that :O
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