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Master of Jungle

Probably my least favourite of the 2015 Toa. I don't hate the design, it just doesn't stand out to me much. Also what are those shoulder spikes about?
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How did The toa of air become master of jungle?
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New universe, new rules!
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Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! By Mata nui why!! Why!!
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Awesome Master of Jungle you draw, I think I like it.
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I agree the spikes are a little odd, and possibly hard to explain (in my mind they're either just streamlined armor or perhaps thick, woven hair? It is interesting to think about), but without them I think Lewa would look a little plain.
Quite like how you've rendered him and the background, very suiting for a Master of Jungle :)
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WHOA! Awesome Lewa! :D
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I think the shoulder spikes are just armor. From a practical standpoint, his torso build would feel very incomplete without them because of how high his shoulders are raised.

This is a very good drawing, with great lines and colors, but the pose is weaker than some of your other Toa drawings. It's hard to tell whether he's leaping towards the viewer from the ground or dropping down from the trees. There's just not a lot to convey the direction of movement.
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If they are just representing armour though, I feel that different pieces could have been used - ones that don't prevent him from turning his head sideways!

He's meant to be dropping down, but yeah I get what you mean. It doesn't help that the background is more of an afterthought. To be honest I think the degree to which I like the set is directly influencing my enthusiasm for these pieces.
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Which different armor pieces did you have in mind? I feel like the ones they used are some of the thinnest and least obtrusive ones that could have filled in that tall, narrow space between his chest and shoulder joints. I also like the unique look that armor gives him.

Also, the sideways movement of his head is not extremely limited from my experience. If you tilt his head towards his chest, he can turn his head about 90 degrees in either direction. This photo is not quite a full 90-degree turn, but I think it conveys the idea reasonably well.

The only real limitation on his head movement is that he cannot really tilt his head back, but that's due to his gearbox rather than his armor.
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On second thought yes, my problem isn't so much with his shoulder armour but the obstructive placement of his gearbox, and oddly high shoulders. Considering that all the other Toa have more or less free range of movement when it comes to their head, Lewa's inability to look up, or left and right without facing downward, is a flaw. The fact that his mask can pop off quite easily while handling his head only adds to this, but that's a separate issue.
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On mine I lowered the back/shoulder area down one peg unit
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